FAQs and Terms of business

No, RESALE receives neither from the buyer nor the seller a commission.
No, there are entries in the German speaking part (RESALE.DE), which do not exist in the English speaking part (RESALE.INFO). Therefore a look in the German part could be helpful, if you don't find the machine you're looking for in RESALE.INFO. In fact, there are not only two language parts, but two market places, the German speaking market (RESALE.DE) and the international English speaking market (RESALE.INFO).
The machinery items are set directly by the sellers. Please contact them directly via the inquiry form or phone. An inquiry form is always available, phone number not always.
Experience shows that there are many reasons why the seller is not responding. You could do the inquiry again a couple of days later. Anyway we can't help you on this matter.
No, we can't help. We do not have more contact details than what you see online.
If you are not registered, please register first and click on the booking at registration. If you are already registered, log in and order the membership. Of course you can send us an email to order the membership, too.
Yes, as a member your company is added to the dealers list including company logo and firm description. Or order banner advertisement and promote your company, products or services.

Terms of business

For all users

  • This Website may only be used by persons and companies that have read and accepted these terms of business. Your use of the website means the acceptance of these terms, whether or not you have formally notified your acceptance of these terms.
  • RESALE.INFO offer advertisers the possibility to publish their used machinery for sale or they are looking for. Prospektive buyers or sellers can see this entries and go in contact with the advertisers.
  • RESALE.INFO is not the seller or buyer and is not acting as agent for any party or user visiting or registered with the site or placing advertisements. Any contracts between users of the website is without any partizipation by RESALE.INFO.

For visitos

  • For all questions concerning machinery or advertisers please go in contact with the advertisers.
  • The advertiser is responsible for the entries only. All offers are subject to being sold. RESALE.INFO will not be responsible for the correctness or completeness or anything else of the entries.
  • Be carefully if sellers want deposit from you before you can see the machine. This is a typical behavior of a fraud. If you think you had contact with a fraud who placed items on the website, please send us the item-No.

For advertisers

  • Please see our membership fees.
  • Before you can place items please go on button 'Insertion' and register.
  • This insertion is only permissible for offers of actual used machines. General entries and information are not allowed.
  • Be carefully if buyers send you a cheque with a sum higher as the price and ask you to transfer back the surplus. This is a typical behavior of a fraud.


  • All users accept that it is their obligation to satisfy themselves by a process of due diligence of the status and bona fides of any other contracting party, and of the advisability of entering into any negotiations or transactions. They accept that RESALE.INFO will not be responsible for any loss.
  • It's specifically excluded any liability for any users misrepresentation or, dishonesty, negligence, uncreditworthiness, or lack of authority to deal in, offer, or buy the goods or services in question.
  • RESALE.INFO will not be responsible for any loss arising from the lack of competence, integrity, solvency, or qualification of any person or company offering or buying goods or services through the website. All users of the website hereby agree to release RESALE.INFO from all liabilities, claims and losses whether actual or consequential, and to indemnify RESALE.INFO against all claims arising as a result of their use of the site or disputes with any other users.
  • RESALE.INFO is not liable to any user for any loss, actual or consequential, arising as a result of RESALE.INFO site failing to operate correctly.
  • RESALE.INFO will not be responsible if rights other and laws will be infringed.
  • This agreement is subjet to the law of Germany and the court of competent jurisdiction is Braunschweig.

Privacy Policy

The use of our website is usually possible without providing personal data. As far as personal data is collected on our pages, this is done, as far as possible, always on a voluntary basis. These data will not be disclosed to third parties without your explicit consent. Your data sent with our inquiry forms will be forwarded exclusively to the respective dealer or supplier and not to third parties. Please see the german language site for more details.