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Belt vacuum machine
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We are the original

After several years of development, RESALE went online in 1996. So we are the oldest and first marketplace for used machinery all over the world. Since then we tracked the constant coming and going of various imitators There had been competitors who were in funds of way venture capital. With their huge workforce, they were able to acquire a lot of machinery items from the dealers. Finally they disappeared from the scene however as the high expenses could not be covered.

During the last couple of years there came a second wave of competitors into existence, who take care in acquiring machinery items for their marketplace less. They rather just copy our advertisements without any permission. Therefore we call on all sellers please to be careful to condone or even allow this procedure. Due to automatic softwares which are used for duplicating, a correct copy can not be ensured. Often there are published completely false technical details. This leads to confusion of possible buyers. If some competitors add a hidden commission, there are different prices for one machinery. Therefore we recommend to all prospective buyers to get in contact with the provider exclusively through RESALE. This way the payment of a hidden commission or an extra charge of other competitors can be avoided.

Our promise to you

Compared to contenders who aimed to turn a big score, our goal has been to be efficient. As we always keep down costs, we are able to grant you constantly favourable prices. Fees from existing customers have never been increased.You do not have to fear unpleasant suprises in terms of a drastic rise in prices.

Moreover we promise to develop our platform steadily. That is the place where our resources are invested. We are always busy with improving the range of functions and the visual representation of the website. Above all, the marketplace and the development of the web-based engine commerce in general, is close to our company’s founder and CEO’s heart, who is a mechinal engineer.