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(Category: 303-1663)

blow moulding machines / Stretching blowing machines
date: 30.01.2023 add to watchlist
item-No.: 159481888
New in: 1998


Seller: Ferroplast Kft.
Location: Land-hu
Price: 25.000 € add to watchlist

We would like to sell our PF4-1B Injection Strech Blow Moulding machine. It is possible to see the machine in production. It is in very good condition. The price includes: - Dega DD90H dryer (2004) - without mould - preform holders for 38mm and 48mm preforms - the machine can produce bottles with injected handle We can give 1 complete mould (2 liter bottle with 38mm 3start Bericap neck, 60 gr.) with the machine for extra 19.000 euro. Free loading to a container or on a suitable truck!

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