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Category: milling machines / Single-cutter spindle moulders
Updating date: 12.02.2020 item-No.: 133520236
New in: 2016
Seller: country1-cz Fermat
Location: 62700 Brno, Tu?anka 104 Tu?anka 104

Control HEIDENHAIN... TNC 620 Clamping table surface... 1800 x 700mm X axis... 1600mm Y axis... 750mm Z axis... 900mm Maximum table load... 3000kg ISO 50 Spindle speed... 0-4000 RPM Power of main engine... 20/30kW Magazine places... 24 Feed... 10000mm / min Rapid traverse axis X... 16m / min Rapid traverse axis Y... 16m / min Rapid traverse axis Z... 12m / min The weight of the machine... 13000kg In very good condition, possible to try out under power.

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