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Lab-Equipment (compl.) Lot for Calendering Prozess In total 43 pce different Devices and Machines , with following main Items a.o.: (8) Thermoforming Press (Bürkle, DE) (9) Zug-Dehnungs-Messung (CEAST/ZWICK), (10) Testing of Breaking Toughness (CEAST), (14) Spectrometer (Mulitlight, GB), (16) 2-Roller-Mill (Eichler, DE), (17) Lab-Extruder (Gottfert, DE), (26) Shore-Hardness Measuring Device, (Frank, DE), (29) Tension Measuring Device (Wolpert, DE), (35) Lab-Printing-Press (Saueressig, DE), different Weighing-De ...
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