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item-No.: 126901693
Sell 4 silos SPIROMATIC 55M 3 PS type.
item-No.: 126802003
item-No.: 126895742
Sell several several brands, loma, safeline metal detectors.
item-No.: 126754100
22.000 €
country-de DE
description:\nout of service, but not yet dismantled\n\nVisit on request any time possible\n\nout of service, but not yet dismantled\n\nVisit on request any time possible\nfiller points:\n4\n\ncapacity:\n200 / h\n\nequipment:\nHalbautomat\n\n\n\r\nBesides buying and selling of conveyors and machines our strength lies particularly in services and project planning, as for example in rebuilding and adapting of your installation as well as in overhaul and relocation of machines.\r\nYou have a first idea or even a concr ...
item-No.: 126885155
This machine is suitable for cleaning milk and yogurt glasses. The machine is very soundly designed and still in very good condition.
item-No.: 126730287
description:\none-storied tunnel pasteurizer consisting of:\n\n\nPasteurizer \n\nTotal length (incl. infeed- and outfeed conveyor): 29.600 mm\n\nLength (dimension between axes): 28.325 mm\n\nTotal width (incl. pump box without outfeed conveyor: 4.050 mm\n\nProcessing width: 3.048 mm\n\nTotal Height: 2.100 mm\n\nInfeed- outfeed height: 1.100 mm\n\nWeight, empty: 14.000 kg\n\nOperational weight without product: 23.250 kg\n\n \n\n Basis Price for negotiation: 500.000,-\n\n(Installation/Transportation can be inqui ...
item-No.: 126885149
This machine is used to apply a cheese coating on cheese to influence the aging process. This is especially popular for mountain cheese. The machine is fully operational and in good condition.
item-No.: 126219383
measuring time: 1 min Power consumption: 40 Wweight: 5 kgOperation / control: easy 5-key-operationequipment: automatic calibration, measurements: alcoholic contentl, extract, apparent extract, original wort, density, osmotic pressureinterfaces: parallel interface for a normal commercial printer, serial interface for connecting a PCaccessories: incl. recording printer (Thermal Printer, DPU-414)
item-No.: 126885112
Centrifuge, skimming separator manufacturer: Pieralisi, Italy type: MCS 3 power: up to 7,000 l / h BJ.: 1992
item-No.: 126219238
36.750 EU?
country-pl PL
Sealpac SP 350 is a machine for packaging in a modified atmosphere of fresh and frozen foods such as meat, sausages, fish, vegetables, fruits, ready meals, etc. The machine is intended for small and medium food producers.
item-No.: 125837262
item-No.: 126884961
item-No.: 125443077
10.450 EU?
country-pl PL
The device is use for packing sushi.
item-No.: 126853945
used wine / fruit juice separator Capacity: up to 50,000 l / h Machine was after overhaul at the manufacturer in operation never again. Included: -inlet and outlet valve system, - control cabinet with PLC SIEMENS S7, - tools, - many spare parts,. - Documentation
item-No.: 125443068
item-No.: 126786480
BN 18.500 €
used vacuum melting vessel for the processing of melted cheese. Currently still installed.
item-No.: 124972230
50.000 €
country-de DE
description:\nwith Siemens S 7 Control, 2 aggregates\n\noverhauled in 2014 and was one year in use.\n\nThe machine is adjusted for 0,25l and 0,33 l bottles, but other adjustments are certainly possible. \n\nTransport dimensions with electrical switchboard: L: 4,3 m / W: 3,8 m / H: 2,5 m / Weight 10 to.\n\nLabeller for line 5143\ncapacity:\n55.000 bph\n\nserial number:\n071-869\n\n\n\r\nBesides buying and selling of conveyors and machines our strength lies particularly in services and project planning, as for exam ...
item-No.: 126751039
100L jacketed kettle stainless, 100L scrape surface kettle, jacketed, adjustable temp control, side discharge, 3Ph,
item-No.: 124644405
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