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Category: 603 knitting machines
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item-No.: 144844102
New in: 2007
Seller: country-ca Euro Impex Inc.

KARL MAYER RS-3-MSUS-V RS MSUS-V High-performance warp-knitting machine with course-oriented weft insertion for the production of heavyweight fabrics and composite fabrics GEO-TEXTILE FABRIC 540CM 6 gauge Year 2007 Serial number 96700 Running condition (Currently producing fabric for bullet proof jackets) Product features • Production of grid structures or closed fabrics • Combination with substrate fabric according to the product application • Strong knitting elements and yarn feeding guides for the processing of thick, high-performance yarn materials • Special feeding elements for the production of fabrics with fiberglass, carbon and other high-performance fibers possible Karl Mayer Warping beamer DS 21/30 Year 1997 Running condition and video is available

Category: 603 knitting machines
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item-No.: 160329405
New in: 1986
Seller: country-de Innovac GmbH
Location: Deutschland

Width: 130inch, rotational speed: 3000/min, without accessories.

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