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Eddy Current Separator 600mm wide belt Good Condition Suited to aluminium can separation
item-No.: 126554459
length in total: 5.500 mmband width: 535 mmconveying height: 1.250 mmtotal height over floor: 1.600 mmAuswurfhöhe: 1.200 mmfitting length: 3.200 mmdayligth: 290 mmEinbaubreite: 650 mmtotal power requirement: 0,75 kWweight of the machine ca.: 0,88 tdimensions of the machine ca.: 5,70 x 1,70 x H1,60 mThis ad was created with MODUL MWS - the software solution of LogoTech.
item-No.: 126738787
Alligator Shear 150mm Blades 240 Volts 13amp Power Supply Maximum cutting 25mm diameter mild steel Very little work since manufacturer rebuild
item-No.: 126492715
pipe system - processing diameter: 100 mm,pipe system - inlet: ansaug Ø 150 und ausblas Ø 130 mm,volume flow ventilator - shred: 2600 Nm³/h m³/h,filter cartridge type: Filtermatte,total power requirement: 2,2 kW,weight of the machine approx.: 400 kg,Extraction of fibers - Reduction of spillage in transport containers, eg. Big Bags. delivery scope: Suction fan Manufacturer Dantherm Filtartion, type T 0,56-224 RD0 D1, air supply quantity 2600 Nm³ / h, suction nozzle Ø 150mm to Ø 100mm, blow-out nozzle Ø 130m ...
item-No.: 126650493
Hi, here I a film baler offer, unfortunately I found no nameplate. If you have any further questions then like to sign. Greeting
item-No.: 126493509
air flow rate: 2000 m³/h,suction stud diamter: 185 mm,drive power: 2,2 kW,connection electric: 220/380 V,total power requirement: 2,2 kw,weight of the machine approx.: 100 kg,dimensions L x W x H: 700x630x1170 mm,It is a wall device with dust filtering system. There is optional a welding hose with funnel on sale. on sale as is, without test i.D.
item-No.: 126441572
item-No.: 126492795
cooling capacity: - kW,drive power: - kW,voltage: 380 V,operating pressure: 25 bar,volume: 179 l,Number of motors: 3 Stück,motor capacity: 0,18 kW,Number of ventilators: 10 St.,total power requirement: 1 kw,weight of the machine ca.: 1,7 t,dimensions L x W x H: 7,6x2,2x1,6 m,table cooler/ recooler There are many table cooler various manufactory on sale. Subject to prior sale Please send us your inquires about demand.
item-No.: 126360077
3 piece screw conveyor for EBS fine goods 0-80 mm Auger Ã? 720 x 11560 mm Ascent: 800 mm Conveyor trough: 785 mm x 500 mm Drive: flat gear motor 15 kW, 400 V, 50 Hz, M1 15/min Weight 4000 kg
item-No.: 126492802
Suction- Tube: Ø 200x 40 mm,Oil- drain- Tube: Rohr/Pipe/Tubo Ø 19 mm,voltage: 230/460 V,filter surface area: Ø450x400 mm,total power requirement: 2,2/2,4 kw,weight of the machine approx.: 40 kg,dimensions of machine: Ø 560xH: 630 mm,1 devices available oil- and emulsion mist separators with column - acrylic coated steel drum with direct drive electric motor dust separator: filtersize Ø 450x400mm liquid separator : troughput= 28m³/min troughput/ capacity: 34 m³/min (2040 m³/h) inkl. support column (size : L ...
item-No.: 126360075
Role of magnet, magnetic roller L = 850 mm Ã? = 220 mm
item-No.: 126493061
diameter: Nr.1: ca. 6 mm,diameter: Nr.1: max. 25 mm,diameter: Nr.2: 25 mm,diameter: Nr.2: 50 mm,connection electric: 400 V,motor: Getriebemotor / gear motor,total power requirement: 0,25 kW,weight of the machine approx.: ca. 120 kg,space requirements approx. LxWxH: 0,85x0,6x0,1,0 m,Wire Peeling Machine Application: peeling of electric wires to be processed parts: wires with PVC coat / rubber coating items available no. 1 + Nr. 2 wire feed via angular rail 40mm on a length of 600mm infeed manual driver roller dia= ...
item-No.: 126360069
-Non-ferrous metal separators with magnetic drum and control. Belt speed: adjustable from 0.5 to 2 m/s Weight approx. 1750 kg Power supply: 400V/50 Hz Working width: 650 mm Control Panel complete with r & d Machine: ready to use and functional
item-No.: 126492558
tank capacity: - l,percentage of cleaning: nicht bekannt / unknown / desconocido µ,total power requirement: 1,1 kw,volume capacity: 900 m³/h,filter surface area: 6,0 m²,filter: 1 Stück,weight of the machine approx.: 125 kg,dimensions L x W x H: 0,74 x 0,62 x 1,8 m,Applications: Suction of grinding dust, with other filter inserts is also welding smoke extraction possible -mobile device with rolls - with collecting container for coarse particles -cleaning interval adjustable up to 60 sec -Impulse cleaning, automa ...
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Air cleaning unit "BDC-6 Airlite" - mobile filter-ventilation unit, used for cleaning air from welding aerosol, fine and medium-sized dry dust particles, welding fumes and other processes involved particulate and fume emissions with particle size more than 0.3 micron. Is typcically used to clean air at welding shops at nonstationary working places. Supplied of with one or two desktop extraction arm 2, 3 or lengths with 4 meters. "BDC-6 Alirlie" employs three-stage filtration system (G2-for pr ...
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Suction- Tube: Ø 270 mm,Oil- drain- Tube: Ø 14 mm,filter surface area: 0,18 m²,total pressure: 16 mbar,voltage: 400/230 V,Air volume: 1000 m³/h,power consumption: 1,32 kW,dimensions of machine: 0,75x0,70x0,95 m,2 devices available construction type: stable / solid sheet metal construction with suction mechanic separator: - filter space LxWxH: 725x520x230mm - 2 x filter size LxWxH: 700x300x90mm removeable - catch basin for dust separation suction intake opening Ø 270mm top side of the device exhaust opening WxH ...
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BDC-13-cyclone» dust arresting device, which has double-staged cleaning system, is designed to clean the air from cohesionless medium and coarse dry dust. Because of production specifics and air - gas mixture consistence, the following versions are possible: from stainless steel, with antibacterial cover, explosion proof. With the help of own-produced fan, the device has high capacity and high level of air cleaning from huge amount of dust, including abrasive dust. Dust clean effectiveness is not l ...
item-No.: 126492855
air flow rate: - m³/h,suction stud diamter: 150x80 mm,drive power: - kW,connection electric: 380-420 V,total power requirement: 0,35 kw,Dimensions (LxWxH): 950x500x680 mm,dust suction device with fan fan: size diameter 500x300mm, exhaust openning dia.=160mm Filter: 2 pieces size 300x120x500mm, space of filter size W:300xW:260xH:520mm intake (suction) diameter 150x80mm
item-No.: 126235164
65.000 €
Mobile scrap shear LeFort 240 Cutting force 240 tons Box length 4 metres In the cabin, the control is Diesel drive Installed on trailers/semi-trailers
item-No.: 126229746
diameter: 160 mm: 2,2 kWvolume capacity: 2230 m3/hThis ad was created with MODUL MWS - the software solution of LogoTech.
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