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(Category: 203-1346)

planing machines / Joiners benches
date: 12.04.2024 add to watchlist
item-No.: 120918186


check Seller: WEIBERT maschinen
Location: Land-de
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VakkuCar3 Bench Planer Modern mobile workstation with vacuum clamping device and height adjustment. Make your workplace on your workpiece. Vacuum flat suction; d = 190 mm Flat suction pad 250 mm x 80 mm Flat suction 240 mm x 45 mm built-in socket for auxiliary equipment Size 1800 x 800 mm Height-adjustable 874-1074 mm G & FE-VAKUUCAR-3 Extras: Swing frame, additional cleaner, vise, Extensions Drawers & BAR-BV-08-74 Accessory tray G & BAR-BV-08-78

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