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Fiamma Forni Biscuit line Hard & Soft Biscuit line. - YOM 1996 but complete rebuilt in 2010 . - 1000 mm working width. - For all kind of biscuits, also filled and wire cut biscuits Consisting of: - Part 1: Sugar mill plant - with Cristall sugar Tank in Inox and integraded double scew conveyor - Double screw conveyor connected with Sugar mill for Powder sugar - connected with Powder sugar cyclon tank and dust extraction - connected with suction station on the plattform over the Mixer - with pl ...
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turning diameter: mm turning length: mm control: --------------------------------------------------: BASIC FUNCTIONS: - number of spindles: 2 - number of turrets: 2 - live positions: yes: - number of c-axes: 2 WORKING RANGE TURNING: - bar diameter (max): 60 mm MAIN SPINDLE: - spindle revolutions (max): 6000 /min - continuous speed variation: yes: - drive power S6 40%: 29 kW - drive power S6 40%: 20 kW - spindle torque S6 40%: 140 Nm - drive power S6 60%: 95 kW - spindle diamete ...
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Format(mm): 350 x 500 Link to the movie: abcs://youtu.be/UvcHJSDa2XU Equipment: 2 x towers VAC 100 a + c (10 stations) SUB ACCUMULATOR SA-40 STACK DROP TABLE ST-40 ENERGIZER & FOLDING UNIT ACF STITCHING UNIT SPF-30 THREE KNIFE TRIMMER HTS-30 TB-30 vacuum dust extraction Small-format Setup Double benefit Setup 2xRingösenköpfe / 2xstandart heads
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turning diameter over bed:850 mm turning diameter over slide rest:510 mm turning length:3000 mm with powered upper support: travel of cross-slide cross:600 mm movement of the upper support:250 mm bed width:600 (Monoblock) mm spindle bore:100 mm spindle nose:DIN 55029 Größe11 spindle taper:Ø120mm/Konus 1:20 spindle speeds:5~630 1/min metric threading:56,1~120 mm feeds - longitudinal:0,08~9,6 mm/min feeds - cross:0.04~4,8 mm/min rapid traverse longitudinal and cross:3640/1800 mm/min tailstock quill diameter:120 mm ...
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Land-be BE
corpus press GRANNOMAT Concept 70 type 721, year: 2005, s/n: 137 583, 400 V, 16 A, dimensions approximately: 2, 750 x 1550 mm, depth 700 mm, with entry table, returned rollensysteem, machine dimensions excluding feeding table approximately 4 x 1 m, For sale by online auction: Due to discontinuation activities amongst: HOLZ-HER LUMINA AUTOMATIC 1584, HOLZ-HER PROMASTER 7018K, HOLZ-HER Cut 85 type 6210 Start 17-AUG-2018 10:00 End date 27-AUG-2018 14:00 Lots 28 Location Wilrijk, Antwerpen Viewing locat ...
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X-axis (column, long): 650 mm,y-axis: vert. 270 mm,z-axis: quer 270 mm,workpiece dimensions max.: Dm=300 mm,table - swiveable: 175 Grad,Table dimensions: 1200x280 mm,control: Helitronic Cip4,max. dia. of grinding wheel: 200 mm,tool taper: SK50,rpm spindle (continous): 3500-4500,6000-9000 U/min,interface: RS 232 Interface,grinding head - swivable: horiz. 220 °,grinding head - swivable: vert. 360 °,centre height: 154 mm,total power requirement: 23,0 kW,weight of the machine ca.: 3,0 t,dimensions electric cabinet Lx ...
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x-travel:3000 mm y-travel:1200 mm z-travel:1000 mm rapid power traverse in X-and Z direction:15/10 m/min milling feed range:2 - 5.000 mm/min table-size:3500x1100 mm workpiece weight:8000 kg drive capacity - spindle motor:29,6 kW spindle cone:50 ISO spindle turning speed range:20-3000 U/min dimensions of the machine ca.:7.700 x 4.467 x 2.900 m weight of the machine ca.:20 t CNC controller: HEIDENHAIN TNC-426-PB universal milling head:manuell : Overhauled universal milling machine Correa A30 with Heidenhain control. ...
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Description Brand JBI Model PB3300 ID 7221 Status Active Price 1.500 € + VAT Location Buz?u (RO) Punching and binding machine James Burn International PB3300. Pedal switch, 2 dies, one round and the other one square. Maximum width: 330 mm. Demo video made by JBI: abcs://abc.youtube.com/watch?v=-47y2fyLU_8 ExWorks. Price is negotiable. Contact Tel.: +40-359/175.575 Fax: +40-259/426.248 Mobil: +40-743/177.040 ; +40-740/221.698 Technical inspection can be organized at least 24 hrs before th ...
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turning diameter:50 mm turning length:40 mm control:Fanuc Oi-TF (8,4 \'\' LCD-Monitor) greates pass round over bed:230 mm Bar capacity:26 mm chuck:100 mm (pneumatisch) mm spindle speeds:6000 1/min spindle nose:A2-4 spindle drive:3.7/5.5 KW (Fanuc ?3/10000i) spindle bearing diameter:70 mm rapid power traverse in X-and Z direction:30 m/min travel -x axis:220 mm travel - z:220 mm Machine size (LxWxH):1370x1630x1750 mm hydraulic motor:0,75 kW hydraulic pump:30 L/min coolant system:100 L 3-jaw hydraulic chuck: heat exch ...
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Automatic CIP Line Simonazzi Autosan R4 – refurbished 2018 This fully automatic CIP line was made by Simonazzi in year 2005 and it was totally refurbished in March 2018. All pumps, valves and instruments are thoroughly maintained, PLC controls was build totally new with Siemens Simatic S7 and touch screen operation. Equipment is today close to new condition. It has 4 x 6 m3 vertical tanks, two washing circuits, both with tube type steam heat exchangers and pumps frequency controlled. In addition, the system h ...
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:TH-1000 | TH-1250 | TH-1600 grinding diameter:1000 | 1250 | 1600 mm grinding length:3000/4000/5000/6000/8000/10000/12000/14000/16000 mm swing diameter:1000 | 1250 | 1600 mm workpiece weight max.:20 t zwischen Spitzen max. workpiece weight:25 t mit Lünetten | 25-60 t mit Lünetten | 25-60 t mit Lünetten grinding diameter min/max:75-1000 | 150-1250 | 250-1600 mm dimensions of grinding wheel:915x100x304.8 (Option1060x150x508) mm traverse- head stock:quer: 550 | quer: 780 | quer: 910 mm feeding of spindle:0.001 mm c ...
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Filling line for CSD, Still Beverages and Water in PET 15000 bph This line has been filling still and carbonated water and soft drinks into PET bottles. The line was installed in 2005 and has been out of operation for one year. The equipment is in good condition and is a complete line from blow molding to palletizing, except for the pasteurizer which the owner has reserved for himself. The mixer includes a Velcorin dosation, and the filler features a liquid nitrogen injection. The line is currently installed a ...
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:FB-130 | FB-160 spindle diameter:130 | 160 mm x-travel:4000/6000/8000/10000/12000/14000/16000 mm y-travel:2000/3000 mm z-axis:800 | 900 mm w-axis:800 | 1000 mm spindle cone:SK 50 spindle speed max.:2~1500 | 2~1250 U/min spindle drive:37 | 74 kW max. torque of milling spindle:3460 | 6850 Nm max. torque on the spindle:2500 | 5000 Nm feeds:X/Y/Z/W: 8/8/6/6 | X/Y/Z/W: 6/6/3/1.5 m/min rapid speed:X/Y/Z/W: 8/8/6/6 | X/Y/Z/W: 6/8/5/4 m/min cross section of ram:380x420 | 440x480 mm milling spindle quill diameter:221,44 |  ...
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Shrink Wrapping Machine Dimac Star F30, 30.000 bph This shrink wrapping machine was made by Dimac in 2003. It currently packs both cans and PET bottles. Machine sorts loose bottles in designed format and wraps them in shrink foil. The equipment is in good condition and will be available in the beginning of December. Manufacturer: Dimac Spa, Italy Type: Star F 30 B.I. Year: 2003 Capacity: up to 30.000 bph Serial no: A40 1369 Pack configurations: 2x2, 3x2, 4x3 (0.33 ltr cans) 2x2, 3x2 (1. ...
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:TH-200 | TH-250| TH-300 grinding diameter:2000 | 2500 | 3000 mm grinding length:3000/4000/5000/6000/8000/10000/12000/14000/16000 mm swing diameter:2000 | 2500 | 3000 mm workpiece weight max.:25 t zwischen Spitzen max. workpiece weight:120 t mit Lünetten grinding diameter min/max:250-2000 | 300-2500 | 350-3000 mm dimensions of grinding wheel:915x100x304.8 (Option1060x150x508) mm traverse- head stock:quer: 910 mm feeding of spindle:0.001 mm cross feed autom.:3000 mm/min grinding spindle speed:500~1500 U/min travers ...
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Filling Machine Procomac Fillstar 50-60-10 for PET bottles This PET bottle filling machine was made by Italian Procomac in 1995. It is a complete filling and capping station with nominal capacity of 15.000 bph in 1.5 liter bottles and it is suitable for carbonated and non carbonated water and soft drinks. It has neck handling. The equipment becomes available in the beginning of 2018 and can be seen in operation before that. English version of operation manuals and spare part books available. Technical char ...
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faceplate diameter:1250 mm turning diameter:2000 mm turning length:700 mm spindle bore:155 mm spindle nose:A2-11 spindle speeds:40-400 1/min spindle drive:30 kW travel -x axis:1200 mm travel - z:700 mm servo motor X-axis:?22/3000i 3.0kw servo motor Z-axis:?22/3000i 3.0kw kw rapid power traverse in X-and Z direction:6/8 m/min weight of the machine ca.:6 t dimensions of the machine ca.:3300x2200x2500 mm CNC controller:Fanuc 0i TF mit manual guide : automatic lubrication system: Machine semi-cover: frequency control m ...
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Depalletizing Station Kettner with two depalletizer and pallet handling system This depalletizing station was built in two phases by Krones Kettner, glass bottle depalletizer in 1998 and can depalletizer in 2002 with fully automated pallet handling system. Both depalletizers can be modified for other container types. Full can pallet carton corner frame has been manually removed. Both lines include pallet infeed and outfeed roller conveyors, container outfeed belt conveyors and pallet magazines. Empty pallet sy ...
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faceplate diameter:4000 mm swing diameter:7500 mm turning height:5500 mm spindle drive:11,5/ 75/ 75 kW Travel of ram (horiz.):3850 mm ram swivable +/-:+/- 30º Cross rail travel :4500 mm table rotation speed:0,71- 15/16- 60 U/min max. table load:63000 kg max. torque on the faceplate:133 KNm CNC controller:Fagor 8055 4-jaw independent chuck: Tool setter: air conditioner for cabinet: Used CNC Vertical Turret Lathe (overhauled in 2012). Further technical data and accessories, as defined in Appendix. Warranty: no Tak ...
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