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(Category: 107-666)

sheet metal working / Pipe Bending Machines
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item-No.: 157819802
New in: 2017


check Seller: Pyramid Mühendislik
Location: 34087 ISTANBUL Land-tr

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Max tube diameter 76 mm Max thickness 3 mm Max bending degree 180 Bending radius max 260 mm

sheet metal working / Pipe Bending Machines
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item-No.: 158640378


Seller: MAchine MW
Location: 49000 Dnepr Land-ua

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Electric elbow making machine EEM-200 plus Elbow making machine EEM-200plus is the better version of EEM-200 machine. It has additional fourth bottom pressing tool so it presses pipe from all four sides while bending and provides better quality of elbow. Electric elbow making machine is the mechanism for forming elbow from round and rectangular pipes with different diameters. You can use our machine for working with round pipes as with rectangular pipes. There are four types of Elbow making machines we produce: 1. Elbow making machine EEM-150 for the pipes from 80mm to 150mm diameter. 2. Elbow making machine EEM-200 for the pipes from 80mm to 200mm diameter. 3. Elbow making machine EEM-250 for the pipes from 80mm to 250mm diameter. 4. Elbow making machine EEM-200plus for pipes 80-200mm. Elbow making machine EEM-200plus lets you to work with pipes from 80 to 200mm.  ...

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