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Category: 1605: compressed air accessories
item-No.: 129674278
New in: 2017
Price: 650 €
Location: Land-de DE 33739 Bielefeld, Otto-Boge-Str. 1-7
Seller: BOGE KOMPRESSOREN Otto Boge GmbH & Co.KG

BOGE pressure safe BPS 100 sized pneumatic pressurization system -guarantee a constant high quality of the compressed air -ensure a continuous build-up of pressure in the system to reliably prevent the 'Uberfahren' of equipment components, -keep the pressure in the network constant - low at tempo RAR load -long service life of the plant -optimize the energy requirements -After the pressure accumulator installed they make restarting the compressor after rest periods or periods of low load a slow and continuous pressure build-up in the network secure -Together pressure build-up - without regulation by BPS - the risk that the high Stromungsgeschwindigkeit the capacity of the follow ... more

Category: 1605: compressed air accessories
item-No.: 124964452
New in: used
Price: 470 €
Location: Nordrhein-Westfalen, Deutschland
Seller: MSH-nrw GmbH

-Air flow rate 1600 l/min - 96 m³/h -Working pressure of up to 16 bar -Power consumption 0.31 kW / 230 V -CE compliant more