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item-No.: 127543974
New in: 1979
Seller: country-de MET-TECH GMBH

Qty. 1 Second-hand extrusion press with piercer Mfc.: UBE Force: 800 MT Built: 1979 Revamped: new hydraulic in 2010 Container dimensions: Dia. 90 x 555 mm Dia. 127 x 560 mm Dia. 132 x560 mm Material: Copper, Brass, Aluminium, Silver etc. Press is in good condition & on foundation

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Machine: UBE 800T
item-No.: 76400634
New in: 1982
Seller: country-pl usedmachines

800 MT extrusion press 1. container size 127mm diam x 560mm lenght 2. capacity: extrusion: 800t/1000t extrusion (low tonnage) at 210kg/cm: 697M Ton Main ram forward at 210 kg/cm: 112 M Ton Main ram return at 210 kg/cm: 63 M Ton Contianer seal at 210 kg/cm: 69 M Ton Contianer open at 210 kg/cm: 94 M Ton Piercing at 210 kg/cm: 102 M Ton Mandrel return at 210 kg/cm: 63 M Ton Die slode at 210 kg/cm: 12 M Ton Stroke Main ram: 1320 mm Container: 250 mm Speed 38.0mm/sec 44.0mm/sec More information on request

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Machine: UBE OMNI-MIX 130 DWF
item-No.: 159427210
Seller: country-uk Tanks & Vessels Industries Ltd
Location: Doncaster

Used UBE OMNI-MIX 130-DWF High Capacity Carbonator/Proportioner Omni-mix high capacity carbonator and proportioner. The OMNI-MIX proportioner has been designed to provide accurate and repeatable proportioning with pinpoint adjustment capability for the ratio and flow rate while in operation. The water and syrup are pump fed to the OMNI-MIX. The ratio is controlled by a fixed syrup orifice and an adjustable water orifice. The flow rate is controlled by a pressure differential between the water/syrup reservoirs and the mix reservoir. A mix pump transfers the mix product to the carbonator/cooler tank. Manufacturer: UBE Model: OMNI-MIX 130 DWF Serial No.: 2035 Year of Manufacture: 2000 Approx. Capacity: 50,000 litres/hr Previous use: PET Line Operating Conditions: As the water and syrup reservoir may operate with pressures as high as 15 PSIG, the water and syrup line pressu ...

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