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SyMa rear projection wall 244x255x100cm SyMa S30 Fully detachable rear projection wall on the basis of the SyMa system S30 with dimensions of 244x255x100cm. Aluminium profiles be dismantled with hardboard panels Does not include rear projection film. The offer is aimed exclusively to commercial customers. It's used equipment without warranty and return policy. The buyer takes over the equipment in the State, as he visited it for pick up or delivery and checked and checked also the completeness of any acces ...
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Fensterbaumaschine\r\nFabrikat: SAC\r\nTyp: F.4S\r\nBaujahr: 1993 \r\n\r\nBestehend aus:\r\n\r\nMotorisch angetriebener Rolltisch-Zapfen-Schlitzen und Ablängen\r\nTischabmessung: 290 x 900 mm\r\nVorschubgeschwindigkeit: 4 -16 m/min\r\nMotorstärke: 0,4 - 1,3 PS\r\nSchrägstellung des Anschlages +60 / -60\r\nSplitterholz mit automatischem Positionswechsel \r\n\r\nAblängsäge\r\nMotorstärke: 4 PS\r\nSägeblatt Ø: 400 mm\r\nMotordrehzahl 2.800 UpM\r\nSägeblattbohrung: 30 mm\r\nSchnitthöhe: 90 mm\r\n\r\n1 Präzis ...
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Technical data: -Flat steel scissor cuts up to 300 x 20 mm 375 x 15 mm -Shear - cut L steel at 90 to 120 x 12 mm Rod steel scissors - cut steel up to 45 mm Square steel up to 45 mm -Notching device - with square Notchers 45 x 90 x 10 mm -Hole punch - punching power 600 KN -with stop table - throat 320 mm -Max stroke length 55 mm -punches in steel up to 26 mm Ã? 20 mm 57 mm Ã? 10 mm -Coordinate table with stops -E. contact stop -Drive 400 V / 4  ...
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General data Reference number: 3623 Manufacturer: Sigfried Theimer Type: Spektra proof type 2151 . No.: 94020256 Year of construction: 1994 Shipping time: Immediately Facilities: Weight: approx. 50 kg Size: 55B x79T x 95 H cm Power supply: 230 V Power consumption: Unspecified The field: 58 x 43, 5 Pneumatic frame: Yes Program: Yes High pressure mercury vapor lamp: scattering film: Elektrich
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Description: Convincing results through sophisticated system To achieve professional results, we have adapted the connective system binding OMATIC solution - it recognizes the sessions of coding. All bind OMATIC kits are equipped with patented glue with book binding cloth reinforcement. Exact A4 size and perfect folds make the work easier: no cumbersome trimming and always clean contours. Standard folder Our standard solution with cardboard backing and PET film front are available in three versions: Classic -  ...
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used machinery auction RESALE 800 €
Land-de DE
Dimensions (l x w x h) approx.: 1330 x 880 x 825 mm Description: In this sandblasting cabin is included as standard. Front loader with two gas springs blasting gun 4-piece nozzle set Set Gloves. lighting Set protective films Foot pedal. pressure regulator Extraction system microfilter. original packed Inner dimensions 1170 x 880 x 825 mm Operating pressure 8 bar Dimensions L x W x H 1.33 x 1.24 x 1.7 m Machine weight about 0.16 t
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Film dampening system Cooling unit: TECHNOTRANS Combicontrol with a separate transformer Semi-automatic plate change Mobile numbering and perforating unit without air compressor perfekting out of operation Div. spare rolls
Category: 109
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used machinery auction RESALE 650 €
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Dimensions (l x w x h) approx.: 1220 x 930 x 1700 mm Description: In this sandblasting cabin is included as standard: Front loader with two gas springs. blasting gun 4-piece nozzle set set gloves lighting Set protective films Foot pedal. pressure regulator Extraction system microfilter original packaging Inner dimensions 1170 x 580 x 580 mm Operating pressure from 2.2 to 5.5 bar Dimensions L x W x H 1.22 x 0.93 x 1.7 m Machine weight about 0.15 t
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163 million print Prinect ClassicCenter Heidelberg PressControl Heidelberg suctionfeeder electron. pull lay control Easyplate Alcolor film dampening with Baldwin BasicLiner Automatic ink-roller wash-up device Blanket Wash unit over PressControl Powder unit Grafix Alphatronic 200 Basic preparation for numbering system surfaced enhanced Blanket and Impression cylinder Transfer drum I and III with color-repellent TransferJacket Plus Sheet decurler sheet slow down device
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used machinery auction RESALE 5.000 €
Land-it IT
Weight approx.: 6000 kg Dimensions (l x w x h) approx.: 15000 x 6000 x 2700 mm Description: Line composed of: 1 wrapping machine mod COMPACT150/4R, serial number C4GB1920001, year 2001, installed power 7,6 KW, 1 oven model TUNNEL500XL, (year 2001), serial number T500192001, installed power 60 KW. Max operating size 1300 x 700 mm, with 3 motorized belts, belt width 1300 mm, length 2800 mm, with a triple belt, belts width 440 mm, 130 mm and 440 mm. Electric cables to overhaul
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item-No.: 126762898
Voltage: 3Ph + N + E, 400±10% Frequency: 50 ± 1% Hz Installed capacity: 14.5 kW Nominal current: 27 A Compressed air supply: 6 bar Weight (machine): 1600 kg Condition: like new Availability: as of now Minimum cross section cable (copper): 4 mm2 SPECIFIC FILM PROPERTIES Material: Polypropylene (PP) Maximum diameter of the Folienpule: 350 mm Maximum width of the foil reel: 920 mm
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used machinery auction RESALE 9.000 €
Land-it IT
Weight approx.: 3200 kg Dimensions (l x w x h) approx.: 13500 x 2400 x 2000 mm Description: Serial number 0579, max operating width 1300 mm Composed of: 1 parcels wrapping machine with a choice of 2 reels, 1 transfer length 2850 mm, 1 shrink-wrapping film furnace, 1 roller conveyor with metal rollers, length 2900 mm Loading dimension: - 1 roller conveyor 1800 x 3000 x 850 mm - 1 electric control panel 1200 x 500 x 1200 mm - 1 parcels wrapping machine 1500 x 2600 x 2000 mm - 1 transfer 3000 x 1800 x 600 mm - 1 oven ...
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Stretch film wrapping machine - 710 with Decoiling device and turntable for sale - year 1995 - type serial number 956419-002, DM 160 cm, height 240 cm - 1.28 KW,. 505 kg - manufacturer Masku Finland, fully functional - tested at the factory A-6250 Kundl,
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Product description according to the manufacturer: Pallet Supply The unit is equipped with a pallet lift with a range segment. There is also a manual supply and disposal of the machine with pallets (for example, with electric pallet truck, ant, etc.) from three sides possible. In this case, a ceiling height of 3 m is sufficient. Construction year: NEW zero operating hours Container processing: Processed are container without film such as Folding cartons, boxes with loose lids or trays with and without cov ...
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High precision film cutter Horst Kieper Model 537 Year ± 1985 Size 46 cm Function film cutter with light table and rotatary cutting wheel Available direct
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working pressure: 6 bar,workpiece height max.: ohne Tisch: 350 mm,workpiece height max.: mit Tisch: ca.150 mm,vacuum pump: 300 m³/h,foil width: ca.800 mm,control: Siemens S5,connected load: 119 kVA,total power requirement: 119 kVA,weight of the machine ca.: ca. 9,5 t,space requirements of the machine approx.: L:11,0xB:6,0xH:4,8 m,THERMO FORMING MACHINE for vacuum forming and laminating of interior paneling in vehicle construction with films and textiles. To this Machine can also be additionally offered Laminating  ...
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Working width: 200-1150mm, cut off length: 80-800mm, film thickness: 2x 0.012-0.15mm, max. speed: 76m/min, compressed air supply: 6bar, compressed air consumption: 250l/min, cooling water consumption: 2l/min, connected load: 25kW, including accessories, available after November 2018.
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used machinery auction RESALE 100 €
Land-de DE
Weight approx.: 300 kg Dimensions (l x w x h) approx.: 2500 x 2400 x 2200 mm Description: With 2 vices, worktop 1010 x 1570 mm, working height approx. 800 x 18 mm, solid material, partition with protective film LANSARC ARC WELDING
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