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12.12.2016 Vacuum-forming and lamination machines ILLIG UA 225 ED BE R-C/S11
Vacuum-forming and lamination machines ILLIG UA 225 ED BE R-
Technical data Max plate size: 2250 x 1250 mm Maximum panel thickness: 12 mm Maximum height of the drawing parts: 700 mm Max tool - mounting height: 860 mm Machine was overhauled in (2012) with: Film loading as well as run duck film Web, and space for platen loading Rextroh hydraulic pump 3 x Bush vacuum pumps Upper plug Removed frame parallel Form table-hydraulic Inlet duck Kettentransport Screen control Cross cutter 6 cooling fan Un ...
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 DE 71195366
12.12.2016  ILLIG VHW 90/1
Preheating station Max film width: 910 mm Maximum foil thickness: 2,0 mm Heating roller: 25.5 kW Luftzeizung: 4 kW Max speed: 35 m min. Max Heiztemperature: 140 ° C Approximate weight: 1250 kg.
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 DE 71195362
12.12.2016 Molding machines for cups ILLIG RDM 50K
Molding machines for cups ILLIG RDM 50K
Machine can be inspected any time in our workshop in dry cycle condition! Foil width max. 525 mm Max forming area. 500 x 280 mm Depth of draw neg. 125 mm Cutting length max. 3000 mm Strokes min. 38 Feed length max. 300 mm Form of clamping force of 150 kN Upper heating 20.6 kW Bottom heater 20.4 kW Voltage 380 50 V Hz Total Drive power. 6.05 kW Dimensions Lxwxh 7300 x 2420 x 2450 mm Weight 4400 kg Equip ...
 DE 71194957
13.11.2016 Thermo forming machines TFT FCS 750
Thermo forming machines TFT FCS 750
Still in production 2000. Unwinding unit Forming - punching - stacking Technical details Max forming area: 730 x 500 mm Depth of draw (positive & negative): 120 mm Film width: 250-780 mm Maximum foil thickness: 1.8-3 mm
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 DE 68721910
Lid Forming Machine ILLIG RDM 42/3
Max forming area 430 x 160 mm Max forming depth 30 mm Maximum index 450 mm Machine still in Production
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 DE 68022714
12.12.2016 Sheet Forming Machines ILLIG UA 100 EDH
Sheet Forming Machines ILLIG UA 100 EDH
Forming area: 1000 x 500 mm Depth of draw: 600 mm With New pneumatic plug assist.
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 DE 68017724
19.10.2016 Thermo forming machines PARCO S25
Thermo forming machines PARCO S25
PARCO S25 thermoforming machine maximum mould size 2500 x 1500 mm Max forming depth 700 mm Year of manufacture 2010
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 DE 67976237
13.01.2017 PE bag making and wicketing machine FMC M-175-W
PE bag making and wicketing machine FMC M-175-W
Year of manufacture: 1984 Specification:- Min size of bags: 75 - 100 mm Max size of bags: 340 - 710 mm Web guide system: FIFE Photocell system Max. Speed: 220 bags min Air shafts In production: yes Immediately available. Inspection on prior appointment. Information is given by the source, which deemed reliable. Availability is subject to prior sales.
30.09.2016 Stacking Unit ILLIG SMP 120b
Stacking Unit ILLIG SMP 120b
Used stacking round Cup, especially for cups with a diameter larger than the height.
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 DE 66939272
13.10.2016 Thermo forming machines CANNON SHELLEY PF1510
Thermo forming machines CANNON SHELLEY PF1510
Refurbished approximately 4 years ago and can be fully demonstrated.Year of Manufacture: 1997Sheet Size: 1500 mm x 1000 mmMaximum Aperture Size: 1460 mm x 960 mm � actual aperture to be agreed.Maximum depth of product � Using Upper Heater Using Lower Heater: 600 mm Upper Heater Element Type: Ceramic Element Size: 244 mm x 60 mm Element Controller: VME  ...
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 UK 66830371
19.09.2016 Thermo forming machines GABLER F400
Thermo forming machines GABLER F400
Maximum film width 420 mm max forming area. 400 x 280 mm Depth of draw neg. 120 mm Depth of draw pos. 15 mm Film roll diameter. up to 1600 mm Upper heating kW 9.8 Bottom heating kW 6,125 Strokes min. 40 Total power kW 20,285 Dimensions Lxwxh mm 4700 x 2000 x 2800 Weight 3000 kg
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 DE 65604760
19.09.2016 Thermo forming machines GABLER F743
Thermo forming machines GABLER F743
Forming area max. mm 700 x 500 (300) Depth of draw neg. mm 150 Material width max. min. mm 730 410 Closing forcemax. t 30 Drive carriage kW 15 upper heater 2.7 m lenght kW 50.4 lower heater 2.7 m lwnght kW 37.8 Total connected loa ...
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 DE 65604752
12.07.2016 Vacuum-forming machines HAMER
Vacuum-forming machines HAMER
Automatic thermoforming machine Sheet feederForming area max. 2500 x 2000 mmForming area min: 1000 x 500 mmForming widht max. 2600 x 2100 mmForming widht min 1100 x 600 mmForming depth max 600 mmForming film thickness (max.): 15 mmVacuum pump flow: 2 x 100 m3hHeating power (upper heater): (200 x 400 W): 80 kW Heating power (lower heater) (200 x 400 W): 80 kWTensión: 3x400 V N TMolding section drive by servo motor
 ES 42010210
08.07.2016 Vacuum-forming machines GEISS DU 2500 T7
Vacuum-forming machines GEISS DU 2500 T7
Sheet size 2500 x 1700mm Depth of draw 620mm Auto Sheet loader Quartz flash heaters Approx. 24,000 running hours. The machine was running until September 2015 (It’s currently stored in 5 sections ready to be transported) Pre blow and plug assist included It has been cleaned before putting in storage. Power supply 400Vx3, 50 Hz
21.12.2016 Vacuum-forming machines GIESS DN200s
Vacuum-forming machines GIESS DN200s
Serial number; 92-2020-1 Platten size 2mtr x 1mtr Top & Bottom Ceramic Heaters,with older set of spares Plug Assist, fitted Controller Sony D4 Complete with Automatic Sheet feeder Water Cooled
27,000 NZ
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 NZ 31313475
12.12.2016 Thermo forming machines ILLIG RDM 70K
Thermo forming machines ILLIG RDM 70K
Machine can be inspected in our workshop any time in dry cycle condition! Technical details: Material width max. 730 mm Forming area max. 680 x 280 mm Depth of draw neg. 150 mm Cutting length max. 5000 mm no. of cycles min. 35 index length max. 300 mm tool closing force 250 kN upper heater 35 kW lower heater 39,2 kW  ...
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 DE 27616496
08.07.2016 Lamination machines NORD MECCANICA Super Combi 3000 Mod 1300
Lamination machines NORD MECCANICA Super Combi 3000 Mod 1300
Type Of Laminator:Solvent and Solventless, Working Width: 1315 mm, Unwinder Diameter: 1000 mm, Rewinder Diameter: 1000 mm. Material width 1330 mm Materials BOPP, PETP, LDPE, LLDPE,OPA, NYLON CAST, ALU, CPP CAST, Paper, Shaftless unwinders and rewinder World Mixer Corona treatment Ferrarini & Benelli Gravure trolley Coating trolley for solventless adhesives. Webguides
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11.11.2016 Thermo forming machine PARCO S15 Mod 1510/6
Thermo forming machine PARCO S15 Mod 1510/6
Vacuum thermoforming machine PARCO s 15, model 15106 Model year 2011, very good condition Total hours 9.178 - "Switch on" hours, working hours estimated about a half of that total hours NEW- price in 2011 was Euro 190.000 ex VAT Automatic vacuum forming machines for plastic plates up to a thickness of 12 (15) mm Forming depth 600 mm Control with PLC (GE FANUC 90-30) automatically adjustable window Panel for maximum tool size 1,500 x 1,000 mm minimum tool size 550 x 450 mm (smaller sizes use with fixed size) minimum frame ...
47,500 €
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 DE 24433692
02.08.2016 Thermo forming machines AMS
Thermo forming machines AMS
Yoc : 2004 , has few worked The press works with mechanical power and adjustement from the temperature , produced by electrical resistances . All parameters are automatically adjust with PLC Stroke maxi upper cylinder : 160 mm Stroke maxi down cylinder : 50 mm Stroke mould : 50 mm Dimensions : upper plate : 170 x 170 mm ; down plate 170x170 mm Plexi plate ( mould support ) : 170X260 mm distance bars : 415 mm Length bars : 700 mm Distance maxi between the plates : 170 mm Work ...
 DE 23006193
12.12.2016 Skin Blister forming machines ILLIG SB 74D
Skin Blister forming machines ILLIG SB 74D
Machine can be inspected any time in our workshop in dry cycle condition ! Forming area Max. 505 x 775 mm Forming area Min. 350x350 mm Dimensions of cardboard blank Max. 500 x 770 mm Dimensions of cardboard blank Min. 345x345 mm Material width Max. 540 mm Height of packing 100 mm Material roll diam. max. 300 mm Material roll core diam. 70 mm Heater capacity 13 kW Vacuum pump 40 m³h  ...
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 DE 21651733
08.07.2016 Thermo forming machines DARCAN LX222
Thermo forming machines DARCAN LX222
Contact heat machine from 2010, one station machine Forming area is 580mm x 580mm Depth of draw 100mm Thickness material: seller processed 200 my through 600 my Materials processed HIPS PVC BOPS and PET Cycles: 4.5 to 6 second cycles in 250my PET. PVC runs quicker as does HIPS Sheet width 610mm Electric driving system The forming and heating is Air and the cutting is air as well through a double 6 inch cylinder Heating with 8 elements in a steel heat block which is also the cutting block No vacuum pump Weight 1,5 T Voltage ...
 ES 20625529
27.09.2016 Thermoforming-Press (Lab-Scale) Buuml;rkle/Germany LA 40/400/400
Thermoforming-Press (Lab-Scale) Bürkle/Germany LA 4
Thermoforming-Press (Lab-Scale) Heating Capcity: 16,2 kW Pressure, max.: 325 bar Contact Pressure: 25 kgcm� Pressung Force: 15 - 400 kN Stroke: 400 mm Hydraulic Laboratory Press with 2 Heating Sheets, Area 200 mm x 200 mm, level hight 300 mm, stroke 300 mm, heating capacity each sheet 8,1 kW Thermoforming of Sheets or Shrinking Tests of Film
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 DE 19004073
Film width(mm) : 430 Work time :about 69100h Features : Incl. forklift bracket for 2 rolls of film Hack mill
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 CH 16796544
14.04.2016 Deep drawing machines TFT, MEICO, WM-WRAPPING 64 MO
Deep drawing machines TFT, MEICO, WM-WRAPPING 64 MO
Thermoforming machine for the use of compact film: horizontal chain feed, separate forming, cutting and stacking. The machine was regularly in production after overhaul retrofit and is now stored because of space reasons.
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 DE 15088584
04.01.2017 Thermo forming machines ILLIG RDM 37/10
Thermo forming machines ILLIG RDM 37/10
Thermoforming machine Illig RDM 3710 still installed, was used to produce egg boxes in PS. Machine is complete and in working conditions. Molds for egg boxes in different configuration are also available. Machine immediately available. Interesting price.
 F 14859889
Thermo forming machines ILLIG RDM 37/10
- double heating - extendend guiding coloums - layout for PVC PS - 2 mcs available in totally - partly reconditioned
 DE 14100707
31.12.2016 Manual hub screw press
Manual hub screw press
Manual hub screw press MHSP100FPA with hand wheel hub screw press 100 KN (100 KN static load), pressure 48 KN (4.8 tons), 1:16, spindle diameter 45 mm, pitch 8 mm, spindle lift 0.5 mm per wheel revolution table surface: approx. 400 600 mm inner width approx. 150 mm the hub spindle press has 40 kN pressure (dynamic load). Typical applications are embossed works with exact delivery. Also, the press can be equipped and used as heating press a hot plate and additional insulating plate with temperature control. The frame is made of su ...
1,490 € 
 DE 12074804
12.12.2016 Thermoforming machines ILLIG RDM 63/15
Thermoforming machines ILLIG RDM 63/15
Thermoforming machine with an ILLIG STA 95 Trim Press Max forming area. 680 x 400 mm Depth of draw neg. 100 mm Foil width max. 720 mm Feed length max. 350 mm Upper and lower heating strokes min. 40 Machine is suitable for Plastic Plates
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 DE 7174609
12.12.2016 Sheet Forming Machines GEISS DU 1500 T6
Sheet Forming Machines GEISS DU 1500 T6
Max. Forming area mm 1500x1000 Max. sheet Area mm 1450x950 Max. Film Thickness mm 12 Max. Depth mm 600 Top & Bottom Heating plates Feeding Auto Take out Auto
 DE 7101983
07.04.2016 Thermoforming Machine KIEFEL KL 52 SH BFS
Thermoforming Machine KIEFEL KL 52 SH BFS
Technical details material.: OPS, APET, PP, HIPS, ABS Forming area (VxH): 520 x 400 mms Depth of draw: 120 mms of material thickness (max.): 1.50 mms of technical details heating, moulding and cutting. This machine has the BFS system which allows to cut in place in the forming station Forming area: 520 x 400 mms of Max sheet width: 590 mms No of cycles are very much depending on the product. However we have been producing more different products with up 50 cycles by minute, but they were no deeper than 40 mms. All movements are 140 mm ...
 DE 948152

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