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05.01.2017 vacuum pump Busch RA 100 BUSCH RA 0100 F 5R3
vacuum pump Busch RA 100 BUSCH RA 0100 F 5R3
new vacuum pump RA 0100 F 5R3 min vacuum 0.01 mbar
1,200 €
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 DE 71905283
27.10.2016 Single facer BHS MODULE CASSETTE FACER ( MCF )
BHS MODULES CASSETTE FACER (MCF) BANDLEADER Ref.Nr: 2234 manufacturer Bras model MODULES CASSETTE FACER (MCF) BANDLEADER year built: 1997 speed: 300 m min. Max sheet size: 2500 mm availability: immediately condition: good price: on technical request spezification: • speed of 300 m min, working width 2500 mm. • Set of corrugating rolls flute B and E • Pressure belts • Control system to pressure belts Erhard Leimer • B-flute, profiles BC4 • E-flute profil ...
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 DE 68258729
01.12.2016 Mould for pins
Mould for pins
Mould for pins (E.g. Rouge) 8-fold benefits + 8000 pin shots + PIN for Rouge pins
offer is possible 
 DE 63667170
11.10.2016  Fk,Fisher  krecke 43BB 43BB
F&k,Fisher & krecke 43BB 43BB
Head from 43bb
4,000 €
offer is possible 
 BA 42170153
05.12.2016 Uhlmann UPS 1-4 SEW EURODRIVE R57DV100M4/BMG/HR/TF
Main drive motor for Uhlmann UPS 1-4 fully functional
offer is possible 
 DE 27616376
05.12.2016 Cartoning machine Uhlmann C100 UHLMANN / KAISER GDN90S/4B
Cartoning machine Uhlmann C100 UHLMANN / KAISER GDN90S/4B
Main drive motor for Uhlmann C100
offer is possible 
 DE 27616190
09.01.2017 Keg cap (plastic caps for kegs) WALLART plastic caps for kegs
Keg cap (plastic caps for kegs) WALLART plastic caps for keg
Our keg caps fit all types of extractor tubes : sankey spears, « A » type spears, triangular spears Benefits of our keg caps : â Can be placed manually or with an automatic capper on the extractor tube â Protects against dust â Sealing function â Easy to open â Can be personalized with your logo â Many colors available â Quick delivery Cap size available â Ã? 64 mm caps to be used with Sankey spears (S-Type tube). Come in boxes ...
offer is possible 
 FR 24921700
12.09.2016 mobil pallet stretcher ROBOPAC Robot S6 PDS
mobil pallet stretcher ROBOPAC Robot S6 PDS
The opportunity: abcs:abc.youtube.comwatch?v=7igo_6zoitE Robot S6 PDS This machine is easily damaged by transport damage. The function is 100% The warranty is 100% Available now Winding height up to 2,400 mm Special offer, instead of 10.750.- Excluding transportation, installation and commissioning - subject to prior sale
BN 8,500 €
offer is possible 
 AT 21633652
29.12.2016 Foil packaging accessories
Foil packaging accessories
12 rolls shrink flat film (600 x 0.030) 1500 m suitable each role also for the packaging of wallpaper rolls.
offer is possible 
 DE 20531839
04.01.2017 stretch film BRANGS+HEINRICH Profi Stretch 28
stretch film BRANGS+HEINRICH Profi Stretch 28
Pro stretch film Thickness: 28 Micron Thickness: micron Width: 1,000 mm width: mm Length: 1,500 m length: meters Roll weight: 43.5 kg weight of roll: kgs
35 €
offer is possible 
 DE 19883902
24.08.2016 Multihead weigher ISY-PAC
Multihead weigher ISY-PAC
For example, a Multihead weigher or similar platform. Dimensions stage: 2000x2000x2000mmMaße slot: 700x700mm (located in the center of the stage) material: V2A
 DE 15945699
28.12.2016 Vacuum pump BECKER U 4.40/09
Vacuum pump BECKER U 4.40/09
Becker vacuum pump absolutely mint condition Run-time = 1 hour for test purposes Year 2013 Motor output 1,5-1,8 KW New price 2,400 euros
1,800 € 
 DE 5799138
30.09.2016 Hotmelt unit NORDSON 3700-2BB36
Hotmelt unit NORDSON 3700-2BB36
1 of used hot-melt unit, make Nordson, type 3700-2BB36. Tank capacity 13.6 kg, melt rate 18.1 kghour. Suitable for 380-415220-240V, 5060Hz. With Pneumatic piston pump 21:1, non-recirculating manifold for 6 hoses witih standard filter, Multiscan controls for 6 hoses and guns. Hoses and guns NOT included. New 1990.
 NL 3951592
various machines pouring tools for Weckerle lipstick machines list with the precise data can be requested interest
offer is possible 
 DE 3194435
various pouring tools for Arden-lipstick machines list with the precise data can be requested interest
offer is possible 
 DE 3194433
18.10.2016 pneumatic air transport JOUCOMATIC C20 AS
pneumatic air transport JOUCOMATIC C20 AS
Air transport divides pneumatics impulse
 PL 1606891
30.09.2016 Kisters ZVT spare parts KISTERS AEG INDRAMAT DPW PC09 PC020 PC030 PC040
Kisters ZVT spare parts KISTERS AEG INDRAMAT DPW PC09 PC020
We have large stock of now OEM-obsolete used mechanical spare parts and electric electronic parts for Kisters and ZVT tray- and shrinkpacking machines. Including AEG DPW 101102, Kisters PC09 PC020 PC030 PC040, and Indramat servo drives and controllers, Mayr Primo servo controllers. Details upon request. MAC 71C-0-JS-4-C95-A-0WI504LVS001 MAC 71C-0-JS-4-C95-A-0WI504LXS001 MAC 71C-0-JS-4-C95-A-1WI504LVS001 MAC 71C-0-JS-4-C95-A-1WI504LXS001 MAC112B-0-GD-4-C180-A-0WI504LVS011 MAC112B-0-GD-4-C180-A-0WI504L ...
 NL 699654

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