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metal working machines / milling machines / CNC Milling Machine MIKRON WF 40C

MIKRON WF 40C CNC Milling Machine preview1 MIKRON WF 40C CNC Milling Machine preview2 MIKRON WF 40C CNC Milling Machine preview3 MIKRON WF 40C CNC Milling Machine preview4 MIKRON WF 40C CNC Milling Machine preview5
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No.: 107183158
Latest update: 07.09.2017
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Quantity: 1
Manufacturer: MIKRON
Model: WF 40C
Type of machine: CNC Milling Machine
CNC Milling Machine MIKRON WF 40C
used machine
X-travel: 620mm, y-travel: 620mm, z-travel: 520mm, rotational speed: 0-3150/min, feed rate: 1-3150mm/U, rapid traverse x- and y-travel: 6m/min, rapid traverse z-travel: 4m/min, table size: 400x800mm, number of T-bolts: 4, distance T-bolts: 90mm, T-bolt width: 18mm, quill stroke: 90mm, connected load: 6/8kW, length: 2100mm, width: 1700mm, height: 2100mm, weight: 3.5t.
New in: unknown
Location: Germany
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