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Category: 105
item-No.: 126869378
Sägeblattdurchm.: 370 mm Section rd.: 115 mm Total power: 3 KW / 380 V Machine weight: 500 kg Equipment / Accessories: div. replacement blade Roller conveyor MITRE All technical data are created according to our best knowledge and existing documents; Expressly reserved by mistake. Each party has the opportunity to test the machine before making a purchase in our factory under power.
Category: 201
item-No.: 126880020
serial number: VIN A585 Weight approx.: 1500 kg Dimensions (l x w x h) approx.: 8900 x 1500 x 1800 mm main motor: 6,5 kW Description: SALVADOR Super Push 200 Saw Saw diameter 500 mm, Saw hole diameter 35 mm, Max. rev speed 2880 r./min, Power supply 3~400V, 50 Hz, Machine installed power 6,5 kW
Category: 101
item-No.: 126869324
Manufacturer: Alzmetall Model: GS 1000-5T Built in 2007 Control: HEIDENHAIN iTNC 530 Traverse path x/Y/Z [mm]: 800/800/600 Speed [RPM]: 18,000 Spindle: Technology: motor spindle Speed: 18,000 rpm Power: 40 kW Torque: 140 NM Tool holder: HSK A63 Implementation of media: Air / Coolant NC rotary table: A-axis: +/-120 °, 0.001 ° resolution Drive: Tandem, 2 x torque motors C-axis: 360 °, 0.001 ° resolution Propulsion: 1 x torque motor Clamping surface: 630 mm Table load: 1,000 kg Workpiece gl ...
Category: 107
item-No.: 126880053
used machinery auction RESALE 27.300 €
Land-de DE
Weight approx.: 1200 kg Dimensions (l x w x h) approx.: 1050 x 2250 x 1860 mm Description: GSW RMA 16/118 Straightening Machine. Machine no.: M 2014-00539, passage width max. 160 mm, strip thickness 1,0 up to 5,0 mm, strip cross section max. 160 x 4,0 mm, high edge up to 50 x 5,0 mm, material strength 520 N/mm², diameter of straightening roller 80 mm, distance between straightening rollers 130 mm, 11 straightening rollers, out-feed roller diameter 80 mm, 2 out-feed rollers, passage height over floor approx. 1200 m ...
Category: 1900
item-No.: 126869322
750 €
SyMa rear projection wall 244x255x100cm SyMa S30 Fully detachable rear projection wall on the basis of the SyMa system S30 with dimensions of 244x255x100cm. Aluminium profiles be dismantled with hardboard panels Does not include rear projection film. The offer is aimed exclusively to commercial customers. It's used equipment without warranty and return policy. The buyer takes over the equipment in the State, as he visited it for pick up or delivery and checked and checked also the completeness of any acces ...
Category: 102
item-No.: 126880059
used machinery auction RESALE 4.900 €
Land-de DE
Weight approx.: 5200 kg Dimensions (l x w x h) approx.: 3500 x 1700 x 1700 mm Description: Sliding bed lathe geometrically revised in 1998. - Digital display is missing, but 3 length measuring systems installed - Forkardt 3-jaw chuck 315mm - Coolant device Circulation diameter 800 mm Center height 400 mm Turning diameter over support 340 mm Turning diameter in the crank 1400 mm Turning length 1500 mm Speed range 4 - 710 rpm Tailstock mount MK 5 Total power requirement 11 kW Machine weight approx. 5.2 t Space requir ...
Category: 1900
item-No.: 126869318
150 €
Universal wall system of by SyMa (System S30) Quickly installed and due to the extensive range of component of the system is easy to expand. We offer hardly used screens amounting to 255 cm Description: Wall consists of 2 x frames 30x30x253cm three-sided grooved 2 x guide rails for depositing slabs 1 x cross frame 104x3x20cm 1 x cross frame 104x3x6cm 2 x wall feet round The sale takes place plates and the decoration without the printed on the enclosed images On request it is also still a double ...
Category: 207
item-No.: 126879942
used machinery auction RESALE 4.000 €
Land-de DE
serial number: 0-261-03-8744 Weight approx.: 1200 kg Dimensions (l x w x h) approx.: 4600 x 1300 x 1700 mm feed: 11 m/min edge thickness: 0,4 - 8 mm workpiece thickness: 8 - 50 mm gluing unit: Quick Melt-Verleimteil für Schmelzkleber snipping unit: 2 Motoren je 0,27 kW, 200 Hz, 12.000 U/m rough trimming unit: 2 Motoren je 0,27 kW, 200 Hz, 12.000 U/m fine trimming unit: 2 Motoren je 0,35 kW, 200 Hz, 12.000 U/m flat scraping unit: ja/ yes edge buffing unit: 2 Motoren je 0,09 kW workpiece width min.: 70 mm Descriptio ...
Category: 107
item-No.: 126869307
Technical data: -Flat steel scissor cuts up to 300 x 20 mm 375 x 15 mm -Shear - cut L steel at 90 to 120 x 12 mm Rod steel scissors - cut steel up to 45 mm Square steel up to 45 mm -Notching device - with square Notchers 45 x 90 x 10 mm -Hole punch - punching power 600 KN -with stop table - throat 320 mm -Max stroke length 55 mm -punches in steel up to 26 mm Ã? 20 mm 57 mm Ã? 10 mm -Coordinate table with stops -E. contact stop -Drive 400 V / 4  ...
Category: 102
item-No.: 126877891
turning diameter over bed:1600 mm turning diameter over slide rest:1200 mm turning length:2000 mm turning diameter in the gap:2500 mm max. workpiece weight between centres:8000 kg main drive:37 kW spindle turning speed range:2 - 140 U/min faceplate diameter:1600 mm weight of the machine ca.:15,5 t total power requirement:45 kW dimensions of the machine ca.:6,5 x 3,5 x 2,8 m heavy duty lathe with separate headstock - digital readout for 3 axis - thyristor controled main drive motor - self feed for top slide
Category: 104
item-No.: 126869246
Rosler complete plant. Machine is hardly used! Is uninstalled!
Category: 702
item-No.: 126876695
ok for assembling with a silo system\r\ninput from the silo d 300 mm\r\ninput clap pneumatic controlled\r\n
Category: 805
item-No.: 126869235
HEIDELBERG SM74-5H(52 x 74cm), Age c.2010, serial no.DS000515, circa 87 million, Press Centre, Alcolor, Autoplate, HydroStar CAN- Technotrans beta d. Air cooled, Alcosmart, Preset, De-ionised air blast at feed, Eltex antistatic bar in feeder, Heidelberg Scrollstar, Heidelberg DryStar CAN - two lamp system, Heidelberg Powderstar, Steel plate in feeder and delivery, Programmable wash of inking/ blanket and impression cylinder via Press Center.
Category: 702
item-No.: 126876465
computer-controlled, 24 diff. programs, 2 speeds, laminating, dividing and moulding combined in one machine,\r\ndougweight range 65 - 800 gr., cap. 750 - 6300 p./h\r\nproducing of soft- and hard dough, f.e. ciabatta, baguette\r\naccessories: 2 four cylinder-moulders\r\nincl. extender to mould extra-long
Category: 806
item-No.: 126869227
HEIDELBERG CD74-6LX-F(60 x 74cm), Age c.2002, serial no.450176, circa 144 million, F- format press, CP2000, Alcolor with Vario Damping, Autoplate, Preset, Extended delivery, Anti-static in feeder, Intercom, Ultrasonic 2 sheet detector, Technotrans Beta C combined recirc/refrig/ ink temp control - air cooled, Alcosmart AZR, Tresu cameracle coater, Heidelberg drystar 2000 IR dryer, Steel plate in feeder/delivery, Grafix exatronic powder spray, Heidelberg Airstar, Venturi air guide system, Non stop feeder, Non stop  ...
Category: 702
item-No.: 126876495
3 decks (with steam) 580 x 780 mm,\r\n1,44 qm, electric, assembled on a steel plate\r\nelectrical power: 380 V, 50 cycles
Category: 808
item-No.: 126869225
HEIDELBERG XL75-8P-LX-C(52 x 75cm), Age c.2009, serial no.LS000350, circa 108 million, 15,000 SPH, Perfector 4/4 and 8/0, Press Centre, Presscenter color assistant, Presscenter Instant Gate, Wall Screen, INPRESS control x 2, Autoplate XL- Simultaneous plate changer, Preset, Automatic pallet adjustment in feeder, Alcosmart AZR, Alcolor Vario dampening system, Automatic perfecting change-over system, Technotrans Beta C ref/circ with ink temp control (water cooled), Technotrans Beta F filtration system, Programable r ...
Category: 702
item-No.: 126876247
computer control, baking-chamber for 1 rack\r\nrotating rack, for plates 580 x 780 mm\r\ncomplete assembled loaded\r\n
Category: 808
item-No.: 126869223
HEIDELBERG XL105-8P5(75 x 105cm), Age c.2012, serial no.FS0001393, circa 163 million, 15,000 SPH Perfecting Speed, Prinect Press Centre with 12.5M extended cables, Autoplate XL- Simultaneous plate changer, Prinect INPRESS control x2, Hycolor, Package IPA free, Wall Screen, Alcolor Vario dampening system, Eltex anti-static in feeder, Preset PLUS Feeder with non stop (prepared for Cutstar), Preset Plus non-stop Delivery, Ultrasonic two sheet detection, Combistar Pro combined refrigeration/ ink temp control (Water-Co ...
Category: 702
item-No.: 126876769
planetary-mixer, fabr. REGO, type PM140 E, 140 l, \r\nvariabel speed, microprocessor controlled\r\nbowl lifting and lowering electric\r\naccessories: 1 bowl stainless steel, 140 l --new--\r\n 1 whip stainless steel --new--\r\n 1 flat beater\r\n 1 doughhook
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