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Category: 804
item-No.: 126869273
HEIDELBERG SM52-4 LX(36 x 52cm), Age c.2007, serial no.GS000206, circa 27 million, Press Centre, Anicolor, Preset, Autoplate, 0.6mm thickness option, Electronic 2 sheet detection, Eltex anti static equipment, Programmable roll/bla/imp. cyl. wash via CP2000, Grafix alphatronic 200 powder spray, Technotrans Handy cam ink line x 4, Tresu cameracle coater, Heidelberg Dry Star IR Dryer, Technotrans Alpha C Combistar refrigeration/ ink temp control.
Category: 1900
item-No.: 126832948
used machinery auction RESALE 680 €
Land-de DE
Weight approx.: 250 kg Dimensions (l x w x h) approx.: 2000 x 800 x 800 mm Description: Technical data of the 9-part modular workshop system HBM. Overall dimensions 267 x 230 x 46 cm. (Width x height x depth) Dimensions of the 2 large cabinets with door 66.5 x 181 x 46 cm. Dimensions of the 3 small cabinets with door 66.5 x 76 x 46 cm. Dimensions of the cabinet with drawers 66.5 x 76 x 46 cm. Internal dimensions of the drawers 57 x 37 x 22 cm. Dimensions of the wooden worktop 143 x 46 x 3 cm. Dimensions of the tool ...
Category: 804
item-No.: 126869269
HEIDELBERG CD74-4+LX-F(60 x 74cm), Age c.2002, serial no.450180, circa 159 million, CP2000, Alcolor with Vario dampening, Autoplate, Preset feeder and delivery, Anti-static in feeder, Technotrans Beta C Combistar refrig/recirc with ink temp control, Alcosmart AZR, Tresu cameracle coater, Heidelberg drystar 2000 IR dryer, Steel plate in feeder/delivery, Heidelebrg Powderstar (Betatronic CD74) spray, Heidelberg Airstar, Venturi air guide system, Non stop delivery, Extended delivery (X2)
Category: 212
item-No.: 126817411
used machinery auction RESALE 1.670 €
Land-it IT
Weight approx.: 1100 kg Dimensions (l x w x h) approx.: 4800 x 1200 x 4000 mm Description: It has been used for painting powders. With 4 arms and inner arms. Comprehensive of hoses as per pictures. Suction unit size: 3250 x 1150 x 3900 mm
Category: 805
item-No.: 126869237
HEIDELBERG SM74-5P3(52 x 74cm), Age c.1995, serial no.620792, circa 167 million, Perfecting 5/0,2/3, CP tronic, CPC 1-04, Alcolor, Preset, Autoplate, Technotrans refrigeration, Steel plate in delivery, Prog roller/blanket/impression cyl from CP Tronic, Grafix alphatronic 200 powder spray, Steel plate in feeder and delivery, available immediately
Category: 1200
item-No.: 126602395
insulated tank with electrical heaters and powder dosage station; used - good
Category: 805
item-No.: 126869235
HEIDELBERG SM74-5H(52 x 74cm), Age c.2010, serial no.DS000515, circa 87 million, Press Centre, Alcolor, Autoplate, HydroStar CAN- Technotrans beta d. Air cooled, Alcosmart, Preset, De-ionised air blast at feed, Eltex antistatic bar in feeder, Heidelberg Scrollstar, Heidelberg DryStar CAN - two lamp system, Heidelberg Powderstar, Steel plate in feeder and delivery, Programmable wash of inking/ blanket and impression cylinder via Press Center.
Category: 110
item-No.: 126493118
length: 1050 mm,width: 850 mm,height: 1240 mm,Colour: blau RAL,weight: 300 kg,transport dimensions LxWxH: 1,1x0,86x1,25 m,Tool cabinet for press brake tools -extendable drawers, allowing on both sides an access to the tools -various height adjustment of adjustable shelves -strong steel construction, powder coated, any color of the RAL range -fork-side guide rails for transporting via forklift (cavity under the cabinet) -the drawers are sliding via rolls on rail guidances (as additional stabilization) -the cabinet c ...
Category: 805
item-No.: 126869231
HEIDELBERG SM102-5P3(72 x 102cm), Age c.1997, serial no.539391, circa 179 million, CPC1-04, CP-Tronic, Alcolor, Autoplate, Pre loader, Preset, Electronic side-lay, Chrome cylinders, Technotrans refrigeration and recirculation, Automatic roller/blanket wash via CPtronic, Powder spray, Steel plate in feeder and delivery, Perfecting 2 / 3.
Category: 110
item-No.: 126493689
kind of tests:: Magnet,current: 550-2600 A,table surface area: 800x100 mm,total power requirement: k.A. kVA,machine weight ab.: 250 kg,dimensions L x W x H: 1,0x0,7x2,0 m,magnet crack detector crack detection with magnetic powder process power supply 230/460V On the machine are missing the hand magnet electrodes. The electrodes are not available! On sale as is!
Category: 806
item-No.: 126869229
KOMORI L628(52 x 72cm), Age c.2001, serial no.2190, circa 76 million, PQC, Komorimatics, X Rite Intellitrac inline densitometer, Diagonal register, Electronic sidelays, Speed plate clamps, Technotrans Beta D refrigeration, Weko AP230 powder spray, KMH, Air Compressor plus Receiver Tank, Baldwin IVT IR Dryer, Chromed cylinders, available immediately
Category: 1200
item-No.: 126338557
dosing station for powder substances out of big bags; used - very good
Category: 806
item-No.: 126869227
HEIDELBERG CD74-6LX-F(60 x 74cm), Age c.2002, serial no.450176, circa 144 million, F- format press, CP2000, Alcolor with Vario Damping, Autoplate, Preset, Extended delivery, Anti-static in feeder, Intercom, Ultrasonic 2 sheet detector, Technotrans Beta C combined recirc/refrig/ ink temp control - air cooled, Alcosmart AZR, Tresu cameracle coater, Heidelberg drystar 2000 IR dryer, Steel plate in feeder/delivery, Grafix exatronic powder spray, Heidelberg Airstar, Venturi air guide system, Non stop feeder, Non stop  ...
Category: 804
item-No.: 126124598
Size: 375 x 520 mm Equipments: inkroller washing device automatic Automatic Press cylinder wash automatic blanket wash device Ryobi PCS-G Perfecting 4/0 2/2 Technotrans cooling + circulation Grafix Digital 3000 powderspray RYOBIMATIC dampening system Semi-automatic Plate-Change
Category: 810
item-No.: 126869221
HEIDELBERG SM102-10P6(74 x 102cm), Age c.2004, serial no.545336, circa 216 million, Perfecting 5/5, 10/0, CP2000 X-Rite via Intellitrac colour closed loop measuring, Alcolor with Vario dampening, Preset Plus Feeder, S-Module Delivery, Autoplate, Steel plate in feeder and delivery, Ultrasonic 2 sheet detector, Alcosmart AZR, Heidelberg Combistar Beta C combined refrig/ink temp control, Programmable roller/blank/imp cyl. wash via CP2000, Heidelberg Powderstar, Heidelberg Cleanstar.
Category: 109
item-No.: 125862435
Weight approx.: 160000 kg intake width: 800 mm intake height: 1600 mm cabin length: 6500 mm Dimensions (l x w x h) approx.: 20000x4000x4000 mm workpiece weight max.: 200 kg total power requirement: 120 kW Description: Used Powder Coating Line according to GSB Norm - 3-chamber pre-treatment Installation with 6 zones - Adhesion water dryer - Powder baking stove (chamber dryer) - Heat recovery via cross-flow heat exchanger - 2x Spray wall (powder manual cabin) Basic 8000 by Wagner - 2x Powder manual system Sprint wit ...
Category: 804
item-No.: 126853951
Straight machine 39 mill de Impres CP 2000 Alcolor Autoplate Preset All automatic Whasers WEKO powder spray straight machine avaialable: August machine very nice
Category: 802
item-No.: 125727173
Size: 365 x 520 mm Technical details: Net Weight: 2200 KG Equipments: powder sprayer anti-static Ryobi super dampener
Category: 817
item-No.: 126838747
4.200 €
General data Reference No.: 3576 Manufacturer: Heidelberg Type: hot foil OHT 26 x 38 . No.: 178535 Year of constr.: approx.: 1971 Shipping time: Immediately Facilities: Weight: 1300 kg Size: L 1, 66xB1, 24 xH1, 66 m Power supply: 380V Power consumption: Unspecified Sheets per hour: 5000 Sheet size (max): 260 x 380 Sheet size (min): 40 x 70 Powder facility: Yes Washing facilities: Yes
Category: 804
item-No.: 125563413
VB 7.000 €
Land-de DE
Size: 360 x 460 mm Equipments: Impression cylinder wash up device 12 Inking Zones AutoPlate New automatic inking unit automatic blanket cylinder wash-up device Harlequin-RIP powder sprayer Antistatic Imaging at 16.000 rpm Back pressure washing device
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