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Cardfile system DIVERSE
A fireproof filing cabinet about 500 kg weight. Gladly we send you further information, images and similar products. All prices are quoted ex station Europe and and all costs is to make the buyer. VAT is not included in the prices. The contractual arrangements for each offer must be agreed separately and apply only after signing the contract. Errors excepted. All technical details, dimensions, etc. are approximate and non-binding for the supplier. The specifications are manufacturer - and operator data and non-binding for us. Us ...
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 DE 12510986
26.05.2016  BÖWE COMPACT and ENDURO
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, The COMPACT and ENDURO are in good condition and have been developed jointly by -BÖWE SYSTEC and BÖWE BELL + HOWELL. They are combining proven technologies from both Group divisions: -intelligent operation and control system plus modular input components from BÖWE SYSTEC and -gripper arm technology from BÖWE BELL + HOWELL. With a capacity of insertions per hour, the ENDURO is a popular choice in the mid-range performance segment. System highlights include a broad application range ...
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 EU 295601
19.09.2016 PC Monitor with steinless steel Keyboard BECKHOFF CPPC 7112-1007
PC Monitor with steinless steel Keyboard BECKHOFF CPPC 7112-
We provide the following to the purchase :br ;Beckhoff CPPC 7112-1007 Beckhoff PC Monitor with steinless steel Keyboardbr ;br ;br ;Mainboard: Boser HS6237 SBCbr ;br ;CPU: Intel Celeronbr ;br ;Memory: 128 MB SDRAMbr ;br ;Slot 1: Slotplate with USB ports and DVI-portbr ;br ;Slot 2: Boser SBC-V2.2Bbr ;br ;Slot 3: Slotplate with COM 1 and COM 2br ;br ;Slot 4: Slotplate with LPT 1br ;br ;Harddisk: Toshiba MK2023GAS, 20GBbr ;br ...
1,600 €