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Category: 502
item-No.: 126869286
Automatic baler Manufacturer: PAAL Type: KONTI 325 D/SO Year of construction: 2000 technical data: Pressing force: 94 t Channel size: 750 x 1,100 mm specific pressing force: 11.39 kg / cm² Bale weight: 525-800 kg, depending on the material and bale length Filler: 1.750 x 1,020 mm Power: 2 x 45 kW Capacity: 400 m³/h Press capacity: -approx. 14.5 t / h at Department Store (35 kg / m³ bulk weight) -approx. 24.0 t / h for mixed paper (60 kg / m³ bulk weight) -approx. 38.0 t / h for col ...
Category: 702
item-No.: 126876425
max. 50 kg flour, 2 speeds, 2 timers\r\nstainless steel bowl + spiral, safety device\r\n
Category: 401
item-No.: 126822301
SIG Simonazzi Can Filling Line Item #: usm-0074 category: Can Filling Line Status: Ready For Shipment SIG Simonazzi Can Filling Line For Sale: Automatic wrapping machine with rotating Robopac HELIX HS30 Robopac sistemi 2007 Belt Conveyer TSA031, 261S Sasib Beverage 1997 Can dryer XL46000733 SIG Simonazzi 2007 Can seamer / Lid 200 Ferrum F706G 36000 b/h 2007 Can seamer / Lid 202 Ferrum 36000 b/h 1994 Depalletizer Depal Sweep-off 261 S,  ...
Category: 702
item-No.: 126876431
max. 75 kg flour, 2 speeds, saftey device\r\nbowl + doughhook stainless steel\r\n
Category: 704
item-No.: 126802062
4.130 €
WLS loose PRESSQUICK PQ3SU pasta machine Second-hand machine in very good condition from bakery closing Machine is supplied with three matrices of choice Biscuit attachment, self made by the previous owner, is also included Machine stands on rollers and is fitted with cutting device Speed of the cutting device can be continuously adjusted Fan provides for drying fresh pasta so that nothing together sticks Mixing speed and compression speed of the machine allow the filling ingredients and press in a single  ...
Category: 702
item-No.: 126876701
max. 15 kg flour/ 24 kg dough, 2 speeds, timer,\r\nstainless steel bowl + spiral, safety device
Category: 709
item-No.: 126751039
100L jacketed kettle stainless, 100L scrape surface kettle, jacketed, adjustable temp control, side discharge, 3Ph,
Category: 702
item-No.: 126876707
max. 80 kg dough, 2 speeds, 2 timers\r\nstainless steel bowl, safety device\r\n
Category: 703
item-No.: 126751037
stainless mixer/mincer, 100kg batch size, 100mm diameter mince plate, stainless guarded top, 3Ph
Category: 702
item-No.: 126876459
variabel speed, timer, \r\nbowl lifting and lowering by a lever \r\naccessories: 1 bowl 40 l stainless steel \r\n 1 whip stainless steel, \r\n 1 doughhook stainless steel, \r\n 1 flatbeater stainless steel
Category: 307
item-No.: 126750933
1 x Francis Shaw model K7 MK5 intermix, m/c no. 086627, July 2009, NR5 Rotors, Net chamber volume 310Litres, Batch size: 217kgs, Hydraulic drop door with linear actuator, Hydraulic hopper, unidrive gearbox (year 2001), KW rating 1596, Output rpm 53.288, Ratio 22.519:1, Type K7. with 2 x ASEA 798kW, 980/1200rpm, 760V, 3ph, 50Hz DC variable speed motors (in tandem). Complete with all controls and hydraulic etc. In very good condition.
Category: 702
item-No.: 126876717
max. 160 kg dough, 2 speeds, 2 timers\r\n1 moveablel stainless steel bowls,\r\nhydraulik bowl fixing, savety device
Category: 709
item-No.: 126738613
Hopper capacity: 150l, sausage filling capacity: 45-100kg, length: 1500mm, width: 780mm, height: 1320mm, weight: 450kg.
Category: 702
item-No.: 126876469
sizes from 5 kg dough/7 ltr. until 60 kg/75 ltr.\r\n1 speed (optional with 2 speeds), white painted steel body, bowl + spiral + dough deflector + safety rack made of stainless steel\r\nbowl is counterrotating (optional with removable bowl)\r\nchain drive, self-oiling step-down-gear
Category: 709
item-No.: 126738611
Mixing and filling machine with automatic weighing HÖFELMEYER, range: 0.04-6kg, suitable for emulsions as well, with two pneumatic valves and controls HÖFELMEYER.
Category: 702
item-No.: 126876481
4 speeds\r\nbowl lifting and lowering manual \r\naccessories: 1 bowls 60 l stainless steel \r\n 1 beater/whip \r\n 1 doughhook\r\nsafety-rack against surcharge available
Category: 1200
item-No.: 126727208
Stock number: UG6215 Second hand stainless steel contact parts dissolver by TEJA (PL) model DK37/1000. Mixer has stainless steel shaft with mixing toothed disc with diameter 450 mm, driven by el motor 37 kW, 1475 rpm, 380V, 50 hz. Mixer is equipped with stainless steel mobile mixing pan with working volume 1000 l. Dissolver is equipped with control panel and electric cabinet. Includes electrical documentation.
Category: 702
item-No.: 126876229
max. 120 kg dough, 2 speeds\r\nprotective device, moveable\r\nstainless steel bowl \r\n
Category: 307
item-No.: 126727173
Mixing mill 660 x 2100 mm with stock Blender, both rollers peripherally drilled. removed from production
Category: 702
item-No.: 126876489
max. 100 kg flour, approx. 150 kg dough\r\n2 speeds, 2 timers, safety device\r\n
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