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(Category: 111-1177)

spare parts for machine tools / Ball Torque Converters
date: 04.12.2023 add to watchlist
item-No.: 157610529


check Seller: IPV GmbH
Location: Land-at
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Precision ball screw drive, KGT 50mm, Gewindelg 2670mm, Rexroth, new Special price If you have a VAT number, we will gladly issue you an invoice without VAT. Mint condition in original packaging! The part was purchased from a spare parts warehouse of a company and has never been in operation, is in a completely mint condition and in its original packaging. - Precision ball screw /ball screw with nut - Thread nominal diameter 50mm, pitch 10mm, 4 turns, that means 40mm travel per turn of the nut, - Total length: 2930mm, - ball screw length: 2670mm Shaft end 1: 165mm lg - D32 x 35mm lg, thread M35 x 1,5 x 25mm lg, D35 x 85mm lg, D42 x 20mm lg Shaft end 2: 95mm lg - thread M25 x 1,5 x 28mm lg, D35 x 53mm lg, D42 x 14mm lg Function guarantee! For second hand parts, we can not provide a conventional warranty and guarantee. However, we give you a functional guarante ...

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