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The machine worked from the news for about a year, it was later dismantled. Since then stored in a heated hall, protected from dust. Inability to install and test the machines in action. Based on visual inspection found the completeness of the device.
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Sloter Martin for the production of large size flaps (e.g. for europallets). Working width 2900 mm, per circumference 1800 mm. The machine is working. Serrated knives. The equipment requires a general inspection, cleaning, lubricating and replacing the counters prior to commissioning, (counters are worn out). The machine is solid, very heavy and stable. Slat feeder. In the pictures lack of the table (tray) which is an integral part of the machine.
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Automatic line for shrink wrapping, packaging plastic hoods on pallets transport system, year 2010 production of Winkowski Engineering. Natural gas supply.
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Depalletizer speed: 10. 000b/h The year 1993 mattress system
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Automatic cutting and creasing corrugated and solid German company Krause-Biagosch. The state machine is very good. Working width 1350 mm. Administration cardboard Vacuum, automatic stacking of sheets on a pallet.
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4.500 GBP
country-uk UK
Newman 2CRT all stainless steel construction semi automatic in line cap tightener. Two sets of tightening wheels. Variable speed drive. Maximum speed up to 80 bottles per minute depending on bottles and application. Fully adjustable torque control. Can cap both round and rectangular bottles. Cap size range: 16mm to 55mm diameter, including trigger spray caps. Fully adjustable, no change parts required. Fitted to a stainless stand complete with guards. Can be mounted over an existing conveyor. 240v single phase supp ...
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Package width: 180 - 500 mmPackage height: 20 - 400 mmPackage length: 850 - 6000 mmpacket weight: 7 - 150 kgcontrol: SPS Siemens S7 air pressure - required: 6 bartotal connected load: 4,5 kWOverall size: 2,3 x 1,45 x 2,1 mweight of the machine ca.: 2 troller conveyer height: 900 mmElectric 380 Volt: Roller conveyor: 2 x 4 mFully automatic film wrapping machine for long goods and profiles of all kinds, the correspond to the specified packing dimensions. Winding ring inside diameter 800 mm.Brake motor for winding r ...
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Vertical case packer for small/medium sized products. Speed: up to 17 cases per minute depending on dimensions of products/containers. Precision shaping of cardboard/paperboard box (material: cardboard case, also known as American case), products (bottles, containers etc.) are fed into this machine via single lane slat conveyor and collated in 3x4, 4x4 etc. format (depending on bottle, container size). Pick and place mechanism (with arm) will then place products into already opened/erected box. Case closure is perf ...
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999 €
Stretch film wrapping machine - 710 with Decoiling device and turntable for sale - year 1995 - type serial number 956419-002, DM 160 cm, height 240 cm - 1.28 KW,. 505 kg - manufacturer Masku Finland, fully functional - tested at the factory A-6250 Kundl,
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Tray Shrink Packer, Kettner Variopac TSF 45 This tray shrink packer was delivered by Kettner in 2002. It has been used for 0.5, 0.75 and 1.0 liter glass bottles on a carton tray and wrap it in to shrink wrapped plastic film with the capacity of 30-45 cycles per hour or up to 54 000 bph. The equipment is currently installed but not powered. It is in good condition, ready for immediate relocation. Made by: Kettner GmbH Model: Variopac TF ...
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Kisters Tray and WrapAround Casepacker 80 cycles WP 080V Good condition Kisters 80 Cycle Traypacker/Wraparound Casepacker, Model WP-080V year 2003. This is a fully automatic standalone wraparound packer for producing cartons and tray packs. This machine has been set up for 0.5 liter glass bottles to wraparound packs in format 2x2, 2x3 and 3x4 bottles in carton box but can easily been set up for various formats of cans, glass and PET bottles. Change parts are required per application. Machine control is with S ...
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Depalletizer SIG Simonazzi SweepOff AZ This fully automated, high infeed level depalletizer is a layer-by-layer sweepoff machine made by SIG Simonazzi in year 2003 and it is very good condition. Pelletizer is suitable for bottles, cans and PET bottles. It includes destripper for opening full pallet stripes. Complete palletizing line was recetly dismantled by a professional team. The machine is controlled with Siemens Simatic S7 PLC. Manufacturer: SIG Simonazzi Manufacturing year: 2004 Model:  ...
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Automatic All Around Packer Krones Variopac PFS 45 This Krones Variopac PFS 45 is currently in use, is perfectly maintained and has less than 6500 running hours. It is currently being used for stretch film multipacks only. It comes complete with the infeed table and heating tunnel. The equipment is currently being used for 250ml, 300ml, 350ml and 500 ml. Its maximum speed is 45 tact/minute. The equipment is available at the end of Q2 of 2016. Make: Krones / Kettner Type: Variopac PFS 45 Serial: 22/0380/0 ...
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Automatic Sleeving Machine Krones Sleevematic M2, 30.000 bph, year 2008 This Krones Sleevematic is an inline machine for shrink sleeves, built in 2008. It has been running only approximately 600 hours and is excellent condition. Last major maintenance has been done prior to the machines stop and regular cleanings, inspections and lubrications are still performed. It works on one way and returnable glass bottles. It is currently installed and connected – power up test can be performed. It is available immedia ...
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Crate Palletizing and Depalletizing Station Simonazzi year 1998 This palletizing and depalletizing station was built by SASIB in 1998. The system was used for unloading empty bottle crates from pallets and loading full bottle crates on pallets. This system was working for a beer filling line with total capacity of 80.000 bph. The system includes one dublex depalletizer, one dublex palletizer, a faulty pallet (protruding nails, incorrect size etc) detection and rejection system, two pallet magazines and pallet co ...
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Crate Packer Kettner Blitzpac JUNIOR A crate packer made by Kettner in 1999. This machine loads and unloads bottle crates. Used to work with 0.5 liter bottles and 24 bottle crates. The equipment is currently dismantled and in a warehouse. Manufacturer: Kettner GmbH Type: Blitzpac JUNIOR E 3 T Year: 1999 Capacity: 300 loads / hour Electricity: 3 x 380 V – 50 Hz Control voltage: 24 V DC
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BN 15.000 €
Valve packing line from 10 to 50 kg
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Product number: 1291 Cryovac automatic belt vacuum machine Type: VS90 Serial number: A00402193 Belt width: 665 mm Max. product height: 190 mm Max. product length: 665 mm Sealbar length: 920 mm Distance between sealbars; 700 mm Booster pump: Rietschle WKP500 Vacuum pump: Becker U4190F/K 190 m³/h Power: 3 x 380V, 50Hz, 5.1kW Air pressure: Nm³/h Weight: 1200 kg Cryovac dip tank Type: ST12 RHE Serial number: A51500312 Year of construction: 2000 Belt width: 590 mm Heating: steam, 2-4 Bar, 60 kg/ ...
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Tetra Pak accumulator TYpe: ACHX 30-500, chain: 90 meters y.o.c.: 2010 Available: 3
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Tetra Pak cardboard Packer Type: TCBP 32 y.o.c.: 2010 Development step: 040 V Operating hour: app 7000 Price upon request
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Tetra Pak Cap applicator Type: TCAP 47 Cap type: slim cap Volume: 1000 ml y.o.c: 2005 Dev. step: 100 V Operating hour: app. 23 000 Price on request
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CRYOVAC Vacuum packaging machine
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used machinery auction RESALE 1.000 €
country-by BY
Palletizer; capacity 5 layer / min, pallet magazine, 4 sections of pallet conveyors (central-length 2500 mm and 3- with each length- 2000 mm), double speed conveyor at the palletizer infeed. Control system SIEMENS S5. Power consumption-11.97 kW
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Brand: AMBAFLEX Model: SVE-400-1300 Registration: 6943-01 Year: 2007 Condition: good Features: Boxes in spiral elevator. These elevators are height adjustable. Total height: 3.100 mm Working height: 2800 mm Tape width: 400mm Spiral diameter: 760mm 1 unit available
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BN 1.500 €
We sell a used stacker of the A & F brand. The size and number of the upgrade are variable adjustable (maximum height is approx. 500 mm). Asking price â?¬1500 not overtaken. Obsolete â?¬3500.-
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Many thanks for your interest on our second hand machines, please find follow our offer: manufacturer: Hoefliger & Karg H&K (Bosch) Type: Cartonetta cartoner output capacity: max. 50 Takte/min./ max. 50 pcs./min format size: length: 50 – 180 mm width: 15 – 80 mm high: 16 – 60 mm electrical: 380 V/3Ph/50 Hz 4 kVA dimensions: ca. 2850 x 1100 x 1600 mm (LxBxH); 450kg different: Folder folding: 3 or 4 fold folding sheet. Dimensions for folding leaflets: 3 times: from 90 x 90mm to 210 x 210mm 4 t ...
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1.Packing size: max length 300mm min width 40mm max width 200mm height 140mm 2. Machine dimensions: width of the table 4000mm general length 6800mm width 1300mm 3. Capacity: up to 60 packings /min 4. Allen-Bradley PanelView 600 control 5. photoelement for packing 6. printer Markem SmartDate 2, type S2CPR. 7. Left to right machine Machine cleaned. Program renewed. For dark and white bread,  ...
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Vertical bagging machine for ice cubes in PE film. Up to 2 kilos. The machine is delivery in working conditions. The film used is 540-545 Film width. Electric photocel for spot. Coding machine for validate date and lot. Brand COALZA, really famous Spanish brand from more than 50 years and still working.
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Butter Packing Machine Trepko PMG-4 Year:2005
item-No.: 125881759
KALLFASS Shrink Wrap Machine Super Wrap 650 year of production: 2009 All Kallfass equipment was purchased in 2009 directly from the manufacturer. All equipment is deemed to be in excellent condition. Location: Australia Price: on request
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Ilapak Vegatronic packaging: -vertical, sequential working packaging machines - packaging food products in bags i.e. croissants -filling of bags from dosing aggregate -dosing of adjusted product quantity through vertical filling pipe - Siemens PLC controlling -up to 40 diff. programs to save and additional functions of machine to manage i.e. photocell, printer, labeler, clipper, piece dosing system . -display and control keyboard makes possible operating parameters adjustment as well fast operat ...
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3.500 €
Fully automatic packaging machine ULMA Xtra plus Year of construction: 2005 See State original images! If you have questions, email or call.
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3.500 €
Fully automatic packaging machine semi-automatic ICH Mettler Toledo ULMA Xtra plus Year of construction: 2003 See State original images! If you have questions, email or call.
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4.000 €
Fully automatic packaging machine ULMA Xtra plus Year of construction: 2005 See State original images! If you have questions, email or call.
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CAM PMM intermittent motion horizontal cartoner fitted with magazine feeder suitable for large blisters (e.g. syringes etc), carton size range from 15 x 12 x 50mm up to 90 x 70 x 200 (A x B x C). Folder leaflet inserter, end flap emboss coder, reverse tuck carton closure. Up to 120 strokes per minute.
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country-de DE
Min. profile length: 1500mm, profile diameter: 100-160mm, extrusion head diameter/ oval: 120-230/ 250x140mm, speed: 25-30m/min, film thickness: 20-40µm, material: polyethylene, the film is produced with low density polyethylene granulate.
item-No.: 125683489
a line for packing sugar machine capacity 2 tons per hour packaging 1 kg
item-No.: 125673509
Fully automatic cover dispenser for prefabricated corrugated or cardboards liners Manufacturer: Haloila Oktopapp 1200 Indentations: 1408 x 1028 mm Magazine filling level: maximum 1800 mm, min. 800 mm Each cardboard: Max 850 gr. Air permeability: 500 â 800 ml / min Maximum pallet height: 1600 mm; min. 500 mm Supply: 400 V, 50 Hz; 3 KW On egg production: 60 PCs. / h Process description: the trailer is in its starting position (home position) centrally over the cardboard m ...
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28.000 €
F 105 1 KHS robot palletizing plant with a pallet plastic foil shrinking machine int. No. A 11 manufacturer year is 2004 Baujahr 2004 existing about: - 1 empty pallet magazine - 1 pallet roller transport conveyor , length 22,5 m - 1 KUKA robot palletizing plant with a grapple tool for 2 x 4 cartons. One carton has 8 single packagings with 1,0 ltr - 1 a pre/arrangement in groups to have the right placing for the grapple tool - 1 carton fl ...
item-No.: 125663277
KUKA robot KR 180-2 PA for palletizing and Depalletizing with hook for trays range: 3200 mm Load: 180 kg Weight: 1240 kg year of production: 2004 Positioning accuracy is +/-0, 05 mm serial number: 940122 with control unit KRC2 Supply voltage: 575/480/400V Netzfreguenz: 50/60 Hz Volllaststom: 15A Netzsischerung: 25A KUKA robot KR 180-2 PA for palletizing and depalletizing with gripper for trays Range of 3200 mm Carrying capacity: 180 kg Weight: 1240 kg Year of construction: 2004 Positioning accurac ...
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12.000 €
country-rs RS
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38.000 €
country-rs RS
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28.000 €
country-rs RS
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14.500 €
D 102 1 Meurer packaging machine for standing gable cartons from 1 ltr to 5 ltr cartons plant is standing without production since June 2017 and it is in a very good condition. The Meurer carton packaging machine existing about: a.) with aproxx. 2 m plastic chain conveyor as inlet to the carton filling machine then 1 x 180° curve and 2 m chain conveyor with total 3 motor drives into the inlet of the Meurer 5 kg carton packaging machine manufacturer of the chain conveyor construction  ...
item-No.: 125622563
Single-chamber vacuum machine. Technical data Model VC999 K12Aussenmasse (W x H x D) 2215 x 1082 x 1016 mmKammer internal dimensions (B x H x T) 1045 x 210 x 605 mmAnzahl welding Rails per Kammer3Schweissschienenlaengen940/2 x 500 mmElektrischer Anschluss400 V / 3 / 50 Hz / 9kW 25ATDruckluftanschluss5 - 8 bar, di 9 mmVakuumpumpe220 m3 /. hMax. Vakuum1 mbar, 99.9%Vakuumierung to VerdampfungspunktStandardSoft air VorbelueftungStandardDoppelnaht TrennsiegelungStandardAutomatisches DeckelschliessenoptionalTaktleistun ...
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Vertical 2-lane form, fill seal stick pack machine, automatically forms 2 streams of plastic stick packs and fill them. Output: up to 80 units/min.
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Despaletizador SABA for glass. In excellent condition.
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