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item-No.: 127566857
Used crushers Fabr. KRUPP For the disintegration of bricks and limestone Up to 300 t / h / measurement material 100-120 t / h Task grain size: Mixed debris, 0-to 900 mm edge length
item-No.: 127566855
Used complete silo system for aggregates and binders Incl. feeder belts, dispensing tapes, and Binder snails Aggregate silo Fabr. SHORT, with canopy _____________________________________________ completely screwed 3 PCs. 2-Chamber silos, about 70 cbm per Chamber 2 PCs. 1-Chamber silos, about 140 cbm per silo Binder silos ________________ 3 silos of â 64 cbm 1 silo 38 cbm
item-No.: 127553166
Complete plant / stone fabrication Fabr. LOCKSMITH SV 400 for the production of H-block and full block stones Fabr. LOCKSMITH SV 400 ---------------------- Consisting of: -Mixing plant locksmith -Stone pavers locksmith SV 400 -Incl. 29 forms (full - and H-block) 11,5er, 17,5er, 24, 30, 36,5er, and 42,5er Sheet size: 1400 x 600 mm ------------------------- Complete circulation, consisting of: --------------------------------- -Hub Manager -Platform -Curing Chambers -Countersunk he ...
item-No.: 127552758
one used WAFIOS R51 straightening and cutting machine for 6.0mm to 12.0mm ribbed wire 12,000 mm bench with pay-off for spools
item-No.: 127537130
one used cold rolling line TEUREMA for cold drawn and ribbed wire from 5.5 to 14, 0 mm inlet and 4.0 to 12, 0 mm outlet the machine includs: 2 No. Cool of tiltable pay-offs pay-off weight: 3000 kg. VERTICAL PAY-OFF VERTICAL TOWER 2 Basic CL30 A 33 cassettes: rolls Ã? 150 x Ã? 90 x 15/20 mm. Operation voltage: 380 V total power: 230 kW block with 3 hard chrome rings: 1 °: 610 mm. Ã? 1st 610 mm. Ã? 2 °: 760 mm. Ã? 2nd 760 mm. Ã? 3 °: 765 mm. Power: 160 kW frequency ...
item-No.: 127521912
1 used block making machine, Fabr. LOCKSMITH SV 30 Board dimensions: 1450 x 980 x 42 5,000 PCs. boards (year 2010) Control SIEMENS S7 from BJ. 2010 Hydraulic pumps and many valves replaced in 2017 Chain conveyor Hub Manager Fork trucks 40 boards single stroke, 20 in double stroke Jack train Strapping system
item-No.: 127425550
Subject: semi mobile concrete mixing plant 1 continuous concrete mixing plant used semi mobile up to 250 m³/h Manufacturer: Société Auxiliaire enterprises France SAE Bu. 1995 Type SAM 801/4 2 PCs. Dosing units with 3 chambers a. 4 m x 2.50 m (formula) 3 square silos in container construction 60 m³ with dust filter (last image) 1 mixing unit with twin-shaft compulsory mixer (on formula) 1 extraction & supply charger 1 tool container 20' 1 container of comma ...
item-No.: 127358822
Used multi Rod cutting machine, Fabr. QUICK BAT 14 m incl. 2 PCs. roller conveyors Maximum diameter: up to 32 mm
item-No.: 127325834
Block production machine / Paving stone machine with first layer device including board transport below the machine (lowerator, elevator and finger car are not available)
item-No.: 127277707
1 gebr. Bar bending machine make MEP mini syntax 16 Built in 2008 Performance: Single wire: 14-16 mm Double wire: 8-12 mm Included: 5 piece reels type LC slow Setting attachment 12 m
item-No.: 127244756
1 gebr. Mat bending machines Fabr. HAMBI KSE 603 V = Reinforced version! Width: 6 m Maximum power: 30 single rods of à 12 mm With CAM system and motor drive Bending Rollschiene with quick adjustment 30 mm stem diameter with central locking
item-No.: 127141401
Used milling and grinding machines, Fabr. SCHLATTER USF 2 Width: 1.60 m Working length: 2.50 m =
item-No.: 127141286
8 PCs. gebr. Sand and Kiesssilos 450 to content Including discharge conveyor Total height: 18262 mm Silo diameter: 7500 mm Spout height: 7102 mm Height of bottom of foot bottom discharge conveyor: 5433 mm Walk distance: 5.303 mm
item-No.: 127113325
1 used semi mobile 3-Chamber feeder for sand and gravel Make KVM Euromix 400/3 Capacity: 400 t / h Main components: -3 PCs. gravel silos -3 PCs. feed Hopper, 800 mm (with 2.2 kW motor) -1 conveyor, 1000 mm (4 cbm engine) -1 Control Panel -1 stand with start/stop function -1 conveyor belt
item-No.: 127113301
1 gebr. Staircase formwork / scarf ramp Make Avermann With podium training - sharp-edged version Level: 15-18 Barrel width up to 3.108 mm Pitch: 160-320 mm Appearance: 250-320 mm
item-No.: 127005631
New special model of movable block machine with additional option for water drainaige forms Production capacity: For blocks 400 x 200 x 200 mm 1.200 blocks/h. For blocks 400 x 200 x 120 mm 2.000 blocks/h. Drainaige : depends on the dimensions - send a request for more info Please send an Inquiry for more information and You will get the best solution for production of concrete products. +46 704442537 +46 40 306 327 abc.scand-uk-machines.com abc://sumab.eu Skype: semjons1956
item-No.: 126885034
one used cooking cold rolling line for the automatic production of reducing and profiling meshwire for 5 ton spulen wire range: inlet slide 5.5-13.0 mm, finished wire 4.5-12.0 mm max production speed: 8 m/s
item-No.: 126884987
one used SCHLATTER mesh welding line Welding width: 2400 mm Working range: 6.0 to 10.0mm
item-No.: 126884985
one used mesh welding line G55 electronic ballast, with 3,500 mm width working range: 5.0 mm to 10.0mm line and cross wires off coil
item-No.: 126635618
one used cooking spooler work in combination with wire drawing machine (not included) and are used to take up drawn wires onto rigid or collapsible machine spools according to DIN standard or customer. with precesion expanse for wires of highest quality Cook is one of the world's leading manufacturers of wire-drawing machines. They develop, build and plan innovative technologies at the heart of the wire-drawing industry.
item-No.: 126635611
One used Pedax shearline Metax of model N for cutting of: 8 bars of 8mm, 6 bars of 12mm, 5 bars of 16mm 4 bars of 20mm, 3 bars of 25mm,. 2 bars of 30mm and 1 bar of 40mm with 2 convoyers. machine is dismantled.
item-No.: 126508377
Used edge and bow sanding machine Make fantastic & WINTERLING type KSP 40 W Grinding length: 5200 mm Max grinding width: 200-400 mm
item-No.: 126508375
Used contour wire saw Fabr. FALKENSTEIN Type KS III 1800 -Contour gauge -Process way extension Y-axis at about 1.80 m -Process way extension Y-axis at about 1.50 m CNC control interface with color screen
item-No.: 126508372
Used edge grinding machine Fabr. LÃ?FFLER type KSL/80 For the processing of marble up to 80 mm and granite depending on material up to 40 mm -6 face supporte -1 upper and 1 lower chamfer support -Infinitely variable support feed -Table with 6 retractable disposable roller
item-No.: 126344336
Gêbr semi-mobile crushing and screening plant (built in container) SBM impact crusher type 10/6/4 SK Intake opening: Max 250 mm
item-No.: 126327256
Used pneumatic 6-axes robot gripper Fabr. PROBST COMAU C4G / Robogrip P-4 = Capacity: 800 kg = CPS control C 46 4-side Stone Terminal Robogrip P4 V4 Incl. main frame For the fully automatic packaging and stacking in the concrete industry
item-No.: 126219316
Planetary mixer make PEMAT PMP 2250 Mixer capacity: 2250 ltrs. (Dry filling) Fixed concrete output: 1.5 m3 / per game
item-No.: 126204394
4 piece element ceiling tables / filigree ceiling lifts Steel base plan Incl. Thermoölheizschlangen
item-No.: 126204378
Used support formwork, year 2008 Very little use! Support from Base: 800 x 40 x 60 cm Tapered part: 500 x 24 x 60 cm Base: 200 x 290 x 50 cm Support: A long side formwork height (60 cm) rigidly connected with ground, a side folding
item-No.: 126204376
Trepenschalung HOWAL Varioflex 18/150 Sharp-edged version - high Visual concrete quality, Since excess head production 18 steps Climb 15-20 cm Occurs 25-31 ^ cm Easy pedestal mounting in any levels possible!
item-No.: 126204374
Storey curving staircase formwork, make HOWAL ALPHA TOP Built in 2000 rectangular linksgewendelt Slope variable 17 - 19 cm Occurs 26 cm Barrel width 100 cm
item-No.: 126102112
Betonmischasnlage, make KABAG WIGGERT Built in 1993 Completely overhauled in 2011 -Concrete mixer KABAG WIGGERT 375/500 ltr. -Control with over 100 Festrezepturen -Scraper system KS 35 (manually) with 4-Chamber star -To 2 cement silos, 50 + to 35, including silo technology
item-No.: 125934067
Mat cutting machine HAMBI TV reinforced 60 V - design Individual staff performance: Max 10 mm Width: 6 m Both sides use scissors knives of high quality tool steel Simple operation via pushbuttons emergency-stop button and return button Mats jig Tie-beams with half-round rubber
item-No.: 125746042
One used mesh welding line BSG JAGER This machine is in good working conditions and perfect for different child of meshes as standard and Specialmesh etc for quick changes during the shift working range: 4.0 mm to 10.0mm line wire pitch: 150mm (others are possible) width: 3050mm possible production: 30tons/shift up to 60 tons/shift Speed: 75 strokes/min mesh length: up to 8.000mm (stacking) and up to 6,000 mm turning & stacking
item-No.: 125735615
Used concrete block plant Schlosser SV 30 I. Blockmachine make Schlosser SV 30 with facemix unit, year of construction 1987 Pallet size 1400 x 950 mm for the manufacture of paving stones, slabs, hollow blocks, kerb stones, lawn grit stones and other concrete elements Blockmachine make Schlosser SV 30 with: - facemix unit - strong and variable vibrationsystem Synchro Vario plus with single table - pallet magazine - PLC control Capacity: cycle time approx. 15 –18 sec. up to 0,98 m² per ...
item-No.: 125551157
Used lattice girder cutting machine, Fabr. FILZMOSER TA/73 with TSH73 For lattice girder height 70-370 mm = For truss lengths up to 8 m Truss types KT800, KTW2 = Cutting power: Diameter 8 mm / 4 truss Diameter 14 mm: 1 lattice girder Machine components: Lattice girder cutter Messrollgang Intermediate magazine Trolley Manual call point
item-No.: 125528650
One used mesh welding line for all different child of welded mesh sheets, as standard, special and tailor made mesh. Machine is designed for quick changes of the mat design during the shift. Tecnical datas: Mat width: maximum 3.650mm Mat length: maximum 14,000 mm Mat weight: 1,000 kg Line wire pitch: min 75mm, from 75mm steplessly Cross wire pitch: min 35mm, from 35mm steplessly Working range line wire diameter: 6.0mm to 25.0mm (single wire feeding) : 6.0 mm to 14.0mm (double wire ...
item-No.: 125338933
1 used wire straightening cutting machine Fabr. SKAKO, with crop function Maximum cutting length: 8,13 m Performance: Diameter 6-14 mm Incl. Verlegemagazin Fabr. Filzmoser
item-No.: 125232319
one used mesh welding line Schlatter MG303 for standard and special mesh in sheets with automatic line and cross wire feeding Max width of the mesh: 3,400 mm working range: 4.0 mm to 10.0 mm (13.0mm) Line wire spacing: 100, 150, 200m Installed line wires: 34 Complete line with line wire pay offs, integrated automatic cross wire straightening and cutting machine
item-No.: 124728888
Battery shuttering (standing) -4 fan of casting, size: 3000 x 6500 mm (Hxw) -1 fixed wall, thickness of 780 mm -3 Mobile partition walls -1 movable wall -Incl. platform, stair and railings -BOSCH built-in incl. 17 outdoor joggers and controller -1 hydraulic unit to close -1 built-in heater
item-No.: 125158973
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; ready for use
item-No.: 124359958
1 gebr. Manhole ring machine Fabr. BABY type Atlantic NW 1000-1200 mm are possible! Incl. shaft ring form according to DIN 4034 part 1 + 2 DN 1000/250, DN 1000/500, DN 1000/750, DN 1000/1000 Incl. lower sleeves Lower sleeves magazine Lower sleeves feeder Electric shut-down truck Lower socket stack gripper Including Maxi cones
item-No.: 124224263
349.000 €
1 piece concrete mixing plant Type: GROMIX 100 SDK-RS4 YOC: 2018 (brand new/ex works) Capacity appr. 100 cbm/h Consist of: 1.) twinshaftmixer - BHS DKX 3000, 2.) charging of mixer: skip hoist 3.) mixer dedusting: WAM JET AIR Filter 4.) water level: 1000 kg, galvanized, 5.) cement level: 1500 kg, galvanized, 6.) chemical level: WÜRSCHUM 2 x 15l and 1 x 30 l, 3 pcs. pumps 7.) compressor: 8.) control unit: SPS control PROSOFT Windows, 9.) complete steel framework, 10.) storage bins/inline do ...
item-No.: 124224124
299.000 €
1 piece concrete mixing plant (semi mobile) Type: GROMIX 60 MB YOC: 2018 (brand new/ex works) Capacity appr. 70 cbm/h Consist of: 1.) twinshaftmixer - BHS DKX 1.67, 2.) charging of mixer: skip hoist 3.) mixer dedusting: WAM JET AIR Filter 4.) water level: 750 kg, galvanized, 5.) cement level: 1000 kg, galvanized, 6.) chemical level: WÜRSCHUM 2 x 15 Liter, 3 pcs. pumps 7.) compressor: 8.) control unit: SPS control PROSOFT Windows, 9.) complete steel framework, 10.) storage bins/inline doser:  ...
item-No.: 124087645
BN 28.000 €
One used Kübelbahn / bucket conveyor Manufactory / brand: Reckers - 1500 Liter - appr. 100 m rails/incl. curves for the bucket conveyor, partial new, unused - 2 pieces discharge hopper incl. support structure(1 hopper new, unused) - remodeling and modernization was 2009 - inklude Control unit - must be still dismantled available: immediate (must be dismantled by the buyer) location: central Germany price: 28.000,00 EUR net/ex location (base on negotiation) offer and all price are net ...
item-No.: 124591836
9.900 €
Mixing plant EKATO (for anhydrite screed, milk of lime and other media) Stainless steel mixer in 6 m container. , 80-122 RPM. Control Schoregge GmbH complete Control, balance, etc. Mass of the mixer: diameter: 1, 60 m, height: 0, 80m, volume: 1,600 l
item-No.: 123966724
1 TEKA THZ 750 year of construction 1991 without skip, with cement scale Mixer lining for floor and wall Mixer already dismantled
item-No.: 123950212
KVM 62 x 105 Pavingstone Plant complete, 2010. Cuber / Palletizer system. Haarup crane handling and stacking system. Boards 1100 x 750, Haarup handling system for stacking boards. PLC computer control system.Board magazine. Wood pallet magazine. Board magazine. Hydraulic/ El-power pack. Plant is in very good condition! Amexpo Consult Merkurvej 31, 9370 Hals Denmark Phone: +45 29251017
item-No.: 123885948
BN 5.500 €
1 pcs used concrete short pipe machine / concrete palisade machine manufactory: Pedershaab type: APM for product high 60cm up to 120cm following pipes was producing on this machine: 1. round palisade D=20cm 1a. high 40cm, 60cm, 80cm, 100cm, 120cm 2. Classico Palisade 18x18cm 2a. high 60cm, 90cm, 120cm - incl. metal thorn - some spares add. Available - IMMEDIATE AVAILABLE LOCATION: CENTRAL GERMANY PRICE EX LOCATION: 5.500,00 EUR (net) offer and all price are net and ex stoc ...
item-No.: 123885933
BN 4.900 €
1 pcs used concrete short pipe machine / concrete palisade machine manufactory: Pedershaab type: VIHY30-100 - for producing of concrete palisades /-pipes – high up to 90cm - previous producing : round D=20 or square 18 X18 Incl. metal thorn some spares add. available IMMEDIATE AVAILABLE LOCATION: CENTRAL GERMANY PRICE EX LOCATION: 4.900,00 EUR (net) offer and all price are net and ex stock without guarantee and/or guarantee, mistakes and/or false representations reserve, purchasing like see / ...
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