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BLOCK SWITCHBOARD SYSTEM New Surplus Block Switchboard System, New unused complete switchboard system. Available due to a cancelled project. Offered at a discount price for new equipment Also available complete Telcom communications system MANUFACTURER: ETA-COM B NV TYPE: MH2 3×1200 EQUIPMENT 5-SW-5-2/BD PROTECTION CLASS: IP68-IK10 RATED SERVICE VOLTAGE: 690V RATED INS.VOLTAGE MAIN BUSBARS: 1000 V RATED FREQUENCY: 50 Hz RATED IMPULSE WITHSTAND VOLTAGE FOR MAIN BUSBARS: 12 kV RATED SHORT TIME WITHSTAND  ...
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DC USV uninterruptable power supplyinput 230 V AC, output 24 V 10 A DC, 19 inch Rack
item-No.: 126499454
TELCOM COMMUNICATIONS SYSTEM New Surplus Telcom Communications System, New never used, ALCATEL Telecom, complete radio telcom communications system for the mining and construction Industry. This equipment is available die to a cancelled project and is being offered below the new purchase price at a substantial savings. TELECOM COMMUNICATIONS The TETRA Radio Network for Radio communications based on Rohill solution The Fixed Telephone Network for VoIP Telephony provided by Alcatel-Lucent Omn iPCX Entreprise I ...
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Wir verkaufen (please see information in English further down): 142 x Spectralink 7622 46 x Spectralink 7642 These phones have only been used for 3 months! Mehr Information auf Anfrage. Wir freuen uns ueber Anfragen aus Deutschland und international. Wir haben viele weitere refurbished/gebrauchte Hardware aus den Bereichen, der hier genannten Systeme sowie aus Bereichen weiterer Systeme dieser Hersteller zur Verfügung: ORACLE, SUN, IBM, NETAPP, QUANTUM, DELL, STK, HPE, FUJITSU, SGI, HDS, EM ...
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20 phones: 10 x Alcatel 4034; 3 x Alcatel 4020; 3 x Alcatel 4012; 2 x Alcatel 4035; 1 x Alcatel 4004; 1 x Alcatel 2412 Mage 26 mobile phones: 25 x Alcatel Mobile 200; 1 x Alcatel 4074; Alcatel-Lucent 4 x batteries 1 telephone system from Alcatel Omni PCX 4400 1 x transition point by Telecom with RS-232 isolator and power cord. Possibly also individually to give.
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