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Make Reifenhauser Year 1996 Materials PS and PP Max Sheet Width Approx 750 mm Max PS Output 650 kg/hour Thickness Range 0.9 - 2.0 mm Main Vented Extruder RH801-1-100-33V Main Vented Extruder Diameter 100 mm Vented Co-Extruder RH241-1-50-30V Vented Co-Extruder Diameter 50 mm Calendar Rolls Width 900 mm Calendar Roll Diameter 1 x 300 mm / 2 x 500 mm Edge Trim Grinder Rapid 2036-KURF Winder Type Jumbo rolls Winder Roll Diameter 2010 mm Power 3x400V 50Hz All details are subject to change and/or errors ...
Category: 302
item-No.: 122971561
foil width: 1000 mm This ad was created with MODUL MWS - the software solution of LogoTech.
Category: 302
item-No.: 126219697
Make Battenfeld Year 1981 Materials PS and PP Flat Head Die Width 900 mm Max Output 350 kg/hour Main Extruder Diameter 120 mm Co-Extruder 1 Diameter 75 mm Co-Extruder 2 Diameter 50 mm Calendar Rolls Width TBC All details are subject to change and/or errors. All equipment is subject to availability and/or prior sale.
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Sold in one lot with Extrusion Line Z10a 4251 (Johnson-Spaten)Extrusionlines with Co-extrusion for production of ABS, EPDM & PE plates---Co-extrusion of plates with different top & bottom layer----Max Extrusion width: 1650 mm, thickness: 15 mm----Total production in 1 year (2 lines) = 1.700.000kgs----Davis-Standard:1) Main extruder Typ 45 IN 45 HT Motor: 187.5 kW @ 380V Cap: 15000W-----2) 2 x Co-extruders 15-IN-20 Cap: Motor:-----3) Extrusion Head width 2000 mm-----4) Roll + Inclination Roll with Cooler (Ro ...
Category: 302
item-No.: 125761860
Dr.COLLIN 3 LAYERS EXTRUSION LINE screw diameters 30-45-30 mm 25 L/D n.5 nozzles available diam.: 40-60-90-115-130 mm blow ratio: 1.27 – 1.75 film width: 85 – 200 mm film thickness: 150 – 250 Micron haul off core diameter: 152 mm winder: Z speed of haul off / winder: 5 – 22 m/min web tension: automatically worked hours: 57800 construction year 1996 blow bubble cooling with water automated throughput control
Category: 302
item-No.: 3791152
PE, PP, DC-drive, first extruder 90mm, Co-extruder Weber, Co-Ex pipe head 20-160mm, vacuum cooling bath (6m), 4 belts pipe puller (20-250mm), pipe saw (up to 160mm), incl. 1 set pipe dies and calibration
Category: 302
item-No.: 124487718
Extrusionline for Multilayer-Film Screw diameter: 105 mm / 75 mm Ratio L/D: 33 Drive Capacity: 55 kW /22 kW Film-Width, max.:800 mm Flim-Thickness: 0,1 bis 2 mm Raw-Material Dosing Units, Main-Extruder ((D=105 mm, LD=33), Sive-Filter-Changer (hydraul.), Co-Extruder (D=75 mm LD=33), Flat-Die, 3-Rollers Kalander (d=415 mm), Edge-Cutting Divice, Embossing-Unit, Cooling Range, 2-Turret Rewinder (D=500 mm). Co-Extruder Multilayer-Film made by PP-PS-PE.
Category: 303
item-No.: 3791156
16 stations, linear oven, 16 heating modules, PLC control, incl. preform feeder, chiller. Compressor and mould sets against surplus price.
Category: 709
item-No.: 124472196
Product number: 1218 Type: 891 Serial number: 891 0154 Year of construction: 2004 Power: 3 x 400V, 50Hz, 0.6A Dimensions: 750 x 400 x 1500 mm Device for filled meat-, fish- or potato products Connected to 2 pcs. vacuumfillers
Category: 302
item-No.: 3791198
PE, PP, ABS, DC-drive, co extruder Battenfeld 75mm, melting pump, screen changer, co-ex-block, die 1650mm, chill roll polishing unit with 2 rolls, cooling unit, puller, double winder, edge trim, side stripe grinder, 2 cooling units
Category: 302
item-No.: 124328320
N umber of available extruder: 2, screw diameter: 45mm, screw length: 24 D, year of construction machine 1/ 2: 1982/ 1990, K45-24D with co-extruder.
Category: 302
item-No.: 3791202
PE, PP, main extruder 75mm Ø, Co-extruder 60mm Ø, Co-Ex block, die, Chill-Roll polishing unit with 2 rolls, cooling unit, puller, winder, side stripe cutting
Category: 302
item-No.: 124104205
GHIOLDI BLOWN FILM CO-EXTRUSION LINE Construction year 2007, completely reconditioned in 2013. Including: N. 2 extruders diam. mm.55, 78 kW 30 L/D N. 1 extruder diam.75 mm. 142 kW, 30 L/D n. 3 lever type screen changers Melt control system 3-layers still die mm.300 gap. mm.1,4 IBC cooling system AM500/2 dual flow cooling ring 2 temperature exchange batteries electrical cabinets with Mitzubishi inverters Oscillating pull-off system width mm.1700, working width mm.1600 FIFE web guider mm.1700 Bubble dr ...
Category: 301
item-No.: 3791206
Take-off system SERVO IV, TPS robot TRT-M4-72-E, 72 cavities (4-steps), including take-off set, mould MHT 72 cavities, 30,6 gr., PCO 1881, conveyor LT/h 1825, dosing system Motan-Minicolor-PET, dehumidifyer
Category: 709
item-No.: 123984792
Product number: 1193 QX co-extrusion system for cooked/smoked sausages Serial number: J-7173-000 Year of construction: 2001 Consisting of - Collagen stuffer - QX co-extrusion unit (3-lane) - in-line mixing unit - brining unit - extended brining unit - brine circulation unit - crimping unit (3-lane) - transfer unit - belts & conveyors
Category: 302
item-No.: 3791218
PC, PE, PP, PS, ABS, DC-motor, venting, vacuum pump, main extruder Breyer Ø 120mm, Co-extruder Omipa Ø 45mm, melt pump, Co-Ex block, die 1775mm, Reifenhäuser polishing stack GKT 1800 with mit 3 new polishing rolls 1800xØ400mm, side cutting with hotknife, 6m cooling stack, 2-rolls haul-off Reifenhäuser, Guillotine, outfeed-table, new Siemens S7 + Plama Plexcon central control
Category: 302
item-No.: 105270715
Co-Extrusion-Line for Barrier-Film (LDPE, EVA, PA) Material Width, max.: 800 mm Rewinder, D max.: 800 mm Speed, max.: 80 m/min Srew Diameter: 4 x 45 mm Screw length L/D: 27 D The line consits of 4x Extruders for 5-layer Barrier-Film (A-B-C-B-D), with automatic controll for Area Weight, Film-Thickness (µm) each layer, capacity (kg/h), Film-Width, Adapter, rotating Nozzle Head, 5-Layer-Tool, Cooling-Ring, Cooling-Tower, Corona-Treatment-Unit, Tension-Unit wiht Fife-Edge-Control, Edge ...
Category: 302
item-No.: 3791222
incl. hydraulic station (1,5kW pump)
Category: 302
item-No.: 68757960
Extrusion line for PS/PP & PETG thermoforming film Motan dryer Main extruder screw diameter of 90 mm and 30 LD Co-extruder diameter 45 mm 3 roller calender diameter of 510 mm and 900 mm width Nozzle width 840 mm Cooling section Shoulder blades and rollers 2 rubber rollers decrease Mahachon double rewinder with Hydraulig aggregate Output approx. 300 kg / h PS with 90% regrind
Category: 302
item-No.: 3791229
PE, PP, PS, ABS, main extruder 115 mm, co-Extruder 64mm, melt pump with controls, hydr. Screenchanger, co-ex block (suitable for 3 extruders), co-ex die 1200mm, 3 rolls polishing stack 1200 x Ø 500mm, antistatic-bath, side stripe cutting, puller, Menzel 2 station winders
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