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16.01.2017 Spiral freezers FRIGOSCANDIA GyroCompact M10GC
Spiral freezers FRIGOSCANDIA GyroCompact M10GC
30 levels - Clockwise Belt length: 1020 mm Production: about 200 kg per hour Fluid C02 Stainless steel construction
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 FR 72287538
16.01.2017 HAUSER wall cooling racks HAUSER RMG-H3
HAUSER wall cooling racks HAUSER RMG-H3
Now! Access! Freezer wall shelf for an external unit of HAUSER Model RMG-H3 Dimensions outside: ca. 560x103x235cm Built in 2007 Very good condition Bargain price! only € 3.099,-all prices are purely NET zzgl 19% VAT and shipping (Without cooling unit without installation) Cool deep products efficiently with a Tiefkühlschrankl for an external unit by HAUSER. The shelf of Hauser is there with us very cheap in length: 450cm. We have always different used refrigerators and freezers in stock  ...
3,099 €
offer is possible 
 DE 72287515
16.01.2017 Refrigerated counter straight glass Linde LINDE ABT 45
Refrigerated counter straight glass Linde LINDE ABT 45
Refrigerated counter straight glass Linde ABBOT used Now! Access! Used refrigerated counter Linde ABBOT. Manufacturer: Linde Model: ABT 45, BJ CK Design: straight glass, without aggregate Unit 250 cm length: 2 x Unit length of 190 cm: 1 x Overall length: 700 cm Without condensing unit External unit required (not included) Cooling furniture of the manufacturer AHT, Linde, Costan used including refrigerators, freezers, used wall cooling shelves, refrigerated cabinets, cooling and Islands, cooling and deep cooling, cooling an ...
2,100 €
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 DE 72287261
12.01.2017 Water coolers TECHNOMAC R50-R
Water coolers TECHNOMAC R50-R
Technomac water chiller, type: Rapidmac 50, model: R50-R, serial number: 000 904 00045, 380-400 V, 50 Hz, 4 A, 1500 W, refrigerant: R404A, 1.0 kg, dimensions: 1200 mm x 620 mm x 730 mm.
used machinery auction RESALE 2,200 € 
 NL 72134328
10.01.2017 Chillers WINDEX 55 KW CHILLER NO 3 Windex LXA 202-P
Chillers WINDEX 55 KW CHILLER NO 3 Windex LXA 202-P
Windex LXA 202-P Refrigerant R410A with 2 scroll compressors Approx. 55 kW   Year 2010 from running, freiwerdend free ca kw 6-7 (then better photos)
8,500 €
offer is possible 
 DE 72085232
10.01.2017 Recirculation chillers WINDEX 55 KW CHILLER NO 2 Windex LXA 202-P
Recirculation chillers WINDEX 55 KW CHILLER NO 2 Windex LXA
Windex LXA 202-P Refrigerant R410A with 2 scroll compressors Approx. 55 kW   Year 2010 from running, freiwerdend free ca kw 6-7 (then better photos)
8,500 €
offer is possible 
 DE 72085229
10.01.2017 Cold water sets WINDEX 55 KW CHILLER NO 1 Windex LXA 202-P
Cold water sets WINDEX 55 KW CHILLER NO 1 Windex LXA 202-P
Windex LXA 202-P Refrigerant R410A with 2 scroll compressors Approx. 55 kW   Year 2010 from running, freiwerdend free ca kw 6-7 (then better photos
8,500 €
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 DE 72085227
10.01.2017  WINDEX
BJ 2010ca 120 kw in the Klimabetriebca 500 kw in motor Wärmeca 2 x 4 m6 Lüfterwie new freiwerdend ca kw 6-7(dann better photo)
offer is possible 
 DE 72085223
16.01.2017 AHT marketing cooler Wandklühlregal AHT AHT AC XL
AHT marketing cooler Wandklühlregal AHT AHT AC XL
Effectively present with the used marketing cooler wall cabinet AHT AC XL. now at us well below list price! Manufacturer: AHT Model: AHT AC XL Special features: All features on the manufacturer's info .PDF -4 adjustable Grates (inclined possible) plus bottom layer -4 wheels -Automatic defrosting and condensation- evaporation -Brightly lit advertising display External dimensions (WxDxH): 1195 x 928 x 1973 Content netgross l 7201060 Temp.Bereich: + 2 to + 7 (3M 2) ° c. In stock: 4 PCs. > > Ne ...
1,449 €
offer is possible 
 DE 72056608
16.01.2017 Refrigerated counter Linde LINDE ABT 46
Refrigerated counter Linde LINDE ABT 46
The refrigerated counter Linde ABBOT 46 presents itself as eye-catcher for your fresh product ranges. Like, you can purchase the counter for your market in items individually. Price specifications on request: Overall length: 10 m held with na straight glass consisting of 2 x 375 cm and 90 degree corner With high-quality stainless steel insert Also in the items for sale! Other lengths on request Ready to plug or external unit you will find used refrigerated cabinets cheap and in good condition at HERATEC. Just ...
 DE 72056593
16.01.2017 Viessmann cooling cells VIESSMANN CS 0900 T-111
Viessmann cooling cells VIESSMANN CS 0900 T-111
€ 1.499,- Special price! Manufacturer: Viessmann Ready to plug in Type: CS 0900 T-111 Technical details: Manufacturer: Viessmann Ready to plug in Type: CS 0900 T-111 External dimensions: Height 1950mm Width: 1500mm Length: 2400mm Internal dimensions: Height: 1830mm Width: 1380mm Length: 2280mm The Viessmann group is one of the leading manufacturers of innovative cooling solutions in Europe. The product portfolio includes cooling and freezer units with central cooling and plug-in versions, evaporator, composit ...
1,499 €
offer is possible 
 DE 72056578
16.01.2017 Refrigerators AHT CMV375
Refrigerators AHT CMV375
AHT CMV 375 wall refrigerator compact 1-door TOP YEAR 20112012 € 399,-net from stock top offer -> Just arrived! each refrigerator Compact and modern fridge Brightly lit advertising display Automatic defrost and condensate- evaporation As new year 20112012 More technical details: • Air cooling • Automatic defrost and condensate evaporation • Interior lighting fluorescent lamp horizontal • adjustable shelves • Outer tank: coated s ...
399 €
offer is possible 
 DE 72056568
16.01.2017 Wall cooling racks LINDE COSTAN U.A. ARM ARF DRM u.a.
Wall cooling racks LINDE COSTAN U.A. ARM ARF DRM u.a.
Wall cabinet used Linde ARF ARM CLEARANCE Up-to-date special prices for wall cooling racks ARM and ARF! CAMP REPOSSESSIONS PRICE! only € 499- per lf. Meter Height approx. 2000 mm Side wall € 99St 2 rows of shelves included! For connection to an external cooling unit (not included). Technical details: Manufacturer: Linde Costan etc. Models: ARF and ARM including - according to availability Length: 3750 mm 2500 mm - subject to availability Depth: 1150 mm Height approx ...
BN 499 €
offer is possible 
 DE 72056566
16.01.2017 AHT freezer AHT Miami
AHT freezer AHT Miami
€ 5.999,-set price! All prices are 19% VAT and shipping in net zzgl Freezer set of the 4 place approx. €. 15,000,! New price approximately 8 square Tiefkühlfäche! Year 2014! Ready to plug in Lengths 185250 cm Top condition very good-as new! -(with LED lights) Stock: 1 island All chests, tested and cleaned
5,999 €
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 DE 72056564
16.01.2017 Freezer of AHT Paris AHT Paris
Freezer of AHT Paris AHT Paris
Freezers TK used chests of AHT Paris very good condition € 579 NET ex warehouse each freezer 185 cm instead € 2600 NP € 589,-net ex warehouse each freezer 210 cm instead € 2700 NP € 599 NET ex warehouse each freezer 250 cm instead € 2800 NP large inventory very good condition Panoramic glass lid Tested and cleaned we guarantee the functionality delivered all chests! Technical details: Manufacturer: AHT Model: Paris 185, 210, 250 Length: 185  ...
579 €
offer is possible 
 DE 72056560
03.01.2017 Refrigerating machines GüNTNER GFD 080 B/2x8 510
Refrigerating machines GüNTNER GFD 080 B/2x8 510
Make: Güntner Type: GFD 080 B 2 x 8-510 Y.o.m: 2009 Max. pressure: 16 bar Min. pressure:-1 bar max. temperature: 100 ° C Min. temperature: -50 ° C Volume: 209.1 l previously used for whey cooling
offer is possible 
 HU 71840698
03.01.2017 Compressors LINDE BITZER 6H-25.2Y-40P
Compressors LINDE BITZER 6H-25.2Y-40P
Composites plant Linde BITZER 8 x Lanita 6H-25.2Y 8 x 110 m3h Year of construction: 2004 In very good condition.
offer is possible 
 PL 71840676
03.01.2017 Compound systems LINDE BITZER 6F-40.2Y-40P
Compound systems LINDE BITZER 6F-40.2Y-40P
Composites LindeBITZER 5 x BITZER 6F-40.2Y-40P control and zuberhor Year of construction: 2004 In good condition
offer is possible 
 PL 71840574
22.12.2016 Freezer chests AHT Athen 207
Freezer chests AHT Athen 207
Head chest of AHT Athens 207 Length: approx. 2.07 m Width: 1.00 m Height: approx. 0.90 m (partial 1.12 m with lighting) Refrigerant: R 290 or R290A or R404A Storage temperature:-18 to - 23 ° C, 0 to 2 ° C partial with lighting BJ.: 2006-2013 with slight signs of wear
150 €
offer is possible 
 DE 71532806
22.12.2016 Freezer chests AHT Athen 210
Freezer chests AHT Athen 210
AHT Athens 210 Length: 2,10 m Width: 1.00 m Height: approx. 0.90 m BJ.: from 2006 Refrigerant: R 290 or. R290A and R404A Storage temperature: 0-2 ° C with slight traces of use, also cover broken
150 €
offer is possible 
 DE 71532802
21.12.2016   Other
Brand Altele ID SH5081 Status Active Price 900 € + VAT Year of manufacture 2006 Location Ex Works Bucharest
900 €
offer is possible 
 RO 71514652
02.01.2017 Spiral freezers FRIGOSCANDIA M 10
Spiral freezers FRIGOSCANDIA M 10
GCM103+1-08-30-27+9-NW-CR GC: Gyrocompact (Stackable carpet without structure) M10: Carpet 1 meter wide 3 + 1: 3 evaporators running, defrosting 1 (allows to work 2424 non-stop) 08: Height of 80 mm (height available 65 mm) Bank 30: Number of turns 30 27 + 9: 27000 m² of surface area + 9000 m² of reserve NW: North West location (when you are in front of the freezer input down to the left, output on the right side at the top.) CR: rotation in the clockwise direction. Technical details Carpet:  ...
offer is possible 
 FR 71514645
21.12.2016 Ice cream maker (permanent) ICE GROUP Frosta 400
Ice cream maker (permanent) ICE GROUP Frosta 400
400 litres hour (depending on the air charge) more data like in the conversation or in accordance with your written request Machine was bought in 2014!
BN 24,500 €
offer is possible 
 DE 71250692
21.12.2016 Pasteurizing plant ice group technological mix ICE GROUP Technomix
Pasteurizing plant ice group technological mix ICE GROUP Tec
Pasteurizing plant techno mix batch 600: consisting of control bra 30006, Homogenizer, extra large heat exchanger, 2 pasteurizers (each 600 litres) 4 ripening tanks (each 600 litres), ice water generator and cooling tower (closed cooling circuit)
BN 79,000 €
offer is possible 
 DE 71250690
16.01.2017 Air conditioners air conditioner by Midea MIDEA Mou-36HN2,Mou-24HN2
Air conditioners air conditioner by Midea MIDEA Mou-36HN2,Mo
More than 12,000 sqm of warehouse space we are! Supplier used charge and warehouse facilities. We are THE partner for equipping your tune new supermarket or discount store or their chain of stores. We have always used cooling systems and complete multiple units in stock Manufacturer: Midea Type: Mou-36HN2 and MOU 24HN2 Capacity: 5-6 KW We have always large AMOUNTS of equipment IMMEDIATELY AVAILABLE ex stock Wilhelmshaven Contact us easily via email or by phone! We gladly make you an offer. Gladly we arrange transportation for y ...
offer is possible 
 DE 71194089
16.01.2017 Cooling machine plus composite system with condenser
Cooling machine plus composite system with condenser
Cooling machine new arrivals! This is ideal for connecting your cabinets and refrigerators plus composite system with condenser. Very cheap! We again have refrigeration units, capacitors, switchboards and another of Baldwin, Klimal, Prestcold, Coopeland in the program. Like you can see our complete cooling program. An appointment is necessary! Just ask. We sell and export worldwide, due to our very large storage capacity, we can supply large quantities quickly and flexibly HERATEC Handels GmbH & co. KG Mr. Gunth ...
1,750 €
offer is possible 
 DE 71194084
05.12.2016  COPELAND U. DANFOSS diverse
24 St on the rider 22017 are still 50 St
offer is possible 
 DE 70924409
05.12.2016 Recirculation chillers STULZ Diverse
Recirculation chillers STULZ Diverse
Coolers, condensers, water cooler, various
offer is possible 
 DE 70924405
05.12.2016 Refrigeration compressors TRANE U. ANDERE
Refrigeration compressors TRANE U. ANDERE
2 palettes Hochleistungskompressoroil
BN 10,000 €
offer is possible 
 DE 70924391
16.01.2017 Linde wall cabinet LINDE MIDOS
Linde wall cabinet LINDE MIDOS
Price on request Completely about 33 meters, including technology! Height approx. 200 cm side wall price on request Units 250 cm 375 cm Floors included! For connection to an external cooling unit Technical details: Manufacturer: Linde Model: Midos Length: approx 3300 cm Depth: 120 cm Height 200 cm For connection to an external cooling unit The cool furniture manufacturer carrier (formerly Linde) is known for commercial refrigeration and freezer units among other things also happen in food retail. ...
offer is possible 
 DE 70924245

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Oven Racks(7)  
oven-chargers for Winkler oven 1,2 m(2)  
oven-chargers for deck oven, 1600 mm(3)  
Pack press for fruit(2)  
Packaging Machine(3)  
Packaging machines(5)  
Paddl mixer(2)  
Paddle mixer(4)  
palett wrapper(2)  
Pasteurisation plant(2)  
Pasteurizing Machine(2)  
Pasteurizing Machine with Flash Pasteurization and(2)  
Pasteurizing Machine with Plate Heat Exchanger(2)  
Pastry forming machines(17)  
Pastry line(2)  
Peeling machines(2)  
Pellet mill(2)  
Pellet presses(15)  
PET line(2)  
PET stretch blow moulder(3)  
PET systems(10)  
PET-filling line(2)  
Pickle Injector(2)  
Pickle injectors(34)  
Piston Filler(2)  
Piston homogenizer(2)  
Pizza oven(2)  
Planetary Mixer(6)  
Planetary mixers(28)  
planetary-mixer, fabr. Kemper, type PM 40 V(3)  
Platform scales(2)  
Pneumatic cylinder(2)  
Pneumatic Filler(3)  
Portioning machines(13)  
Pots and Pans(2)  
Poultry Equipment(2)  
poultry rehanger stork(2)  
Premix installations(4)  
Press wafer plant for cast bags(2)  
Presses for bread rolls(5)  
Pressure tanks(8)  
Pretzel making machines(2)  
Process Tank(2)  
Production lines(20)  
Profing Chamber(2)  
pub brewery(2)  
rack oven(4)  
Rack ovens(29)  
racks, moveable(2)  
Recirculation chillers(2)  
Refrigerant pumps(2)  
Refrigerating machines(9)  
Refrigeration compressors(23)  
Refrigeration systems(43)  
Rotary lobe pump(3)  
Rotary oven(5)  
rotary pump, fabr. Hilge, stainless steel cap. ma(2)  
Rotary Table for entry line 1000mm with motor(2)  
Rotary Vacuum Filter(2)  
Rührgerät TKS I(2)  
sausage slicers(2)  
Scalding machines(2)  
Screening machine(2)  
Screw capper(5)  
Screw Compressor(5)  
Screw Compressor Chiller(3)  
Screw conveyor(3)  
Screw locking machines(5)  
semi-automatic divider + rounder, Record(2)  
semi-automatic divider + rounder, fabr. Fortuna 3(2)  
Separators for dairy(5)  
servo twist tyer/closure-machine, Burford, Modell(2)  
Sheet metal cleaning machines(2)  
Shell Moulding Line(2)  
Shock-freezing units(5)  
shop oven(7)  
Shredder machine(2)  
shrink tunnel(2)  
Shrink wrapper machines(10)  
Shrinkpacker Multipacker(2)  
Sieve cleaners for grain sieves(2)  
Silo And Bin Discharger(2)  
Sine Pump(2)  
Single chamber packing machine(3)  
Skinning Machine(2)  
Skinning machine, skinner(3)  
Slicer cutting machine(10)  
Slicing Machine(3)  
Slim keg 20 litres(2)  
Smoke chamber(4)  
Smoke chambers(2)  
smoke generator(3)  
smoke house(9)  
smoke system(10)  
Soft ice cream machine(2)  
Spare parts(2)  
Spiral cooler(2)  
Spiral Dough(5)  
Spiral freezer belt(2)  
Spiral freezers(16)  
Spiral kneaders(2)  
Spiral kneading machine(2)  
Spiral kneading machines(72)  
Spiral Mixer(18)  
Spiral Mixer --(4)  
Spiral Mixer -Reconditioned-(2)  
Spiral mixer for dough(2)  
Spiral Mixer with mobile bowls(5)  
spiralmixer for 18 kg dough / 20 ltr., type Hobby/(2)  
spiralmixer, fabr. Diosna, type SP 80 D(2)  
spiralmixer, fabr. Kemper, type SPL 50(2)  
spiralmixer, fabr. Kemper, type ST 125 A(2)  
spiralmixer, fabr. Oase, type SPK 15(2)  
spiralmixer, fabr.Diosna, type SP 120 D(3)  
Stainless steel bakery refrigerator(2)  
stainless steel hood(2)  
stainless steel rack for 12 trays 330 x 600 mm,(2)  
stainless steel rack for oven chargers(4)  
Stainless steel silos(2)  
Stainless steel table(6)  
stainless steel tables(2)  
Stainless steel tank(4)  
Stainless steel tanks(7)  
Stainless steel tanks and containers(23)  
stainless steel working table with cooling,(2)  
stainless-steel rack for transport or storage of p(2)  
Stalk Remover-pressing machine(3)  
steam condenser(2)  
steel tank 60 m³ / 60.000 L(2)  
Stencil machines(2)  
Stephan Emulsifier MCH-D 180(2)  
Stirring machine(5)  
Stirring machines(19)  
Stop machine(2)  
Storage tank(5)  
Storage Tank / Flat Bottom Tank with Outlet Disch(11)  
Storage tank 10000 litres in AISI 304(2)  
Storage tank 11700 litres(7)  
Storage tank 5000 litres in AISI 304(2)  
Storage tanks(15)  
Store baking oven(2)  
store oven(2)  
Stunning equipments(2)  
suction-device, stainless steel, incl. filter and(2)  
Systems for bread rolls(22)  
Table saw(2)  
Tablet presses(8)  
Tank Unit in AISI 316 consisting of 4 Chambers(3)  
Teflon knife for slicing machine(2)  
tempering machine(3)  
Tempering machines(4)  
Tetra Pak(16)  
Tetra Pak Cap Applicator(2)  
Thermal oil oven(2)  
Thermo-oil deck oven(3)  
tilting frying pan(2)  
tin-press, fabr. Josto(2)  
transfer pump(2)  
Transfer System(3)  
transport system for plates/trays(2)  
Transport tanks(5)  
Tray Denester(2)  
Tray packers(6)  
tray-cleaning-machine, fabr. KD Putz, type I - Ind(2)  
Tree cake machine(2)  
Tube Heat Exchanger Heating Plant(2)  
Tumbler , Marinator, Mixer(2)  
Tunnel furnaces(10)  
tunnel oven(5)  
Tunnel pasteuriser(2)  
Tunnel pasteurizer(4)  
Twin-shaft paddel mixers(2)  
UHT plant(2)  
Universal dishwasher(2)  
Universal machine(3)  
Universal machines(3)  
Vacuum cutter(4)  
Vacuum Filler(6)  
Vacuum Mixer(3)  
vacuum packaging machine(3)  
Vacuum packing machine(3)  
Vacuum Packing Maschines(2)  
Vacuum Process Equipment(2)  
Vacuum processing facilities(4)  
Vacuum pump(4)  
Vacuum pump for fish transfer(2)  
Vacuum Rotary filters(3)  
Vacuum stuffer(4)  
vacuum tumbler(14)  
Vacuum tumblers(2)  
Vegetable washing machines(3)  
Ventilation #2511(2)  
Verschluss Etikettiergerät(2)  
Vibrating sieves(2)  
Vibratory Circular Screen Separator(2)  
vibratory topping conveyor(2)  
Waffle systems(2)  
Wall cooling racks(2)  
Washing grinding plants(2)  
washing table, stainless steel(3)  
washing-machine, fabr. Hobart, type KW 105(3)  
Water coolers(3)  
Water dispenser(2)  
Water mixing devices(4)  
Weighing machines(11)  
Weighing machines for dough(4)  
Wendel kneading machines(3)  
Wheat Mill(4)  
Whipped cream machines(3)  
whipping machine/dispenser for fresh-cream,(2)  
Winder Machine(3)  
Winding machines(11)  
Wire belt(6)  
Wire belt conveyor(9)  
woodenplate for bread(2)  
Working tables(4)  
Wrapper for Chocolate Products(2)  
wrapping-machine, Rose Forgrove, FLOWPAK(2)  
yeast filter(2)