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21.10.2016  GERMAN 4 col central drum flexopress
GERMAN 4 col central drum flexopress
Special offer: 4 col German flexopress central drum can be shown in operation good condition diameter of the reel 1200 mm 2 web guides price 17000 eur for quick sale Please let us know if you are looking for other machines or if you have your machinery for sale
17,000 €
bid possible 
F & K 31DF 2051
Flexo printig press stack type for printing of paper, 6 colours, with ceramic rollers, printing width 1.250 mm, reel winder Diameter 1.200 mm, Speed 200 mmin., in running condition. Auch Folien + Technik e. Kfm. D-73773 Aichwald phone 0049-711-364341, fax 0049-711-363703.
bid possible 
 DE 68052563
18.09.2016  BOBST FLEXO IRT 2
-Flexo Printing machine Bobst model IRT 2 for boxes and any type of carton -Two colours max size 100x160 cms, min. 10x30 cms., Years ‘70 -Manual infeed, max speed 3.200 sh hour -Available immediately in stock
6,000 €
bid possible 
 IT 65224106
19.09.2016  Fischer  Krecke Flexpress 16 S-8 - gearless
Fischer & Krecke Flexpress 16 S-8 - gearless
8 colours, printing width 1050 mm, film width 1100mm, repeat 320 - 760 mm, thermooel, print control ELTROMAT, turning bar for front- and reverse printing 8 + 8 existing printing- and anilox sleeves to see in operation
bid possible 
 DE 64049772
06.09.2016  GöPFERT Euroslotter FPS
GöPFERT Euroslotter FPS
2 color flexo printing Slotter Maximum size: 3100 x 480 mm
bid possible 
 DE 61757280
21.10.2016  MANZONI NESAFLEX 508
MANZONI FLEXO PRINT Mod.NESAFLEX 508 stack type, 8 colors PRINTING POSSIBILITY : 4+4 - 7+1 - 6+2 - 5+3 - 8+0 1000 mm.printing width 1050 mm web width for HDPE LDPE PAPER Printing speed 40 to 100 mmin double automatic unwinder electrucal drying unit with 3 x 12 kw heaters HYDRAULIC blending good working conditions Construction year 1985 Exceptionally good conditions
50,000 €
bid possible 
 IT 61607224
250 label slitter rewinder price 6300 eur
6,300 €
bid possible 
13.09.2016  METRONIC ROMEX RFD 2000
Type of equipment: Industrial 4 colorful flexographic printing machine with a width of 500 mm Metronic Romex RFD 2000 year of manufacture 1999 Country of origin - Germany Perfect condition (the machine almost did not work, was purchased for the pharmaceutical industry but the business did not go). The ability to print alcohol and water paints, printing on foil, parchment, laminated paper, paperboard, BGS.
60,000 €
bid possible 
 EE 57252538
26.09.2016  ARSOMA - GALLUS EM 280
7 color machine with UV dryer at the end of machine dryer with hot air between printing units water inks good condition in production available immediately
bid possible 
ARSOMA 8UV+ 2 UV label flexo press
280 EM Arsoma 8UV used label flexopress. 8 flexo colours with 8UV with cooling rollers laminator screen printing unit web cleaning corona Please let us know if you are looking for other machines or if you have your used machinery for sale
bid possible 
EDALE 5UV flexopress
young Edale 5UV colours used flexopress fpr labels full offer on request Please let us know if you are looking for other machines or if you have your machinery for sale
bid possible 
8 colors flexo printing machine Central drum gearless flexographic machine with format gears Min. repeat length: 400 mm - max: 1,200 mm Print width: 1,570 mm Web width: 1,600 mm Small format gears from 400 to 599: 16 pcs. Large format gears from 600 to 1,200: 16 pcs Cylinders trolleys for handling and job change: 7 Automatic cylinder handling system Portalift, engine and operator interface touch screen upgrades in 2015. Upgrade of the machine controller interface made in 2015, including the replacement of all drivers for the anilox mo ...
bid possible 
 DE 41319390
06.07.2016  SLITTER -REWINDER DIE-CUT 250 mm label converting
SLITTER -REWINDER DIE-CUT 250 mm label converting
250 mm used label converting line year 2010 very good condition unwinder splice table die-cutting slitting matrix rewinder rewinder very good condition, interesting price for quick sale! PLease let us know if you are looking for other machines or if you have yuor used machines for sale
bid possible 
GERMAN Label digital finishing,l
German machine year 2006 corona flexo unit (lacquering, glue for lamination) UV lamp hot air drying semrotating die-cutting matrix removal longitudinal slitting slitting for 2 rewinders 76 mm Machine for quick sale
bid possible 
24.06.2016 Label Flexographic Printing Machine (2-color) NILPETER Rotolabel F 2400
Label Flexographic Printing Machine (2-color) NILPETER Rotol
Printing width: 240mm, printing repeat: 139.70-381mm, equipment: unwinder with web tension control, web guide, 2x flexo units (waterbased inks), 2x UV-dryer on 2. unit, roto cutter (330x360x450mm), rewinder, waste rewinder, accessories: 4 printing cylinder shafts, printing cylinder with gear-wheel, 12x magnetic cylinders, 6x pan rollers, feed roll, 4x varnish rolls, 7x anilox rolls.
 DE 38348248
08.07.2016 Film laminating plant COMEXI Nexus Dual
Film laminating plant COMEXI Nexus Dual
Film laminating plant COMEXI Nexus Dual 2004 Type Of Laminator:Solvent and Solventless, Working Width: 1315 mm, Unwinder Diameter: 1000 mm, Rewinder Diameter: 1000 mm. Useful width of passage of material : 1315 mm Max. width lamination: 1300 mm Min. width film to laminate: 600 mm Diam. core: - unwinder: 3" y 6" - rewinder: 6" Tension max of fim - unwinder 30 Kg - Rewinder with decreasing tension 45 Kg - Rewinder with constant tension 30 Kg Max. reel weight: 1000 Kg Materials to be coated: ALU 9 – 40 my S.S.  ...
08.07.2016 Colours CI flexo presses COMEXI FW1508
Colours CI flexo presses COMEXI FW1508
8 Colours CI flexo presses COMEXI FW1508 2006 Printing Width: 1220 mm, Web Width: 1270 mm, Printing Repeat (Max): 800 mm, Printing Repeat (Min): 300 mm. 8 colors gearless Mechanical speed 350 mtmin Steel shaft for sleeves diam 114,708 mm. Double automatic unwinder and rewinder Carbon fiber shafts for anilox sleeves. Diam internal 60 mm, external 156,088 mm. Diam external sleeves: 178,253mm. 6 mt drying tunnel Web guide before and after the printing unit FIFE Automatic washing system with viscosimeters and temperatura cont ...
bid possible 
08.07.2016 color 17’’(432mm) press MARK ANDY LP3000
color 17’’(432mm) press MARK ANDY LP3000
Mark Andy LP3000 8 color 17’’(432mm) press 240 VAC 3Ø 60hz 40 inch unwind wroll lift Rotary Technologies re-register unit Hot air drying wdual blowers 2 slot die module 2 (two) 32” (813mm) waste wind-ups 1 (one) 32” (813mm) laminator 40” (1016mm) 3 hp duel rewind 1 turnbar Conveyor 103 print cylinders (min repeat 7.625'' - 20.5'' = 194mm - 521mm) 21 ceramic aniloxes 1x360, 1x440, 2x550, 2x600, 1x700, 1x800, 2x900, 3x1000, 8x1200 Line Screen Butt Splicer available for an additional price and is  ...
2 colour ref. F21 Allied Gear 300 web width 10 inches, year 1994, 2 color flexo, rewindunwind max. diameter 760 mm, automatic web guide, hot air drying, 1xwaste rewinder, 3x rotary die cut stations, slitting station with 4 knifes, turn bars after 1st unit. Additionally available 4 printing units which has been dismantled, they are stored in stock, last unit with UV dryer. The price includes above mentioned units. Price: 18 000 EUR FCA.
18,000 €
bid possible 
 PL 38071464
15.06.2016  GOSS Metroliner
GOSS Metroliner
STRAIGHT RUNNING Cut Off: 600mm Pages up to 64pp 50% Colour: i.e. 32 Pages Colour Pages above 64pp up to 96pp: 32 Pages Colour COLLECT RUNNING Up to 128pp 50% Colour: i.e. 64 Page Colour WIDTHS Reel widths used: Main 1420mm 34 1065mm 12 710 Max Diameter 1067mm
bid possible 
 UK 37642677
KRYMA 2 col. flexo printer + slotter
2 colour ref. F24 Kryma flexo printer + slotter Kryma flexo printer DF 1600, 2 colors, year 2012, max sheet size 1200x1000 mm, counter: 60 000 sheets, Kryma slotter S-2050x1000 mm, year 2013, counter 80 000, both in production, price: 35 000 EUR FCA.
35,000 €
bid possible 
 PL 36384142
23.09.2016  MARK ANDY 2200
13 6 color Printing width 330 mm Substrate range 1 mil - 12 pt (25-300 micron) Print repeat range 5.5 - 24 in (140-610 mm) Press speed up to 750 fpm (230 mmin) Unwind Rewind Web gude Hot air drying
bid possible 
04.06.2016  Windmoller  Holscher 6 color flexo printing machine
Windmoller & Holscher 6 color flexo printing machine
6 col W & H flexopress 6 colors used W & H flexo printing machine in operation in operation print repeat up to 1060 mm! turret unwind turret rewind price for quick sale-14500 EUR exw
14,500 € 
16.07.2016 Stand alone stack flexoprinter W  H MS Olympia 850
Stand alone stack flexoprinter W & H MS Olympia 850
Number of colours: 3 Material to print: PE, PP, OPP, PET, Paper Printing width: 1600 mm Single winder and unwinder Inline slitting Gears Aniloxes Cylinder hoists
bid possible 
 DK 31842645
20.04.2016 Flexographic Printing Machine WINDMöLLER UND HöLSCHER Olympia 900
Flexographic Printing Machine WINDMöLLER UND HöLSCHER Olym
Printing width: 1600mm, printing length: 450 - 1200mm, materials: paper(25-200gm²), PE-LD(0.05mm min.), PE-HD(0.04mm min.), roll diameter: 1000mm max., speed: 300mmin, six print works for face printing, one print work for reverse printing, anilox rolls and scraper blades, with many spare parts. Capacity: 300mmin
 DE 31597718
NILPETER S 185, 4 colour letterpress
4 colour: ref. F41 Nilpeter S 185 year c.1984, web width 185 mm, 4 colour letterpress, 1x diecut station, price: 18 000 EUR FCA
18,000 €
bid possible 
 EU 31242247
GERMAN modern finishing line with pri
Modern German used finishing line for labels fast, modern and in very good condition in operation full offer on request Excellent offer for quick sale only
bid possible 
 PL 27420948
ROTOFLEX Printing press + Rotoflex
Special offer: narrow web flexo printing (NOT Rotoflex) + Rotoflex slitter rewinder interesting price! full offer on request
bid possible 
21.10.2016 OMAT FLEXO PRINT 1000 mm. 6 COL. OMAT 1000 mm 6 col.
OMAT FLEXO PRINT 1000 mm. 6 COL. OMAT 1000 mm 6 col.
OMAT STACK FLEXO PRINTING UNIT mm.1000 printing width electrical drying system 6 colors including the following printing rolls: 2x26-2x28-6x30,40,45,50,60,-4x70-2x80 n.2 sleeve rolls n.10 full sleeves various sizes
bid possible 
 IT 26974534
08.07.2016  UTECO ONYX 107 GL
10 Colours CI flexo presses - UTECO - ONYX 107 GL - 2009 Printing Width: 1200 mm, Web Width: 1250 mm, Printing Repeat (Max): 800 mm, Printing Repeat (Min): 320 mm. Mechanical speed 400 mtmin Solvent based ink Web guide before and after the printign units Video BST with defect control system Viscosimeters Fasnacht Double automatic unwinder and rewinder
bid possible 

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