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other metal working machines / Cold Rolling Machines
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item-No.: 158635777
New in: 1963


check Seller: MET-TECH GMBH
Location: 61381 FRIEDRICHSDORF Land-de

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Qty. 1 Second-hand copper rolling mill Material: Copper & Copper Alloy (Pbc, Etc.), Aluminium, Etc. Manufacture: Hitachi(Japan) Type: 4-Hi Reversing Rolling Mill Strip Width: Max 450 mm Thickness: 0.3 mm ~ 4.0 mm (Copper) Line Speed: 100 m/min. Coil Weight: 5,000 kg Manufacturing Date: 1963 1st Revamping Date: 2008 2nd Revamping Date: 2010 3rd Revamping Date: 2020. 05 Revamping: Mill Housing Clean & Painting Improvement of Screw Down System (Ram Cylunder --- Geared Motor) Change of Deflector Roll & Press Plate Right/Left Reel: Increase Capacity Right Reel: 30 kW, 200/500 RPM – 110 kW, 650/1,800 RPM, Left Reel: 30 kW, 200/500 RPM – 75 kW, 400/1,500 RPM Change of Drive for 2-Coil Car: Hydrauric Cylinder – Geared Motor

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