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(Category: 604-1986)

textile finishing machines / Coating and lamination machines
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item-No.: 161873833
New in: 2003


Seller: TAMTEX GmbH & Co.KG
Location: Land-de

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Manufacturer: MONTI ANTONIO Laminating-Coating Model: hot melt mod. 908 Type: Fleece and Foam LAMINATION & Coating with COATEM Foam make to inject direct to fabric for Coating. Working widh: 1800 mm Manufacture Date: 2003 (like new with new spare cylinder -hotmelt spareparts) With new spareparts Complete Modernisation in year 2016 with new electricity and software. description: working with SL1 Pleva weftstraitner go to 2 line Lamination Foam or fleece to Fabric

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