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Category: 709
item-No.: 126885149
This machine is used to apply a cheese coating on cheese to influence the aging process. This is especially popular for mountain cheese. The machine is fully operational and in good condition.
Category: 109
item-No.: 126884694
Category: 409
item-No.: 126885125
5.000 GBP
Land-uk UK
Countec Silica Gel desiccant inserting machine. Machine size: 1000mm x 800mm x 1950mm high, approx weight 110kg
Category: 905
item-No.: 126884697
38.800 EU?
Land-pl PL
The machine is designed to clean grain for food. It has a manual (DTR).
Category: 402
item-No.: 126885119
12.000 GBP
Land-uk UK
Vertical case packer for small/medium sized products. Speed: up to 17 cases per minute depending on dimensions of products/containers. Precision shaping of cardboard/paperboard box (material: cardboard case, also known as American case), products (bottles, containers etc.) are fed into this machine via single lane slat conveyor and collated in 3x4, 4x4 etc. format (depending on bottle, container size). Pick and place mechanism (with arm) will then place products into already opened/erected box. Case closure is perf ...
Category: 209
item-No.: 126884701
6.900 EU?
Land-pl PL
The machine has two tables to the pallet nailing. While nailing pallets on one form, the personnel operating the machine are arranged to another pallet on the second form, and so alternately. Such a work system provides full use of the machine to operate. The using of the machine requires two employees.
Category: 408
item-No.: 126885107
1.998 €
Humboldt automatic strapping machine, model HU-601-D can be used for polypropylene tape with a width of 12 mm. Opening: Width x height in cm: 85 x 60 ï?· Automatic strap Threading ï?· Electronic voltage control ï?· Eject end ï?· ring eject when false strapping ï?· Roles in the table top for easy handling of the products ï?· wear-free mechanically-driven tape management system ï?· Electronic control including function contr ...
Category: 708
item-No.: 126884702
35.200 EU?
Land-pl PL
The machine is designed for grinding simple wooden elements placed in line.
Category: 409
item-No.: 126885104
4.000 GBP
Land-uk UK
Nordson Series 3100 hot melt applicator. Electric operation 3100V/200-240 AC, designed for high-line speeds. Controls melt adhesive flow to setpoint temperatures selected by the operator. System heat rate is 3.6kg/hour. Operating temperature range from 70 deg C to 230 deg C (max) with tank capacity of 3714ml/3.6kg. Featuring cast-in heaters and integral melting fins, the 3714ml tank provides efficient heat transfer and is PTFE coated for easy cleaning. Machine size approx. 595mm x 343mm x 697mm (max height). Machin ...
Category: 109
item-No.: 126884703
34.500 EU?
Land-pl PL
Plasma cutter AJAN SHP 260A is a numerically controlled oxygen sheet cutting device, using original cutting tools mounted on it, and can be gas and plasma tools. With these tools you can make straight cuts and linear cuts, according to programmed cutting programs or by manually controlling the cutting path. Condition of the equipment good.
Category: 403
item-No.: 126885102
4.950 GBP
Land-uk UK
Top label applicator designed to apply self-adhesive labels and booklet labels to the top of a range of flat packs. Recently used for blisters. Product (such as blisters etc.) are hand loaded into the automatic feeder and are then transported by the flighted belt conveyor to the ALS206 labeller. The product sensor signals the labeller to dispense a label onto the top face of the pack. The label is pressed down by means of a brush. Rollers are positioned above the flat pack to hold it down onto the conveyor while pr ...
Category: 903
item-No.: 126884705
24.950 EU?
Land-pl PL
Round balers are designed for bales of grass or hay. The picking of the spoil takes place from the swath with a pick-up and the machine is driven from the farm tractor via a power take-off. Complete machine in good condition.
Category: 410
item-No.: 126885098
We have a large selection of various used Norden parts including hot air nozzles and cooling rings, filling nozzles, tube tilters, cams, pistons and barrels and lots of tube holders in varying sizes. Please see the attached photos and feel free to send us an enquiry.
Category: 203
item-No.: 126884708
12.250 EU?
Land-pl PL
Bandsaw STENNER to cut veneers, fins and other wooden items. It has a mechanism for programming the thickness of the cut pieces.
Category: 705
item-No.: 126885096
8.750 GBP
Land-uk UK
Mettler-Toledo Garvens XS2 high speed checkweigher for continuous weighing and sorting. Capacity 0–400g. Operation from left to right with maximum through-put up to 65 weighings/minute for bottled liquids up to 120mm diameter. The electro-magnetic force weighing system is digital, temperature stable and is maintenance-free. The air reject station on the operator side operates at 4.8bar typically with air consumption at approx. 50 Ltrs/hour. All stainless steel construction with anodised aluminium conveyor parts a ...
Category: 705
item-No.: 126885090
22.000 GBP
Land-uk UK
Semi automatic production scale capsule filling machine. Low maintenance and cost effective filling with a reliable performance. Supplied with one set of size O change parts. Speed range: 14,000 to 22,000 capsules per hour. Table top pneumatic closing station. Easy auger adjustment to change fill weights. Capsule length adjustment. Large powder recovery station. Easy to remove rotary table and ring carrier assemblies. All contact services are made with FDA approved materials. Guards and proximity switch on closing  ...
Category: 108
item-No.: 126880132
current capacity: 20 kVA throat: 600 mm contact pressure capacity: 50 - 225 kp weight of the machine ca.: 310 kg can be inspected under power This ad was created with MODUL MWS - the software solution of LogoTech.
Category: 109
item-No.: 126885083
Number of machining stations: 12, tool diameter: 1.5-18mm, max. tool length: 50mm, connected load: 30kVA, length: 7830mm, width: 2000mm, height: 2530mm, weight: 2.8t.
Category: 107
item-No.: 126880134
200 €
plate thickness: 1,75 mm : 250 mm required power: 0,75 PS foot-operated incl. 1 set of bead rolls, 6 pairs This ad was created with MODUL MWS - the software solution of LogoTech.
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