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B 114 1 milk store tank with 300.000 l int No. KMT 16 Content 300.000 litre Manufacturer is Tankbau Gruß GmbH Manufacturer year is: 2005 Diameter is 4,26 m length: 24 m The groove of the tank is filled with light concrete Man whole on the side near the bottom of the tank electric content control measurements are installed with stirrer, installed slanting near the bottom of the tank with CIP equipment for the tank and for the stírrer insulated, outside covered with corrugated aluminium sheet. with r ...
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Holy V-mix, Nautamix, Vrieco-, NAUTA mixer, cone mixing N.M. Holy b.v. V-mix 25,000 PLR New machine of the mixer is on your products (E.g., particle size, bulk density) and environment (E.g. ATEX zoning) adapted. -Capacity: 25,000 litres water filling -Usable volume: approx. 22,500 litres depending on the product properties -Container, lid, swing arm, mixing screw, spout housing made of V2A -Traverse normal steel, is covered but to the tank interior with a V2A plate. -All lubricants are H1 & halal ap ...
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The pump used for straining and dispensing of yogurt.
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Brand, type, model: LIPPERLT and KÖ
item-No.: 126885151
Manufacturer: Kalt Stack press 2x6 pressing heads Cheese forms available
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Butter churn Manufacturer: Tomega 100 L Capacity: up to 100 l cream Dimensions: ø 77 cm, height 95 cm
item-No.: 125443138
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item-No.: 126885144
Press/pre-press for cheese Manufacturer: KALT AG, Swiss Including accessories
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Cheese press Manufacturer: Eberli AG Swiss Whey vat 7 pressing heads
item-No.: 125443033
item-No.: 126885124
Milk cooling tank Manufacturer: Etscheid Anlagen GmbH, Germany Type: KT 5750 AW Volume: 5750 l BJ.: 2004
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item-No.: 126718090
We offer original spare parts for VEMAG FKF canned filling
item-No.: 126687915
A single drum dryer for the production of powdered milk.
item-No.: 126650501
Flaker Serial: 1897 Lamellatrice - 2010, stainless frame, used previously on cheese, mobile frame
item-No.: 126650500
NNP stainless screw conveyor stainless frame, overall length 4400mm, infeed 500mm - discharge 2000mm, adjustable discharge height 1500mm - 2000mm, 3Ph, mobile
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14.000 GBP
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Stord Bartz twin screw press, stainless steel
item-No.: 126441582
G Webb Model: Digifill auger filler stainless 50L hopper, stainless screw and scraper, digital controls, foot pedal, 3Ph
item-No.: 126441576
Hobert Model: H600 Planetary mixer 60L mixer, stainless removable bowl with whisk and beater attachment, four speeds with timer
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Cutter 30 liters with double jacket and steam injection
item-No.: 126192408
Stock# U2270-5 Used stainless steel ploughshare mixer with total volume 300 l. Working volume in range 90-210 l. Mixing chamber has internal dimensions: diameter 640 mm x length 1000 mm. Mixer has stainless steel shaft with six bolted ploughs. Shaft is belt driven by electric motor 7.5 kW, 960 rpm, 380 V, 50 hz. Top inlet has dimensions: 560 mm x 310 mm, and is equipped with manually operated lid. Central discharge outlet has dimensions: 160 mm x 120 mm and has manually operated valve. Mixer is mounted on stain ...
item-No.: 126192407
Stock # U2270-4 Used stainless steel contact part ribbon mixer with total volume 650 l and working volume 450 l. Mixing chamber has internal dimensions: W 700 mm x L 1250 mm x D 830 mm. Mixer has single shaft with welded and bolted double ribbon, driven through two speed electric motor 15/10.5 kW, 1450/725 rpm, 380V, 50 hz and gearbox with reduction rate 14.74. Internal ribbon works in distance 160 mm from shaft. External ribbon works in distance 290 mm from the shaft. Top cover is equipped with feeding inlet w ...
item-No.: 126192395
Stock# U2270-3 Used stainless steel contact parts ribbon mixer with total volume 2600 l and working volume about 1800 l. Mixing chamber has internal dimensions: W 925 mm x L 3145 mm x D 1000 mm. Mixer has single shaft with welded interupted ribbon. Shaft is driven via Radicon gearbox and electric motor with power about 18 kW. Mixer has top bolted, with covers and central feeding inlet with diameter 200 mm. Central bottom discharge has dimensions: 200 mm x 250 mm and valve is operated pneumatically. Mixer is moun ...
item-No.: 126192363
Stock# U2270-2 Second hand stainless steel ribbon mixer by Morton (Scotland) type 40/10 with total volume of mixing chamber 3600 l. Working volume about 2800 l. Internal dimensions: width 1020 mm x length 3048 mm x depth 1250 mm. Mixer has single shaft with welded double ribbons. Outside ribbon has distance from shaft 420 mm, inside ribbon has distance 220 mm. Shaft is driven via gearbox and electric motor 30 kW, 1470 rpm, 380V, 50 hz. Mixer has bolted top covers and lids. Central feeding inlet has diameter 200 ...
item-No.: 126192354
Stock# U2270-1 Used stainless steel ploughshare mixer by Morton (Scotland) type FKM 3000. Mixer has internal diameter of mixing chamber 1150 mm x length 2950 mm and total volume 3000 l. Working volume in range from 900 up to 2100 l. Mixer has central top feeding inlet with diameter 420 mm and central bottom discharge with dimensions: 300 mm x 240 mm. Discharge valve is operated pneumatically. Machine has stainless steel shaft with 12 welded ploughs. Shaft is driven by electric motor 45 kW, 1465 rpm, 380 V, 50 h ...
item-No.: 126192333
Stock# U2267-1 Second hand stainless steel ploughshare mixer by Lodige (Germany) type FKM 300D with total volume of mixing chamber 300 l. Mixing chamber has internal dimensions : diameter 640 mm x 1000 mm length. Top inlet with diameter 250 mm, equipped with pneumatically operated valve. Mixer has 6 ploughs bolted to shaft. Shaft is driven by gearbox and electric motor 7.5 kW, 1450 rpm, 380/420V, 50 hz. Working rotation of shaft 151 rpm. Mixer has also chopper - driven directly by el. motor 5.5 kW, 2875/2900 rpm, ...
item-No.: 126192320
Stock# U2265-5 Second hand stainless steel ribbon mixer with total volume about 200 l. Internal dimensions of mixing chamber: L 900 mm x W 510 mm x D 580 mm. Top open with safety bars. Mixer has single shaft with welded two interupted ribbons. Shaft is belt and gearbox driven by el motor 3.1/2.6 kW, 2900/1440 rpm, 400 V, 50 hz. Shaft works with two rotation speeds. Tilt by manual discharge. Machine is mounted on four mobile wheels.
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BN 7.900 €
Toper 15 kg coffee roasting machine TKMSX 15 used Year 2008 - the machine is in good condition and was always serviced and cleaned. The gas burner is running with propane gas. Because the machine has a large drum, up to 24 kilograms of green coffee/charge can be roasted. The price does not include VAT and transport. Visit at any time.
item-No.: 126102148
Granulator/crumbler CPM including power supply 1400mm 11kW
item-No.: 126102146
Melassierer Length: 2000mm Diameter: 400mm
item-No.: 125876726
T04 - used approx. 6.8 m³ / 6,800 litres steel tank, coated on the inside, pressure tank, in good condition. Vertically standing, aboveground storage tank on four steel bases, round shape, access on the front side. capacity: approx. 6.8 m³ / 6,800 litres material: steel tank with coating on the inner surface diameter: approx. Ø 1.60 m height: approx. 3.70 m; incl. feet 4.10 m The tanks have been professionally cleaned and show traces of use corresponding to the age, see pictures. This steel ...
item-No.: 125837653
Replica of the MVSQ60 from Buhler
item-No.: 125837645
item-No.: 125745010
Magnetic drum separators Wagner magnets
item-No.: 125735764
item-No.: 125717608
Robuschi mill Model L.65/2p serial no. 01-11888, EXCO 4001, 3291rpm , 20 kw incl motor 22kw.
item-No.: 125694296
Stage hot gluing device Model 6040
item-No.: 125683345
Mill, Manuf: JACKERRING, model : UR6B no. 2100, Year:1998 incl motor:315 kw, 1000rpm
item-No.: 125683343
Mill, Manuf: GOERGNS, model : G180 no. 250, Year:2001 incl motor:450 kw, 900-1000 rpm
item-No.: 125683341
Hammer mill of Fitzpatrick Model D incl. control panel, 4kw (cover is missing)
item-No.: 125673215
3.500 €
E 108 1 CIP plant, installed on a big frame with 3 CIP pressure ways, but without tanks int. Nr. B 15 with Hilge centrifugal pumps Manufacturer year is 2003 with a small electronic cabinet with 2 big and with 2 smaller pipe heater made out of stainless steel, installed in the big frame with a smal pipe connection plate with 2 bigger Hilge centrifugal pumps, outlet in NW 65 Type: Hilge Euro-Hydra-II-Block super No. 23/02/134/607, 25 m³ against 35 m, 5,5 KW V2A Measurement of the frame: L x B x H: ...
item-No.: 125673211
9.500 €
E 107 1 PET- and glass bottle hot water rinsing machine int. No B 04 Measurements of the machine: LxBxH 10 m x 1,50 m x 2,30 m Manufacturer is BMG Manufacturer year is 2003 inlet bottle conveyor is on the side of the machine Inside the bottle was given into baskets, what are installed on 2 big running wheels to syringe the bottles with hot water inside the outlet of the clean and hot bottles is installe in the front side of the rinsing machine Price up standing point: 9.500,00 Euro
item-No.: 125673202
2.700 €
C 113 1 barrel emptying plant int. No. B 35 with barrel transport roller conveyor with one barrel lifting station to empty fruit juice barrel into a rectangular collection basin with a pipe outlet in DN 100 length of the basin is 1,40 m plus the length of the barrel lifting station and barrel roller conveyor high of the plant is 2,80 m Price up standing point: 2.700,00 Euro
item-No.: 125673191
27.500 €
C 108 1 Fruit juice pipe heating plant with Aroma retrival int. No. B15 with a small cooling plant and 2 2 tanks in the aeraof the Aroma retrival section The plant need space in the high from 4,70 m In detail the plant existing about: Pos. 1 1 fruit juice pipe heating plant capacity is 9.000 l per hour with 21 horizontal installed pipes length of the pipes are 4 m Type: Turbular pasteurizer Pos. 2 1 insulated pipe heat holder manufacturer is APV was standing under the fram ...
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