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Category: 204
item-No.: 126937950
5.600 €
Multi purpose edge grinding machine for very many grinding can be used The Kündig uniq is the ultimate of all edge grinding machines Grinding width 200mm Grinding height approx. 195 mm solid page and approximately 120 mm veneer page both sides use solid loops and veneer sanding side Electric belt oscillation, steady oscillation of the entire grinding unit, no compressed air connection required The oscillation stroke is adjustable via potentiometer drive motor pole shift bar 380V / 3kW Two tape speeds S ...
Category: 401
item-No.: 126938607
capacity: 55000 Bottles/h max. filling pressure: 7 bar volume product-ring bowl: 550 l Power consumption: 25 kW weight: 19 t formats: bottle formats: 0,33 l Vichy-bottles, 0,5 l NRW-bottles, bottle diameter: 50-75 mm, bottle height: 150-330 mm Machine pitch: filling valves: 130, division of the valves: 87 mm, closure heads: 26, division of the closure heads: 87 mm Direction: right-left Operation / control: Siemens S7 Basic construction: 10 calotte feet equipment: Filling valves with integrated hot water scouring,  ...
Category: 1101
item-No.: 126934763
300.000 USD
Land-ru RU
PSBM-039 2MWe MWM TBG620V12 [x2] Used packaged Natural gas fueled Power plant 2005Y 45000HRS 400V. PSBM-039 2MWe MWM TBG620V12 [x2] Used Container packaged Natural gas fueled Power plant 2005Y 45000HRS 400V 50HZ EXW RUSSIA. We have been looking for the strategic Company Partner (Co-Partner), which would have interest in acquisition and relocation of the above-mentioned used complete asset for decentralized power generation with opportunity to refurbish the power plant and offer it for the market as reconditio ...
Category: 702
item-No.: 126938115
Category: 1101
item-No.: 126934762
2.300.000 USD
Land-ru RU
PSBM-038. 9.12MWe GE JENBACHER JMS620GS-N.LC [x3] Unused Packaged Natural gas power plant 2008Y 10500V 50HZ EXW RUSSIA. PSBM-038 9.12MWe GE JENBACHER JMS620GS-N.LC [x3] Unused Container packaged Natural gas fueled Power plant Installed-Not Commissioned 2008Y 10500V 50HZ EXW RUSSIA We have been looking for the strategic Company Partner (Co-Partner), which would have interest in acquisition and relocation of the above-mentioned unused complete asset for decentralized power generation being sold as the asset / i ...
Category: 702
item-No.: 126938371
doughweightrange 40 - 150 g, capacity approx. 7.000 pcs./h\r\nrighthand - operation include \r\ndivider, 5 rows, \r\ndepositing device \r\n working width 600 mm\r\n max. setting length 2000 mm\r\n variable speed
Category: 707
item-No.: 126934757
2.500 €
MKN Hans steam CGE 1100 ovens 10 x GN 1/1 Fully functional and in good condition. He comes from a hospital and has been serviced regularly. -Modes of operation: CombiDämpfen, hot air, regenerate, Delta-T cooking, NT - low temperature Garen, Cook & hold -Special cooking Chamber made of stainless steel 1.4404 -Autoreverser fan wheel operating -Oven light -Multipoint core temperature probe (up to 99 ° C) -Cooking Chamber door with 3-double glazing -Spray hose -Capacity: 10 x GN 1/1  ...
Category: 702
item-No.: 126938373
max. 120 kg dough, 2 speeds, 2 timers,\r\nmoveable bowl, include 2 aluminium - bowls
Category: 707
item-No.: 126934755
9.000 €
Meiko B230VAP tape transport dishwashing Ideal for washing crates, plates, trays, etc... The machine comes from the mental hospital and is in good condition. It has been serviced regularly by Meiko. 3 tank engine Technical data: Number of selectable band speeds: 3 m/min for 2 minutes of contact time according to DIN 10510: 1.1 How to contact with distance mm: 2200 Power plate/h at 2 minutes of contact time according to DIN 10510: 2500 Power-plate/h (max) subject: pollution degree, drying time, ty ...
Category: 702
item-No.: 126938119
stainless steel , moveable, turning system\r\ndimension: inside 884 x 724 x 130 mm\r\n outside 1050/1930 x 890 x 1220 mm\r\ncontains approx. 50 kg fat, cap. approx. 480 - 576 donuts/h\r\naccessories: turning system for Berliner/Donuts\r\n
Category: 105
item-No.: 126926768
Machines pendulum type, allow to saw blanks with a diameter of up to 330 mm. feeding the workpiece, clamping, lowering and lifting the saw frame is carried out manually. Machines provide cutting of blanks at different angles. Model "UE-330A" is equipped with a rotary vise that allows you to saw the workpiece at an angle of 45°. Speed adjustment belt with fixed speeds of the web.
Category: 702
item-No.: 126938385
dimension of wafer sheets 360 x 450 mm\r\n1. cut 32 mm \r\n2. cut 30 mm\r\nstacking height approx. 5 - 80 mm\r\n
Category: 103
item-No.: 126926764
Machines model 6g606 are designed for processing planes of parts of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, various alloys and plastics, mainly end mills. Dimensions of table working surface, mm 630?2000 Maximum table stroke, mm 2000 The greatest distance from the working surface of the table to the axis of the horizontal spindle, mm 560 Limits of spindle rotation frequencies, rpm 20-2000 Limits of working feeds of the table, mm/min 5-4000 The speed of rapid movement of the table, mm / min. 8000 Limits of feeds of s ...
Category: 702
item-No.: 126938393
5 rows, cap. max. 8.200 pcs./h, model 1989/1990,\r\ninclude \r\ndivider + rounder, type MUS - G 5, model 1998\r\n doughweightrange max. 150 g\r\n include moulding drum 74 -85 g\r\nintermediate proofer, type ZGL5/273/360,\r\n proofing time approx.10 min.\r\nstamping unit, type FST 5/50\r\nfinal proofer type SG 0,6/1010/950,\r\n proofing time approx.35 min.\r\nairconditioning\r\ndepositing device, width 600 mm, max. length 800 mm
Category: 102
item-No.: 126926762
Machines model 1m63bf101 are designed to perform a variety of turning works, including turning cones and cutting threads: metric, inch, modular, pitch. High drive power and rigidity of the machine, a wide range of spindle speeds and feeds allow you to fully use the capabilities of progressive tools in the processing of various materials Accuracy class N Maximum turning diameter above the bed, mm 630 over support, mm 350 over cross slide 350 in the cartridge 400 in the lunette 350 The maximum length of th ...
Category: 702
item-No.: 126938395
bowl doublejacked with thermooil, \r\nbowl: approx. 130 l, Ø 550 mm, h 570 mm\r\nelectric heating, digital temperature adjustment\r\nbowl + mixer stainless steel\r\n
Category: 102
item-No.: 126926760
The machines 1?65 designed for a variety of turning operations including turning cones and cutting threads: metric, inch, modular, Pitkevich The largest diameter of the workpiece to be installed and processed, mm: over cross slide, mm 650 above the recess in the frame, mm 1400 The maximum length of the workpiece, mm 5000 The length of the recess in the frame of the cartridge mirror, mm 390 The size of the end of the spindle headstock according to DIN 2-15M The number of steps of spindle rotation frequenc ...
Category: 702
item-No.: 126938141
for making rustic-square rolls\r\nwith moistener + strewer device, fabr. Lippelt, type Mohno\r\n working width 250 mm, belt width 305 mm\r\n incl. 2 plates for strewer\r\nstainless steel coverplates,\r\nlefthand - operation, capacity max. 4.500 pcs./h\r\naccessories: \r\nknives 1-row, w 165 mm, 90 - 600 gr., 900 - 1.000 St/h\r\n 2-row, w 82 mm, 95 - 250 gr., 1.800 - 2.500 St/h\r\n 3-row, w 55 mm, 45 - 150 gr., 2.000 - 4.500 St/h\r\n 4-row, w 41 mm, 35 - 80 gr., 2.500 - 4.500 St/h\r\n
Category: 103
item-No.: 126926158
OVERVIEW: Brand: MAHO Model: MH 700 S Application type: Milling Machine type: Machining Center (Universal) Availability: 30/09/2018 Construction year: 1989 Production hours: 18042 Location: Germany Origin country: Germany GENERAL DATA: Measurements width: 3250 mm Measurements depth:3120 mm Measurements height: 2290mm Machine weight: 6600 kg MAIN DRIVE: Number of spindle: 1 Spindle speed range: 20-6300 1/min CONTROL UNIT: Brand: MAHO Model: CNC 532 CNC main language: German MOVEMENT: X ...
Category: 702
item-No.: 126938397
electrical power: 4 KW / 380 V / 50 cycles\r\n for steamer and heating\r\ndimension: l/d 285 cm, w 175 cm, h 215 cm\r\n 5 qm, 10 cbm
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