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other metal working machines / Hammers
date: 18.12.2022 add to watchlist
item-No.: 157163684
Location: Kaunas Land-lt
Price: 6.900 €

Pneumatic air forging hammer model MA4136 Made in: Russia Specification: Weight of the falling parts: 400 kg Strike energy: 11 kJ Strike frequency per min: 142 Flight: 30 mm Height of the working area: 530 mm Dimensions of the working surface: -Length: 560 mm -Width: 100 mm Optimal dimensions of the forging detail: 100 mm Power: 37 kW Overall dimensions mm: -Length: 3200 mm -Width: 1320 mm -Height: 2700 mm Height over the floor level: 2600 mm Weight: 13 ton price 6900 EUR

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