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wood working machines / boring mills, machining centers / CNC drilling and fitting machine WEEKE BMP12

WEEKE BMP12 CNC drilling and fitting machine preview1 WEEKE BMP12 CNC drilling and fitting machine preview2 WEEKE BMP12 CNC drilling and fitting machine preview3 WEEKE BMP12 CNC drilling and fitting machine preview4 WEEKE BMP12 CNC drilling and fitting machine preview5 WEEKE BMP12 CNC drilling and fitting machine preview6 WEEKE BMP12 CNC drilling and fitting machine preview7 WEEKE BMP12 CNC drilling and fitting machine preview8
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No.: 124218175
Latest update: 24.04.2018
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Manufacturer: WEEKE
Model: BMP12
Type of machine: CNC drilling and fitting machine
CNC drilling and fitting machine WEEKE BMP12
used machine
Weight approx.: 4000 kg
Dimensions (l x w x h) approx.: 6950x2150x2055 mm
Description: Specifications:
Rearside mounted hinge inserting unit
Drill and hinge inserting unit ( with ohter clamps, also other hinges etc. can be inserted
drilling unit with 3 spindels 1,9 KW DC drive and servodrive Y-positioning
Hinge magazin with automatic feeder to inserting unit

Magazin for kitchendoor hinges is turnable 90-110° for easy fill
Magazin can be swung to the front of the machine
Warning lamp for empty magazin

Inserting format:
-Format can be adapted to each specific hinge type

-Vertical drilling with 5 drills
-Bottom mounted drilling aggregate with 5 spindels with individual control
-Drilling depth and speed is controlled
-DC driven motor
-Integrated dust extraction

Workpiece fixation
-8 Clamps, free positionable that feed through the machine
-The workpiece is positioned over the drilling unit and hinge inserting unit and pressed to the table.

Control: CNC-HOMATIC 2000 control, IPC, win 95
Programming: Woodwop 4.0

Positioning: X-direction: 2600 mm (longer workpieces can be handled in 2 steps)
-Y-direction: 35 - 650 mm

Nett workfield:
-Length 2 x 2300mm (longer workpieces need can be handled in 2 steps)
-Dept: 600 mm
-Thickness: 30 mm

Feed speed:
-X-direction: max. 45 m/min.
-Y-direction: max. 35 m/min.
-Z1-direction: max. 20 m/min.
-Z2-direction: max. 20 m/min.

Machine dimensions:
-Lenght 6000 mm
-Width: 2000 mm
-Height: 2055 mm

Pneumatic: Pressure: 5 Bar, R 1/2
Volume: ca. 10 Liter nominal

Dust extraction:
-Diameter: 80 mm per unit
-Volume: 565 m3/hour
-Airspeed: 30 M/Sec.
-Vacuum: Min. 2000 Pa.

-Too holder: M10, diam. 11 mm
-Drill length: 57,5 mm
-Tool holder: 10 mm
-Total length: 70 mm
New in: 1997
Location: Netherlands 7468 DC Enter, Niederlande 
Auction start price:
4,000 EUR  
Auction End of auction: 10.04.2018 - 10:00
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