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boom lifts
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item-No.: 163127068
New in: 2017


check Seller: Osterer Werkzeugmaschínen
Location: 4853 Steinbach am Attersee Land-at

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Articulated telescopic platform, top condition, max. working height 11.95m, max. platform height: 9.95m, Reach: 7m, Load capacity: 200kg, Weight: approx. 6to, 2 WD drive electric 220V, check up to 10/24

boom lifts
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item-No.: 162606640
New in: 2009


check Seller: Komplett-Konzept Verwertungs GmbH
Location: Land-de
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Self-propelled telescopic boom lift 360° The JLG Toucan 1010 boom lift is equipped with a robust and easy-to-maintain electric motor. It allows 2 people to work at a height of 10.10 m or with a lateral reach of up to 3.12 m. High-quality components from well-known manufacturers guarantee a long service life and short-term spare parts procurement even after years. Its non-marking tyres make it ideal for indoor use on sensitive ground. This makes it ideal for maintenance and assembly work at heights. All functions can be controlled from the basket. The movement is possible in all positions, even at full height. The superstructure can be rotated so that lateral working areas can also be reached. Specifications: Brand: JLG Type: Toucan 1010 max. working height: 10.10 m max. platform height: 8.10 m Platform size (LxWxH): 0.9 x 0.7 x 1.1 m Stage load capacity: 200 kg  ...

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