Category: 406: shrinking machines
item-No.: 132061625
New in: 1989
Price: 8.250 €
Location: Land-de DE 45549 Sprockhövel, Henriette-Davidis-Weg 4
Seller: Klaus Drees

Pester Straff-banding machine type 450SN incl. Therm bundle Packer Pewo mat pester PEWO-Pack 450 SN Stretchwrapper - memorized (max. mm):-module length 300 - rack width 540 - rack 250, - seal width 450, - power: 24 beats per minute - with shrink tunnel PEWO-therm II, passage height 130 mm, new hardware and software PLC Mitsubishi - operation via touch panel - new paint in silver. Infeed conveyor with Stacker in the direction of the production flow with 90 ° excess thrust good condition more

Category: 406: shrinking machines
item-No.: 126854027
New in: used
Price: 6.000 €
Location: Land-pt PT 1800- Lisboa, Av. Marechal Gomes da Costa nº 35
Seller: Prosecore S.A.

Shrink wrapping machine with pneumatic pusher more

Category: 406: shrinking machines
item-No.: 126786454
New in: 1999
Price: 6.000 €
Location: Kempen
Seller: Kremers Verpackungsmaschinen Vertrieb und Service GmbH & Co.

Stainless steel execution Performance 9,5 kW Top condition Renewed band more

Category: 406: shrinking machines
item-No.: 126687967
New in: 2003
Price: 25.000 GBP
Location: Land-uk UK FLINT
Seller: Lex Machinery Ltd

Pester PEWO-pack 450 SN stretch banding machine with shrink tunnel unit. Adjustable for various bundle sizes. Stainless Steel and Aluminium anodized construction. The PEWO-pack 450 SN has been designed for stretch banding of different types of collations such as cartons, stacks of paper, bottles, etc, single or multi-packs. Special sealing system with precise temperature control ensures high reliability. Max film width: 45mm. Max format range: 300mm x 380mm x 250mm. Performance: 50 cycles (collations) per minute. Material: polyethylene film. Machine size: 3250mm x 1800mm x 2200mm high. CHECKED/TESTED/RUNNING more

Category: 406: shrinking machines
item-No.: 126417107
New in: used
Price: used machinery auction RESALE 1.500 €
Location: Land-nl NL Ermelo
Seller: Troostwijk Auctions

brand: AVC type: HS-420/KT-500 seal bar length: 420 mm number of sealbars: 2 chamber dimension L: 800 mm chamber dimension W: 420 mm chamber dimension H: 20 mm number of chambers: 1 mobile: yes electric connection: 380 V total dimension L: 2700 mm total dimension W: 700 mm total dimension H: 1500 mm description: incl. pallet div. rolls of foil more

Category: 406: shrinking machines
item-No.: 125203593
New in: 2011
Price: 3.950 €
Location: Country-de Germany, 40237 Düsseldorf
Seller: Middle East Trading

ARD Technology Packaging Machine Manufacturer: ARD Technology Type: Magnetic FL-900 + T-100 Year of manufacture: 2011 FL-900: Machine dimension L×W×H: 1560 × 725 × 1040 mm Max. packaging size L×W×H: 450 × 400 × 250 mm Max. sealing size L×W×H: 550 × 450 mm Packaging speed: 800 - 1200 pcs / h Net weight: 135 kg Power: 1.2 kW Power supply: 1?110V/220V 50/60HZ Air pressure: 6 - 8 kg / cm3 Suitable for electrical products, hardwares, softwares, food, ceramics etc´s packaging. Tunnel T-100 (YOM 2011): Machine´s dimensions L×W×H: 1300 × 715 × 1455 mm Max packaging size L×W×H: 700 × 400 × 200 mm Size of tunnel L×W×H: 1000 × 450 × 250 mm Packing speed: 2000 - 3000 pcs / h Net ... more

Category: 406: shrinking machines
item-No.: 125158947
New in: 2006
Price: 9.900 €
Location: Country-hu Hungary, 2800 Tatabánya
Seller: Telkes Gép GmbH

Manufacturer: MSK Tip: 370 Year of construction: 2006 WITHOUT CONTROL PANEL! more

Category: 406: shrinking machines
item-No.: 124487687
New in: 2000
Price: 26.000 €
Location: Land-pl PL Pszow
Seller: Jawo Tech s.r.o.

Packer machine in row and foil wrapping with shrink tunnel Format bottle / 1.5 liters 3x2 Format bottlw / 0.5 liters 4x3 Capacity: 25 package / 6 bottles 1.5 liters General repair 2003 --- We offer new and used machines. With any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. more

Category: 406: shrinking machines
item-No.: 123706194
New in: 2000
Price: 12.500 €
Location: Lagerhalle
Seller: LM Dairy Consulting

F 110 1 Octopus junior pallet changing system Type 15B, was deployed in the UHT milk Built in 2000 No. 808 985-001 Manufacturer: Fa. M Oy Haloila AB, Finland 60 pallets per hour fully functional with roller conveyor 6 m with control cabinet available immediately Price from site, net: 12.000,00 euro more

Category: 406: shrinking machines
item-No.: 121867045
New in: used
Price: 1.400 €
Location: Land-ro RO Oradea
Seller: Kuhn & Partner Romania SRL

Description Brand Extend Group Model EKH 455 ID 7078 Status Active Price 1.400 € + VAT Location Oradea Romania SPECIFICATION POWER SUPPLY 220V/230V/240V, 50/60HZ, 1-PHASE MAX. CONSUMPTION POWER 3.77kW EFFECTIVE POWER CONSUME 1.6-2.3kW SEALING BA DIMENSION 420MM (D) X550MM (L) MAX. HEIGHT OF PACKAGING 250MM MACHINE DIMENSION 1320MM (L) X820MM (W) X645MM (H) MAX. DIMENSION OF FILM 600MMX250MM ExWorks Oradea. Price is negotiable. Contact Tel.: +40-359/175.575 Fax: +40-259/426.248 Mobil: +40-743/177.040 ; +40-740/221.698 Technical inspection can be organized at least 24 hrs before the due date We speak English. Wir sprechen Deutsch. (+40-740/221.698 ) Habla ... more

Category: 406: shrinking machines
item-No.: 121759980
New in: 1991
Price: 4.500 €
Location: Country-CH Switzerland, 8424 Embrach
Seller: GANZ Baukeramik AG

The machine has little operating hours She was with us just three years in operation and is in dry storage since. Various attachments and spare parts included. Machine number V2. 78.63 more

Category: 406: shrinking machines
item-No.: 93048841
New in: 1997
Price: 1.980 €
Location: Land-de DE
Seller: ilosystem NB.

Shanklin-sealed air Hochleistungsschrumpftunnel Shanklin T 7u Built in 1997. Made in USA 70vbaww7r Tunnel dimension: 55cm wide 32cm high 105cm internal length Outer dimension: 197 cm high 110 cm wide 186 cm long Treadmill chain 186 cm Running speed can be adjusted. Temperature up to 250 Celsius adjustable. 380V, 80 K AIC, 8.2 more

Category: 406: shrinking machines
item-No.: 92739531
New in: 1998
Price: 3.200 €
Location: Land-dk DK
Seller: CE-Pharmamachinery

Compacta SL 5035 automatic L-bar sealer integrated with shrink tunnel from 1998. Speed rated to 35 products per minute depending on the materials and application The machine has very little hours. Has been storaged for over 6 years Supplied with all original docmentation Conveyor width: 350mm Year of production: 1998 Serial number: 50161018 Condition: good Dimensions: 2.250mm x 900mm & 2.000mm (LxW&H) more

Category: 406: shrinking machines
item-No.: 75722597
New in: 2013
Price: 10.000 €
Location: Land-pt PT Lisbon
Seller: Prosecore S.A.

sleeve-wrapper machine with shrink tunel; allows the use of bottles, cans, jars, etc.: with welding bar, length 700 mm; entrance of the oven (PEI = 18 KW): 700 mm x 500 mm; the pack comes to the station, wrapping and cutting/welding by means of a belt conveyor with variable speed. Double-rolls system Sealing time electronically adjustable Air heating by finned resistances controlled by an electronic thermo-regulator Cooling fan at the tunnel exit included Excellent condition. more

Category: 406: shrinking machines
item-No.: 45850757
New in: 2006
Price: 7.500 €
Location: Land-at AT 8510 Stainz
Seller: PCF Packing Christian Pühringer

L.-Sealer full functional welding frame: 450 mm / 540 mm more

Category: 406: shrinking machines
item-No.: 22608046
New in: 2010
Price: 4.800 €
Location: Land-at AT Behamberg
Seller: Haba Verpackung GmbH

Thermo shrinking tunnel Shrink packaging quality for medium power infinitely variable separately adjustable top and bottom Max band-width: 600 mm Maximum clearance height: 220 mm more

Category: 406: shrinking machines
item-No.: 13145757
New in: 2006
Price: 7.000 €
Location: Land-de DE Kempen
Seller: Kremers Verpackungsmaschinen Vertrieb und Service GmbH & Co.

High performance Completely overhauled in 2015 more

Category: 406: shrinking machines
item-No.: 12677292
New in: 1983
Price: 8.000 €
Location: Land-at AT
Seller: Haba Verpackung GmbH

Year of construction: 1983 Usage time: 1-2 layers Performance data:-width height No.: Adjustable fixed min. Max. Adjustable fixed min. Max. 1 x 150 mm x 150 mm 2 x 210 mm 330 mm x 240 mm 3 x 210 mm 330 mm x 30 mm 110 mm 4 x 210 mm 330 mm x 30 mm 110 mm 5 x 290 mm x 350 mm 6 x 133 mm x 49 mm 7 x 218 mm x 75 mm 8 x 290 mm x 120 mm more

Category: 406: shrinking machines
item-No.: 12647193
New in: 2002
Price: 39.500 €
Location: Land-it IT
Seller: Haba Verpackung GmbH

Maximum pallet height: min. 300 mm / max. 1.800 mm Range material: Wood Pallet weight: min 200 kg / max 2500 kg Performance: 60 pallets per hour Slide dimensions: Thickness: 80 180µ Roles-DM: 1,000 mm Kerninnen-DM: 76 mm Roll weight: 1,000 kg Ambient temperature: Hall Technical data: 50 Hz/230V/338, 4kW The machine is a fully automatic shrink system for pallets in various dimensions. There is also a conveyor belt in the shrinking area. State 'B' Price: 39.500,00 for the system as it is No delivery or installation costs are included in the price. Tlw new plus 10,000.00 for the overhaul of the parts Transport from Vicenza the current location of clearing of the actual expense As ... more

Category: 406: shrinking machines
item-No.: 8545294
New in: 2017
Price: 29.750 €
Location: Land-de DE Wuelfrath
Seller: CBV - Chistoph Binder Verpackungsmaschinen

Sleever to the Sleeving by container closures or full containers. Dimensions: 2100 x 850 x 2000 (L X W X H) Performance: 100-200 bottles / min. Connection: 220V Power requirements: 1.5 kW ? heating tunnel 13-15 kW Eikettenlänge: 30-260 mm Label thickness: 0.03 - 0.13 mm Bottle diameter: 28-125 mm Bottle types: square, round, oval, flat more