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Category: 1702: workstations
item-No.: 123486672
New in: 2003
Price: 1.600 €
Location: D - Nordrhein-Westfalen
Seller: Komplett-Konzept Verwertungs GmbH

We provide the following to the purchase : Beckhoff CPPC 7112-1007 Beckhoff PC Monitor with steinless steel Keyboard Mainboard: Boser HS6237 SBC CPU: Intel Celeron Memory: 128 MB SDRAM Slot 1: Slotplate with USB ports and DVI-port Slot 2: Boser SBC-V2.2B Slot 3: Slotplate with COM 1 and COM 2 Slot 4: Slotplate with LPT 1 Harddisk: Toshiba MK2023GAS, 20GB CD ROM: Teac 235HF 1.44MB A: Display: 15 Zoll Toshiba LTM 15C428S Monitor without Touchscreen Touchpad: Glidepoint on PS/2 Ports: KT 7000 on PS/2 Power supply: 24V Dc ; Second Hand more