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Category: 110 accessories for machine tools / Exhaust extraction systems
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item-No.: 155277039
New in: 2018
Seller: country-de Kurt Steiger Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH
Location: 65197 Wiesbaden

Separation capacity for emulsion of grinding machines up to: 300 l/min for oil and surface treatment up to: 160 l/min for drawing machine emulsion: 300 - 450 l/min for machining machine emulsion up to: 450 l/min Degree of separation in oil: 5 - 70% Kl. Particle separation with 2 pumps each: 50 l/min Pressure for 2 pumps each: 3.6 bar electr. Connection: 400 V, approx. 1 kW Space requirement: 1170 x 800 x 1576 mm Weight: 400 kg 4 pieces in stock!

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