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beverage machines / New bottle depalletizer
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item-No.: 160337566
New in: 2022


check Seller: HERMIS
Location: Land-lt
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Depalletizer is used for unloading new bottles, delivered on pallets. After clamping one whole row from bottles layer by gripping head, the device delivers them to the unloading table, and the bottles are transported to the washing machine or filling machine. The device is designed to work independently in line, for glass and plastic bottles with different capacity. Depalletizer DNB-2022 consists of four components: 1. spring mobile wire rope hoist 2. a gripping head adapted to the type of bottles 3. table - unloading conveyor / adapted to the type of bottles, pallet and the room for the assembly of the depalletizer. 4. a beam made of structural steel attached to the ceiling of the room or mounted on supports. Capacity up to 6 000 bottles / hr. - Operation - 1 person - Dimensions of bottles: - diameter 20 to 120 mm - height from 50 to 350 mm - Lifting height to ...

beverage machines / New bottle depalletizer
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item-No.: 161802183


check Seller: KoBo Service GmbH
Location: Land-de

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