Category: 405: pillow packs machines
item-No.: 133337520
New in: 2000
Price: 1.200 €
Location: Land-ro RO Zalau
Seller: Kuhn & Partner Romania SRL

Description IDACO brand Model i. DA-01 ID AM2 Status Active €1,200 price + VAT Year 2000 Location Romania (RO) Dosing and packaging plant IDACO i. DA-01 from 2000, the supply voltage: 220 V nominal power: 450 W, weight: 179 Kg. ExWorks. Price is negotiable and do not include VAT. Contact Tel.: + 359/40-175.575 Fax: + 40-259/426.248 Mobile: + 40-743/177.040; + 40-740/221.698 Watching the product schedule 24 hours prior. We speak English. WIR sprechen Deutsch. (+ 40-740/221.698) Hablamos Español. Beszélünk magyarul. (+ 40 743/177.040) Irrtum und Zwischenverkauf vorbehalten, Anderungen/ Subject to errors, changes and prior to his/ We reserve the right to  ... more

Category: 405: pillow packs machines
item-No.: 131122579
New in: 2006
Price: 60.000 €
Location: Land-de DE 46514 Schermbeck, Kapellenweg 85

Vertical packing machine 4 edges sealing including stacking device for coffee pods. Stacking device can be safely removed and as standard packaging machine for powder or free-flowing products are used. Function must be checked by a technician if necessary by the manufacturer. Performance according to product and weight up to 60 packages per minute Vacuum packaging system OPEM type Colibri 250 and 500 g vacuum pack 2-head scale 2 sets of format Fully automatic processing of the film role Fully automatic filling-vacuum and sealing machine Incl. vacuum pump Section plant and outlet For more photos, information or appointments you can contact by telephone or in writing with us. more

Category: 405: pillow packs machines
item-No.: 129915244
New in: used
Price: 10.000 €
Location: Land-pl PL 73581 Bohumin, Cs Armady 133
Seller: Jawo Tech s.r.o.

Flow Pack Machine TEVOPHARM more

Category: 405: pillow packs machines
item-No.: 128022581
New in: 2001
Price: 8.500 €
Location: Land-de DE 90559 Oberferrieden, Am Espen 7
Seller: Prime Catch Seafood GmbH

Pillow-pack machine Altamat with new Domino printer See photos Height 205 cm, depth 200cm, width 140 cm more

Category: 405: pillow packs machines
item-No.: 127623999
New in: 2015
Price: 6.500 €
Location: Land-rs RS 11000 Belgrade, Ljubise Miodragovica 59a
Seller: Mr Miroslav Radic

CORETEMP KT-250B horizontal flowpack machine with automatic pictures/labels insert. Youtube: abcs:// We used this machine once a year for packing small pictures for ice cream inserts. Machine is in excellent condition and rearly used. Max bag dimensions 280x110 mm and max height is 55 mm Phone+38163232495 Machine is in Serbia more

Category: 405: pillow packs machines
item-No.: 127188596
New in: 2004
Price: 16.250 €
Location: auf Anfrage
Seller: EagleTrade International

Hugo Beck Super 400 XLM Bagger -Year of manufacture 2004 -Product dimensions W 480 x H 150 mm -Product length from 40 mm up to end of film -Speed up to 10,000 pieces per hour -Foil material of polyolefin, PE, PP Can be seen in operation more

Category: 405: pillow packs machines
item-No.: 127065271
New in: 1990
Price: 11.900 €
Location: 8524 Bad Gams, Vochera am Weinberg 105
Seller: PCF Packing Christian Pühringer

Overhauled engine Separating weld seam Print mark control more

Category: 405: pillow packs machines
item-No.: 125745281
New in: used
Price: 28.900 €
Location: Stainz
Seller: PCF Packing Christian Pühringer

Ilapak smart demonstration machine + Fully electronic, PC-monitored, multi axis horizontal flow wrapper + 3 independently controlled AC motors (inlet, seal rolls, JAWS) + No product / no bag - product safety product except phase + 6 4 product programmes + Sturdy, ergonomic, clear design + 2 m product feed with cleated chain and interchangeable attachments + 1 film reel holder with self-centering Cone + 2 pairs of rolls, cold hot + 150 mm jaw centres (optional 180 mm) Special features: cross seal JAWS width 320 mm . Technical description: Shell fabric: all hot-sealable films Product dimensions: 150 mm wheelbase length: 50-260 mm width: 20-230 mm height: 90 mm roll of film:  ... more

Category: 405: pillow packs machines
item-No.: 124913536
New in: 2014
Price: 49.000 €
Location: Brandenburg
Seller: Multi Sales Weinstädter
Category: 405: pillow packs machines
item-No.: 123966667
New in: 2002
Price: 12.990 €
Location: Rheinland-Pfalz
Seller: In.Ha.TEC Vertrieb & Service UG

Used flow pack machine ILAPAK, Type: ASTRA STD - Built-In: 07/2002 - in operation since 08/2003 - Sealing plates obove: till to zu 350°C - Sealing plates bottom: 20°C, without heater El. connection: 400 V, 50 Hz, 5,0 kW Product length: min. 150 mm till to open size Product hight: max. 230 mm Product width: max. 310 mm Capacity: approx. 20 - 60 units/min. Roll width: 200 - 800 mm Roll diameter: max. 350 mm Core diameter: 76 mm The machine was used for foling salad, leek and rhubarb. An inspection is possible at every time. more

Category: 405: pillow packs machines
item-No.: 123785026
New in: 1997
Price: 15.000 €
Location: Lutzenberg
Seller: Vegisan Vertriebs GmbH

We offer due to a new acquisition our loyal Panda with BJ in 1997 to the but still very presentable and well shot is and always good service has made us. She makes about 100 take the minute and we have packaged a product with 6 cm length to. She weighs 350 kg. There's a very good service network for the machine. Date printer is optionally available. Please simply register. more

Category: 405: pillow packs machines
item-No.: 121759954
New in: 1994
Price: 13.800 €
Location: Hannover
Seller: Stolle Verpackungstechnik

Bagger Klöckner Hänsel Tevopharm Built 1/1994 Ready for use and can be viewed in operation Capacity 120Pack/min Main voltage 3 x 380V 50 Hz Control voltage 24V 3.5 KVa Maximum temperature roller/gouge: 350 degrees C Overhauled and adjustments about 2012 Location close to Hannover more

Category: 405: pillow packs machines
item-No.: 106797150
New in: 1986
Price: 18.000 €
Location: Land-de DE Leimbach
Seller: Schmitz Industriemaschinen

Polyrex sachet machine for Plastigbeutel. Specification in PDF machine is in good condition more

Category: 405: pillow packs machines
item-No.: 101376122
New in: used
Price: 8.800 €
Location: Land-at AT 8510 Stainz
Seller: PCF Packing Christian Pühringer

Good condition used horizontal pillow-pack machine for 500 g cups/bowls. 500 g Strawberry cups that have been packaged. Year absent. more

Category: 405: pillow packs machines
item-No.: 99831683
New in: used
Price: 28.000 €
Location: Land-pt PT Lisbon
Seller: Prosecore S.A.

AutomaticVolumetric Cup filler fully overhauled for the filling of solid products (powders, granules, dry or dehydrated vegetables) for "pillow" type bag (width 150 mm), 40 to 60 units/min depending on the product, complete with vertical filler. Excelent conditions, as NEW. Ready for delivery more

Category: 405: pillow packs machines
item-No.: 83328741
New in: 2014
Price: 38.500 €
Location: Land-at AT Lauterach
Seller: Vegisan Vertriebs GmbH

For beginners in the area of flow, the flow X-e is the ideal tool. At a very attractive price, it offers all the features of the large machines such as a rotating cross welding set, a Servoachs control and an adjustable form shoulder for high flexibility. All parts that touch the product to be packed, are made of stainless steel, she can be used in the food industry. And of course also in numerous other industries. Features Length: from 30 mm Width: from 10 to 220 mm Height: up to 80 mm Capacity: up to 7200 cycles/hour more

Category: 405: pillow packs machines
item-No.: 62073978
New in: 1975
Price: 3.500 €
Location: Land-de DE
Seller: MVRG UG (haftungsbeschränkt) & Co. KG

Flowpack Dimensions (LxWxH): 3,70 x 1,00 x 1,80m Mach.No.: 1438 Serial number: 813/11 Weight: 800 kg Description Horizontal flow wrapper TEVOPHARM Pack6 product height: 120 mm film repeat length: 160-400 mm capacity: up to max. 120 packs / min weight: approx. 900 kg year of construction: 2/1976 Pack dimensions Max (LxWxH): 184 x 58 x 3.5 mm slide dimensions width: about 170 mm cutting length: about 220 mm packing requirement Flowwrap: without a tweaked cross seal / movable packed longitudinal seal: 20 mm cross seal: 25 mm more

Category: 405: pillow packs machines
item-No.: 32726315
New in: 1995
Price: 25.000 €
Location: Land-si SI Slowenien
Seller: In.Ha.TEC Vertrieb & Service UG

Flow Pack Machine / Sealing machine PFM BG PACK, Type: 2800 Selling only together with the HAJEK cheese slicer / portioner, - high capacity by rotating multi jaw crossways sealing system - flow pack packages with 3 seals - recloseable pillow bags possible - motified atmosphere packaging (MAP) - each sealing jaw with temperature control - quick fitting and removal jaw system Package dimension minimum / maximum: - Length: 70 - 320 mm - Width: 45 - 180 mm - Hight: 1 - 80 mm - cutting pitch: 105 - 355 mm Reel Strip: Max. 440 mm Cycles: 160 cycles/min. Power consumption: 10kW Air pressure: max. 13 bar El. connection: 380V, 3ph, 50Hz Machine weight: 1.400 kg Inspection i ... more

Category: 405: pillow packs machines
item-No.: 12677280
New in: 1991
Price: 25.000 €
Location: Land-at AT
Seller: Haba Verpackung GmbH

Year of construction: 1991 Usage time: 1-2 layers Performance data: 85-95 bars (product dependant) Formats: Format 100 - film width 210 mm Format 130 - foil width 270 mm Format 150 - slide width 310 mm more

Category: 405: pillow packs machines
item-No.: 7487889
New in: 1978
Price: 7.600 €
Location: Land-at AT Österreich
Seller: MVRG UG (haftungsbeschränkt) & Co. KG

Vertical flowpack machine Weight: 800kg Location: Austria Availability: immediately Condition: fully operational more