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08.12.2016 Compact L-Sealer with Shrink Tunnel KALLFASS KC 8060/650 Universal
Compact L-Sealer with Shrink Tunnel KALLFASS KC 8060/650 Uni
Working height: 920-1020mm, tunnel passage width: 650mm, tunnel passage height: 100-400mm, film reel width: 750mm, welding frame dimensions: 800x600mm.
 DE 71013916
15.11.2016 Shrinking tunnels HUGO BECK HV 601
Shrinking tunnels HUGO BECK HV 601
Equipment Machine No.: 2992238 Shrink tunnel Technical Details Infeed width max: 600 mm Infeed height max: 300 mm Heat power: 4 - 12 kW
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 DE 68676813
15.11.2016 Sheet welding machines AFFELDT SA05 + VT60
Sheet welding machines AFFELDT SA05 + VT60
Equipment Machine No.: 14475.1 Foil wrapping machine: Affeldt SA05 Shrink tunnel
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 DE 68662891
14.10.2016 Shrinking units MEURER MEYPACK CMB/K
Shrinking units MEURER MEYPACK CMB/K
1 of used shrinkpacker, make Meurer Meypack, type CMBK. New 1989. Capacity upto 40 cyclesminute (depending on product and with inline infeed).Max speed with current 90-degree infeed is approx. 20 cyclesminute. Sleeving machine CMBH60 with shrinkrinktunnel CMS60, mounted on a common frame on wheels. 90-degree infeed conveyor with pneumatic pusher. Welding-bar system with side-mounted film reels. Siemens S5 plc. Designed to handle pre-packed products (ie. bottlescans on trays etc.). Wired for 230400V50Hz.
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 NL 67467000
15.11.2016 Shrinking units KALLFASS Universa 400 + Compact 450 SO
Shrinking units KALLFASS Universa 400 + Compact 450 SO
Equipment Foil wrapping machine: Kallfass Universa 400 Standard Shrink tunnel
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 DE 66830176
12.09.2016 KHS Kisters Shrink Film Packer SP 042 VZ KHS KISTERS Kisters SP 042 VZ
KHS Kisters Shrink Film Packer SP 042 VZ KHS KISTERS Kisters
KHS Kisters Shrink Film Packer SP 042 VZ This film wrapper was designed to package readymade shrink packages of 0.33 and 0.5 liter cans The machine was delivered by KHS Kisters in year 1999 and it was refurbished by Kisters in 2004 and after refurbishment, used only very limited hours. Controls Siemens Simatic S7 with touch screen, two conveyor lines and two film rolls The machine is still installed, preserved for sale and relocation and is in good condition. With the equipment we deliver original documentation in English and Russian ...
 FI 62971042
14.08.2016 Shrinking units for sheets WELGER SB 3000 SB 3000
Shrinking units for sheets WELGER SB 3000 SB 3000
SB 3000 - the most effective performance of Welger. The SB 3000 is a hydraulic baler with a compact design with high throughput for large volume materials type. Forced to compress the recording of materials is carried out by a hydraulically powered packer. Depending on individual requirements, you can run the press to manually or automatically. The press can be equipped with various automatic feeding devices. For example: universal integrated conveyor, air conveyors, hoisting and tipping devices and every production process in almost  ...
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 DE 58089557
05.08.2016 Tray shrink wrapper KETTNER GMBH Variopac TFS-60
Tray shrink wrapper KETTNER GMBH Variopac TFS-60
Tray Shrink Wrapper Variopac TFS-60, year 2002 This shrink wrapping machine was delivered by Kettner in 2002. It has been used for 0.5 liter glass bottles on a carton tray and wrap it in to shrink wrapped plastic film with the capacity of 60 cycles per hour or 42 000 bph. The equipment is currently dismantled and packed professionally by a KHS contractor. It is in good condition, ready for immediate relocation. Made by Kettner GmbH Model Variopac TFS-60 Year of commission 2002 Serial number 8803026 Capacity 60 cycle per minu ...
 FI 53989057
05.08.2016 Tray shrink wrapper ZVT KISTERS GMBH TSP 050 S
Tray shrink wrapper ZVT KISTERS GMBH TSP 050 S
Tray Shrink Wrapper ZTV Kisters TSP 050 S This shrink wrapping machine was made by ZVT Kisters in 2000. Operating direction is from right to left. It has Siemens Simatic S7 operation control. The machine has been working without any problems but needs a small service before reinstallation. Manufacturer: ZVT Kisters GmbH Manufacturing year: 2000 Machine type: TSP 050 S Serial No: N13740 Capacity: 50 tact min Working width: 1250 +- 50 mm PLC: Siemens Simatic S 7 Power: 400 V 93 kW
 FI 53989055
12.09.2016 Hood shrinking units MSK 284E
Hood shrinking units MSK 284E
Ease of use: shrink frame for euro pallet height up to 2000 mm Thickness of 80 200µ Excavation station Suction fan For better transport-safe foil plating and Unterschrumpf Grouting equipment Built to cut and manufacture of shrink film of lengths 1 roll holder You save with endless film vs. finished hoods Technical data see rating plate The system consists of: Shrink frame 4.500.- Excavation station 1.500.- Topcoat 3.000 Also available are 6 rolls à 400 m of the shrink wrap costs special price: â ...
BN 9,000 €
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 AT 50506135
25.07.2016 Shrinking units SMI SK 450 F
Shrinking units SMI SK 450 F
SMI SK 450 F Automatic shrink machine For plastic, metal or glass containers. - machine is dismantled, its not working - the machine is complette with shrink tunnel - all parts are exist - the machine is require an assembling - some parts of electricity have to be replace The machine is operated only 1 year before dismount.
25,000 €
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 HU 49453595
19.07.2016 L.-Sealer PACTUR Lady Pack
L.-Sealer PACTUR Lady Pack
L.-Sealer full functional welding frame: 450 mm 540 mm
7,500 €
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 AT 45850757
15.11.2016 Shrinking units PACTUR 65 / A2
Shrinking units PACTUR 65 / A2
Foil wrapping machine with shrink tunnel Pactur 65 A2 --Machine No: 12788
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 DE 40371113
05.07.2016 Shrinking tunnels EDL 30 x 12
Shrinking tunnels EDL 30 x 12
Sealing size: 750mm wide x 300mm high. Pneumatic push button control (new system). 415 volts, 3Ph, 50Hz, 35 amps. Machine size: 1500mm x 1300mm x 2200mm high, weight 200kg. CHECKEDTESTEDRUNNING
2,000 GBP
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 UK 39748702
16.06.2016 Bundle Shrinkwrapper Machine SKINETTA PAC-SYSTEME Auto-Skinetta 450
Bundle Shrinkwrapper Machine SKINETTA PAC-SYSTEME Auto-Skine
Film width: approx. 450mm, capacity: approx. 24cyclesmin max., control: Siemens.
 DE 37711929
30.09.2016 Shrinkpacker Multipacker ZVT (KHS / KISTERS) SP030V
Shrinkpacker Multipacker ZVT (KHS / KISTERS) SP030V
1 of used film-only shrink wrapper, make ZVT (KHS), type SP030V, new 2000. Operating side: left. Capacity 30 cyclesminute nominal, 35 cpm in overspeed. Siemens S7 PLC. Indramat EcoDrive servo's. Used for PET bottles in clear and print-registered shrink-wrap film as: 500 ml, D 63.5 x H 230 mm, 3x2=6, dual-lane, 1.000 ml, D 80 x H 281 mm, 3x2=6, dual-lane, and 1.500 ml, D 89 x H 332 mm, 3x2=6, dual-lane. Future option (no parts supplied) was 2.000 ml, D 100 x H 349 mm, 3x2=6 and 2x2=4, dual-lane.
 NL 36910219
25.10.2016  VC 999 Tank 62.41
VC 999 Tank 62.41
VC 999 tank 62.41 shrink tank
 DE 35043392
13.06.2016  GRAMEGNA PZ 02210
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 FI 34951371
19.05.2016 Shrinking tunnels CRYOVAC hot water shrink tunnel
Shrinking tunnels CRYOVAC hot water shrink tunnel
Stainless, steam heated, water level control, temp control up to 95'c aperture 500mm x 250mm. Applications for fresh meats, processed meats, poultry, cheese blocks etc.
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 UK 34606556
26.10.2016  BVM BMS 6035 L
BVM BMS 6035 L
Two machines in stock, one operating side in direction left, one right. otherwise identical machines The machines were 300 mm used for the packaging of magazines, individually and in batches up to maximum height Year 1112 2013, in use since January 2014 Maschine2 - internal 791 - operation right side: Total hours of power 2279 Total number of units: banderolierte pieces 122.086 General machine information - for both machines valid: Accessories: Roller conveyor output, not driven, 5,000 x 400 mm Infee ...
23,500 €
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 DE 34406261
21.10.2016 Shrinking tunnels PACTUR Ladypack Auto 60
Shrinking tunnels PACTUR Ladypack Auto 60
Automatic L sealer with drying tunnel TL 60 both from 1998. We can ship these units worldwide!
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 SE 32803309
15.11.2016 Shrinking tunnels KALLFASS Universal 450 N
Shrinking tunnels KALLFASS Universal 450 N
Shrink tunnel Kallfass Universal 450 N Machine no: S 03.00.973 incl. foil wrapping machine Pack Jet 400 incl. Chain gripping transport machine
offer is possible 
 DE 28038228
05.12.2016 Shrinking units for sheets PESTER PEWO Fold 1HS
Shrinking units for sheets PESTER PEWO Fold 1HS
Pester fold 1 banding with full wrap and sealing of page Package size: EL = 107-152 mm EB = 57-126 mm EH = 110-125 mm Folentypen: PP, regenerated cellulose, PVC
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 DE 27420825
12.09.2016 Sheet welding machines KALLFASS KC 5040/450 PN
Sheet welding machines KALLFASS KC 5040/450 PN
Facilities: -Roll holder to hang up the slide -Slide lower bracket at welding part -CPL feeding air table. with slide part bar and -Tin -Basic heating for welding wires -1 roll of transition in the tunnel outlet -Built out conveyor belt during welding -silicone-coated rods of transport -Stabkettentransport -Electronic thermostat temperature control -Mobile on wheels for mobile use -adjustable tunnel fan heater -adjustable tunnel clearance -Soft start for automatic goods i.d. tunnel -Automatic or manual operation of the welding frame c ...
BN 3,950 €
offer is possible 
 AT 23494299
12.09.2016 Shrinking tunnels BECK PACKAUTOMATEN WV601
Shrinking tunnels BECK PACKAUTOMATEN WV601
Thermo shrinking tunnel Shrink packaging quality for medium power infinitely variable separately adjustable top and bottom Max band-width: 600 mm Maximum clearance height: 220 mm
BN 4,800 €
offer is possible 
 AT 22608046
15.12.2015 Shrinking units MACDUE MEDI 70 AC
Shrinking units MACDUE MEDI 70 AC
Automatic angle welding machine MACDUE MEDI 70 AC Serial number: 3584 Year of construction: 2001 Suitable for large and long objects. Max. foil width 800-1000 mm Max welding width approx. 650 mm Max height approx. 400 mm Length infinity (Hot Air) The machine has never been in a production line. It has only been used for tests for about 10 hours
8,500 €
offer is possible 
 DK 21963727
08.07.2016 Shrinking tunnels TETRA PAK Tetra Film Shrink Wrapper 67
Shrinking tunnels TETRA PAK Tetra Film Shrink Wrapper 67
Tetra Shrink Wrapper 67 Year 2.000 Variables: - Packaging type: Brik - Volumen: 200S - Package pattern: 3x13x2 - Package width: 135-144 - Voltage: 3N380220V - Frecuency: 50 Hz - Feeding side: Rigth hand - Package outfeed: Rigth feed - Outfeed: Tetra pack conv 53 - Conveyor: End unit
 ES 20580303
28.09.2016  KALLFASS Super Wrap Simplex 650
KALLFASS Super Wrap Simplex 650
Year of Construction: 1996 Stamp width 650 mm Maximum foil width 620 mm Foil (flat shrink film): up to 120 µm Film reel outside diameter: Max 400 mm Foil roll width: above 650 mm, down 620 mm Band-width: 650 mm Passage high, adjustable: 100-400 mm with cross the thrust belt including shrink tunnel Kallfass standard 650 N, year 1996
offer is possible 
 DE 20173512
30.09.2016 Shrinking units ZVT (KHS / KISTERS) SP 042/40 DZ
Shrinking units ZVT (KHS / KISTERS) SP 042/40 DZ
1 of used film-only shrink packer (multi-packer), make ZVT (KHS Kisters), type 04240 DZ, with shrinktunnel, new 1998. Operating side left. Siemens S5 plc with OP15. Capacity upto 40 cyclesminute. Suitable for handling print-registered shrinkwrap film. Initially supplied for 500 ml PET bottles (D 63.5 x H 219 mm) as 2x2=4-packs (3-lane) and 6x4=24-packs (single lane), with possible future application 1.500 ml PET bottles (D 88 x H 326 mm) as 3x2=6 (dual-lane). Overhauled by KHS in 2012 - not been used since.
 NL 19664555
15.11.2016 Shrinking tunnels ABI FAG 500
Shrinking tunnels ABI FAG 500
Reference No. 10853 Manufacturer Abi Type FAG 500 Year 1990 Status on stock Price on request Incoterms FCA Description: Foil sealing machine Abi Fag 500 shrink wrap tunnel
offer is possible 
 DE 19327402

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