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item-No.: 126908511
Film wrapper Tetra Pak Type: 67 2500 hours of work Year of construction: 2006
item-No.: 126907937
8.000 €
country-de DE
description:\nIt is an empty bottle inspector in front of the filler,\nHe was installed in a 30.000er line for 1 L PET-MW bottles\n\nIt is an empty bottle inspector in front of the filler,\nHe was installed in a 30.000er line for 1 L PET-MW bottles\ncapacity:\nmind. 30,000 Fl/h\n\nserial number:\nHPM 290438 ST 01.01\n\n\n\r\nBesides buying and selling of conveyors and machines our strength lies particularly in services and project planning, as for example in rebuilding and adapting of your installation as well as i ...
item-No.: 126901772
Tetra Pak TCBP-70 Cardboardpacker, manufacturing year 1997
item-No.: 126907786
diameter 1000mm.for entering cylindical bottles into the filling linewith motor. clockwise ID5354
item-No.: 126901695
self discharge including tool
item-No.: 126907789
ask for an offer from Seegräber GmbH ID5351
item-No.: 126885134
Milk Pasteuriser Plant Manufacturer: Zootechnika, Hungary Type: PAW 1250 YOM: 1997 Heating: HTST Temp.: 72 ° C - 75 ° C
item-No.: 126907791
Waschmaschine PAC ID5249
item-No.: 126885055
Shrink packer Make: Krones Type: Variopac FS70 Year of construction: 2002 68 beats per min.
item-No.: 126907793
Lagertank 3.200 ltr. ID5346
item-No.: 126853934
5.000 €
Labeling machine, make Comen, model SR/2, self-adhesive labels from roll, body and neck label, approximately 3,000 bph, direction: left right.
item-No.: 126907795
Scheibenventil NW100 Mt / 38Pf VT / oder NW40VT / NW50 VT exzentr. mit Kappe + Kette VA ID5345
item-No.: 126802174
Tetra Pack TBA/8-1000 line - 6000 b/h (UBL code LC29) • TBA / 8 1 liter packaging machine, model 648022/061 (1992, updated) • Jumbo roll loading trolley • Jumbo roll holder • Electrical board for brick line • Capping system for flat caps (see photos) (1992) • Improved safety program for brick line • Stainless steel conveyor belt (1996) • Electric board for conveyor system • TBA8 voltage transformer • TBA8 / 1000 hydrogen peroxide dispenser • Metal handrail + po ...
item-No.: 126907797
Wasserfilter Pall Code 7 10 ID5344
item-No.: 126762928
Beer Separator GEA Westfalia HSA 200-06-777 GEA Westfalia made self-cleaning disc separator for separation of yeast from beer before packaging. Complete separator made in year 1997 by GEA – full operational condition. Main characteristics: Capacity: 250-300 hl/h Model: HAS 200-06-777 Year: GEA/1997 Control PLC: Siemens Simatic S7 Speer of separator:  ...
item-No.: 126907799
Schwefeldosiergerät 1000g ID5342
item-No.: 126762914
KEG Washing and Filling Block Doppel Cleanomat CL 5, 120 kegs / hour This fully automatic, fully electronic KEG inside cleaning and filling machine has two parallel KEG washing and filling lines suitable for different KEG-sizes from 15 - 50 liters, The equipment was manufactured by German BTB Braueraitechnik in year 2006 and it was a part of larger KEG line installation. Automatic operation is controlled with Siemens Simatic S 7-300 PLC and operation is made from Siemens Touch Screen. All steel parts, fixed and  ...
item-No.: 126907801
Schwefeldosiergerät 2000g ID5341
item-No.: 126762886
Bright Beer Tanks (BBT) Holvrieka 2 x 220 HL Good condition not insulated bright beer tanks (BBT tanks), vertical stainless-steel tanks standing on their own feet and equipped with pumps, sample taking valves, panels, flow meters, safety valves and CIP bowl. Tanks has lifting hooks on the top and man hole in lower part of the tank for maintenance. Technical data: Manufacturer: HOLVRIEKA Manufacturer’s type: Bright Beer Pressure Tank Manufacturing year: 2001 Volume gross:  ...
item-No.: 126907803
Rührtank ca. 1.000ltr. ID5339
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