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window production machines / Manufacturing lines
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Bos Machine (BMH) with a Sapiens Wood We are a producer of frames, windows and doors and we sell the machine ourselves. The machine has been running in our factory from 2006 to 2022 (16 years). This is a Bos Machine (BMH) with a Sapiens in front of it. The Sapiens is a CNC machine with one robot head and one regular axis. He then proceeds to the tenoning bench (for the crosscut processing). The first shaft is a saw followed by 3 vertical shafts (approx. 500mm long) and behind them two more motors for round edges on the wood. Then he moves on to the milling. The first cutters profile the edge finish and the second cutters profile the inner profile. The first milling cutters consist of 1 milling cutter which profiles and immediately makes the wood thickness, followed by 4 milling motors and then another 5 milling motors for profiling the inner profiling. Technical status: The machine is  ...

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