When the world wide web arose in the early 1990s, an idea came up by the two founders Edgar Keser and Thomas Grün, to use the new opportunities for new sales and marketing concepts. After a long period of analysing and consideration it appeared to us that especially the machine trade was predestined for our intentions. Compared to all other goods like automobiles or real estates, a smaller and primarily more specific market had been available for buyers, which was then often locally separated. As a qualified mechanical engineer, this choice was close to last-mentioned founder's heart, Thomas Grün.

We are the archetype

By the time our website went online in 1996, it had been the first online market place for used machinery worldwide. Even in the United States there had been no such thing as RESALE. Meaning that Europe took the initiative on this particular online business concept other than many other business ideas so far, which has been accused to european online companies many times before. Rightly so, because in fact it seems easier to adopt a business model on the internet, than to implement a new one and especially bringing up the concept as a start.

The early years

Our newly formed online portal soon filled up with many offers and wanted ads. We heard of a lot of successful sales, as well as of content sellers and buyers. But also visitors took advantage of our new market place, because it suddenly provided a high transparency and spanned long distances between market participants.

Your benefit today

Since then, many machines had been sold over the course of many years, former machine operators or merchants made successful sales and seeking companies or dealers were pleased to purchase or acquire their services. What we are offering today

For all companies

As a machine owner or operator you can both: seek and offer nearly all kinds of used industrial goods as well as machinery, which is no more inevitable for your company. See our prices and conditions for the non-dealer membership.

For machinery dealers

As a machinery dealer you can not only offer your used machinery, see our prices and conditons for the dealer membership here. You can also acquire your machines, receive wanted ads, post auctions and your profile will be included in our dealer's list. In addition, of course, you can book our banner advertisement as well.

For Auctioneers

We offer tailored rates for auctioneers, do not hesitate to get in touch with us: contact form.

For all of us

Whether you are a machine dealer, auctioneer, manufacturer or a service provider, banner advertisement is a great opportunity for everybody! See our prices and conditions for banner advertisement here.