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06.12.2016 Hydraulic presses HESS HESS
Hydraulic presses HESS HESS
Hydraulic press HESS machine in stock-upon review of technical -very good condition-year of manufacture 2003 TECHNICAL PARAMETERS: -the length of the gluing 830 cm-width of gluing 100 cm-thickness of bonding 20 cm -HYDRAULIC PRESS -the pump motor 4.5 kW -15 upper hydraulic cylinders-8 side clamps 2 pneumatic cylinders -all adjustable cylinders -pressure Max 120 bar -AUTOMATIC CROSS FEEDER -the length of the tray 510 cm-width tray 230 cm -5-step adjustable straps cross belts -pneumatic actuator pulling-maximum width 170 mm - ...
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 PL 70940050
06.12.2016 Hydraulic presses  HBR 1300x3200mm
Hydraulic presses HBR 1300x3200mm
Press 1300 x 3200 mm, clamping force approx. 4200 kN, steam heated
 CZ 70939960
06.12.2016 Membrane presses BÜRKLE Multifoiler BTF 1528/1400
Membrane presses BÜRKLE Multifoiler BTF 1528/1400
Heating Plate dimention 1500x2800 mm Useful surface 1330x2640 mm Max workpiece size 1250x2550 mm Number of Tables 3 Composition of line: 1-Multifoiler BTF 2-Scissor lifting Table 3-Chain conveyor in press 4-Chain conveyor underneath press 5-Lay up Pallet 6-Multi pin system 7-Turning device ( unloading station) 8-Belt conveyor on the out feed 9-Foil circulation rack 10-Discharge unit 11-Cutting device 12-Vertical baler DIXI 10S Can be inspected under power
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 TR 70939933
06.12.2016 Veneering presses OTT JU-65
Veneering presses OTT JU-65
OTT - hydr. Veneer press JU 65, pressing area 2500 x 1100 mm, with a gold-anodized coated heating plates in mint condition, excellent condition, Heater 15 kW - 380 v
BN 4,500 €
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 DE 70939918
28.11.2016 Briquetting presses RUF 300
Briquetting presses RUF 300
Briquette press CALL 300 Year 2015 "as new" complete with control Capacity 300 kg hour only 250 hours Technical data and documents available now available - as new
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 AT 70752463
01.12.2016 Panel gluing press TORP
Panel gluing press TORP
Working width 1300 mm Working length 3000 mm Hydraulic cylinders for clamping 8 Hydraulic cylinders for pressing 8 Pressure 500kgcm2 Weight 8500 kg
10,599 €
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 LT 70675137
15.11.2016 Membrane and vacuum presses AMASPRES (ITALIA) 3000
Membrane and vacuum presses AMASPRES (ITALIA) 3000
Code: 0331 Brand: AMASPRES (ITALIA) Model: 3000 Membrane press - Working size: mm 3000 x 1300 - Max height 500 - Cover opening and closing with vertical pneumatic pistons - This press is suitable for veneer of shaped pieces , such as window sash frames, curved pieces - Upper heating with hot air - Heating of lower side with hot air - Consuption about 9 kwt - Working cycle: about 10 min.- Complete compressor for lifting of cover and under cover - Processing prevacuum adjustable up to 6.5 atm - The machine is equipped with time  ...
 IT 68745167
15.11.2016 Continuous presses OTT D99 - 650
Continuous presses OTT D99 - 650
Used feed press plate press, veneer press, press, PUR EPS foam press Manufacturer: Paul Ott Type: D99 650 Year of construction: 1978, overhauled in 2001 Disk sizepress area: 6.600 mm x 2,500 mm with electrical controller and heating system Water boards are warmed through aluminum plates to the better sources of insulation foam (PUR foam). For the production of prefabricated walls, hollow Chamber walls, plywood on glue press, foam plates, etc. Without foam injection, heated glue application machine available (Art.Nr. 22202) Wi ...
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 DE 68744865
15.11.2016 Continuous presses OTT 4 floors
Continuous presses OTT 4 floors
Heated 4 floors hydraulic feed press OTT veneer press. Manufacturer: Ott Condition: ready to use Technical data: 4 floors feed press, pressing plate format 2700 x 1350 (max. 1400) mm Good condition, ready to use. Pressure for veneers and documents of wood-based panels 0,6 N mm² designed. Hydraulic cylinder piston Ã? 170 mm Loading volume on the inlet side. Outlet side with roller conveyor. Foundation with pit needed. Ott press about: 3800 x 2800 x 3750 mm Weight approx. 31 to. Hydraulic pump: HAWE type R25 ...
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 DE 68744855
11.11.2016 Membrane and vacuum presses FISMA 22
Membrane and vacuum presses FISMA 22
MEMBRANE PRESS type FISMA 2200 x 1300 . usata useful size mm. 2200 x 1300 cover opening and closer by pneumatic pistons volt. 38050 with separate vacuum system
offer is possible 
 IT 68690350
11.11.2016 Hydraulic veneering presses ITALPRESSE UT/6-L
Hydraulic veneering presses ITALPRESSE UT/6-L
HOT PRESS Type ITALPRESSE UT6-L§ CE mark : YES Instruction book : YES (ITA) heathed by oil . boyler kw.18 useful size plates mm. 2500 x 1300 n.2 plates ( 1 daylight ) open mm.400 n.06 cylinders 70 work in 4 sides of machines closing by two-hand buttons Selector choice partial use to 50% of the power boyler max operating temperature. 120° automatic recovery of the pressure safety rope exclusion two pairs of lateral cylinders with electric control hydraulic pump motor power Hp 3 Thrust 120 Ton overall dimen ...
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 IT 68690344
10.11.2016 Presses BURKLE ODW 2255/120
Presses BURKLE ODW 2255/120
[PF-010348] BURKLE, ODW 2255120, FEED THROUGH PRESS BURKLE ODW 2255120 Feed through Press Line Steam Heated with:Platen dimensions of 86-12" x 216-12" drilled steel. Infeed Conveyors: (1) 86-12" x 78" and (1) 86-12" x 228". Powered belt feeds into Press. Single Daylight Press, 150 mm (5.9") opening, end loading on 86-12" side; total pressure of 1,500 tons, specific pressure of 160 PSI. (18) 7" Dia. Down Stroke hydraulic cylinders. Press platens are 100 mm (3.93") thick solid steel drilled for oil heating or steam. Was connec ...
119,000 USD
offer is possible 
 US 68678947
10.11.2016 Briquetting presses VOTECS HP 575
Briquetting presses VOTECS HP 575
Briquette press of Votecs - Nestro HP 575 with only 587 hours of operation Hydraulic motor 7, 5kW Hydraulic oil quantity approx. 140 litres Briquette diameter 50 mm Throughput performance according to the manufacturer instructions about 50 - 70 kg h To the briquetting of for example wood, polystyrene, foam, and paper Container approx. 1000 x 1000 x 800mm with agitator Worm removal PLC control system Only 587 hours, so only about 15 minutes per day The machine was produced at that time by Votecs in conjunction with Nestro Operatin ...
9,200 € 
 DE 68678805
08.11.2016 Hydraulic veneering presses COLOMBO REMO 350
Hydraulic veneering presses COLOMBO REMO 350
HOT PRESS Type COLOMBO REMO useful size mm. 3500 x 1300 n.06 cylinders n.05 plates ( n.4 daylights ) volt. 380 50
offer is possible 
 IT 68651929
27.10.2016 Edge presses THOMAS BDR1
Edge presses THOMAS BDR1
Edge bander Thomas BDR1 model BDR1 serial number W00022331 The correct functioning could be compromised by some missing parts. No technical or CE documentation is available Goods are located in Cusago (MI) Sold through online auction.
offer is possible 
 IT 68258772
20.10.2016 Furniture door frame press V. GRUM-SCHWENSEN MTP
Furniture door frame press V. GRUM-SCHWENSEN MTP
SN: 137
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 DE 68051209
09.10.2016 Clamping elements
Clamping elements
Clamping elements with screw (3 PCs.) Clamping length of 2100 mm L x W x H: 2300 x 80 x 150 mm Built in 1963 Weight approx. 25 kg element The machine is in good condition, ready to use. Subject to changes, errors, prior sale! Servicespare parts by MATEC CH-4952 EriswilDE-79618 Rheinfelden MATEC system + technology GmbH Mechanical engineering Mill mat 4 CH-4952 EriswilSwitzerland Tel. 0041 62 966 18 32 Fax 0041 62 966 21 12
BN 190 €
offer is possible 
 CH 67364359
09.10.2016 Gluing stand OPO
Gluing stand OPO
Gluing stand OPO maximum length 2500 mm 4 clamping elements 0-1600 mm 4 clamping elements 0-2100 mm Pressure clamping element 1200 kg L x W x H: 2700 x 900 x 2300 mm Weight ca. 250 kg Built in 1981 The gluing stand is in good condition, ready to use. Subject to changes, errors, prior sale! Servicespare parts by MATEC CH-4952 EriswilDE-79618 Rheinfelden MATEC system + technology GmbH Mechanical engineering Mill mat 4 CH-4952 EriswilSwitzerland Tel. 0041 62 966 18 32 Fax 0041 62 966 21 12
BN 760 €
offer is possible 
 CH 67364357
07.10.2016 Pellet presses AMANDUS KAHL 40 - 1000
Pellet presses AMANDUS KAHL 40 - 1000
Refurbished press 40-1000 3 he Kant head Completely new bearing set to the complete press new bearing set at the head of Koller 200 kW drive power press is blasted and repainted. Currently, still a favourite colour can be specified. Minimal wear on the screw shaft and the drive gear for vertical shaft
offer is possible 
 DE 67305270
17.11.2016 Hydraulic presses ITALPRESSE SCF6
Hydraulic presses ITALPRESSE SCF6
Hot press ITALPRESSE model SCF6 with: - platens 3000x1300mm - 1 daylight - 6 pistons - complete of wooden furnace
 IT 67066842
03.10.2016 Laminating press ORMA LS 35/13
Laminating press ORMA LS 35/13
Type LS 3513 Platens size 3500x1300 mm Press truhst 80 t Side thrust 10,5 t Blocking thrust 40 t Press cylinders 6 x ø 70c. 200 Side cylinders 4 x ø 70c. 200 Blocking cylinders 3 x ø 70c. 200 Motor HP1-HP2-HP2 Made in Italy in 2000 y. Weight 8500 kg
16,400 €
offer is possible 
 LT 67066830
25.09.2016 Frame presses ETIENNE
Frame presses ETIENNE
Glue press Etienne Format L x B: 3800 x 2700 mm Window frame press pneumatic Weight approx. 890 kg Year of construction 1980 The press is in good condition, ready to use. Servicespare parts by MATEC CH-4952 EriswilDE-79618 Rheinfelden MATEC system + technology GmbH Mechanical engineering Mill mat 4 CH-4952 EriswilSwitzerland Tel. 0041 62 966 18 32 Fax 0041 62 966 21 12
BN 490 €
offer is possible 
 CH 66763013
23.09.2016 Glue presses PRESS STAVE WEINIG  CONTI press stave WEINIG  CONTIPRESS
Glue presses PRESS STAVE WEINIG CONTI press stave WEINIG C
MACHINE DATA Machine type press stave . Manufacturer WEINIG . Model CONTIPRESS 6300 . Year of manufacture 2003 . Condition Used machine . PRICE AND LOCATION Location Europa - Polska .Request price OFFER DETAILS Listing ID A2986081 . Last updated on 14.09.2016 . Seen 3800 Impressions . DESCRIPTION PRESS STAVE LOST END SYSTEM GLUING
offer is possible 
 PL 66600812
22.09.2016 Plate presses DIEFFENBACHER HPUG 3500
Plate presses DIEFFENBACHER HPUG 3500
DIEFFENBACHER 6-storey plate press Model HPUG 3500 Heating system: hot water Feeding aluminum sheet: pairs Dimensions: Length 6800 mm 6940 mm, it can be used Width 3130mm of usable 3100mm Thickness of 5-6 mm Press plates new in 2002 Dimensions: 6800 mm 3260mm 70mm thick Control: SIEMENS S7 with visualization program PLC control of ALFHA Elektronicanlagen 2002 At the time, 3-layer boards, spruce be 5100 x 2550 x 21 mm on the system produces Performance at 15min. intervals per cycle: 8 h shift, of which 7 h production: 4 x 7 x 6 ...
offer is possible 
17.11.2016 Assembly presses STROMAB STA1500
Assembly presses STROMAB STA1500
Pneumatic furniture door clamp STROMAB model STA1500 used
 IT 63667237
17.11.2016 Hydraulic veneering presses COLOMBO 3300x1300
Hydraulic veneering presses COLOMBO 3300x1300
Hot press COLOMBO with: - platens 3300x1300mm - 1 daylight - 6 pistons - complete of oil electric boiler
 IT 63667179
22.11.2016 Frame presses K. LYKKE LAURSENS
Frame presses K. LYKKE LAURSENS
Max. working width: 3400 mm.. Max. working height: 2400 mm 2 vertical + 3 horizontal pneumatic cylinders. Made in Denmark 1970 y Transport dimensions : 4000x1200x2700 mm
999 €
offer is possible 
 LT 62971043
06.09.2016 Carcass clamps IMOTECH IMO 324
Carcass clamps IMOTECH IMO 324
Assembly line with Korpusspresse Manufacturer: Imotech, type: IMO 324, year of construction: 1996 Workpiece width min-max mm: 650, workpiece length min max mm: 2500, workpiece height min max mm: 2000, c band: 3 m, Vorslegeband: 3 m, Mounting tape 8 m with control
offer is possible 
 DE 61757294
06.09.2016 Veneering presses JOOS HP 65/3
Veneering presses JOOS HP 65/3
Veneer press Fabr. Jade Type HP653 BJ-1980 Plate 2200 x 1250 mm Electr. Unit 15.5 kW 4 cylinder diameter 80 mm
offer is possible 
 DE 61757290
04.11.2016 Frame presses KALLESOE R5
Frame presses KALLESOE R5
Type R5 Working length. Max 3500mm Working length. Min 500 mm Working height Max 2500 mm Working height Min 260 mm 5 cylinders (3 from the top and 2 from the side). Cylinder diameter 125 mm Pressure power (when is 10 bar) 700-1350 kg Pressure regulator. Transport dimensions 4250x1600x2900 mm Weight 1150 kg
1,699 €
offer is possible 
 LT 61417809

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Radius profile scraper(2)  
Rapid Radial Drilling Machine(2)  
Recutting circular saws(3)  
Removal brush(2)  
rip saw for solid timber(2)  
Riving knife(3)  
Rod heaters(3)  
Roller conveyor(35)  
Roller Conveyor with 4 Rubber Roller Tracks(16)  
Roller Conveyor with Roller Tracks(2)  
Roller conveyors(17)  
roller glue spreader(3)  
rotary screw compressor(2)  
Round rod milling machines(4)  
Routing cutter(2)  
Routing Machine(3)  
Rubber-coated rollers(3)  
Sanding machine(14)  
Sanding machines for edge(2)  
Sanding Table(5)  
Sanding unit(2)  
Saw and drilling machine - double sided(2)  
Saw drill and doveling machines(4)  
sealing machine(2)  
Semi automatic contour edge bander(2)  
Semi-automatic crosscut saw(2)  
Semiautomatic boring machine(3)  
Setting machine(2)  
Sharpening drum, rubber air drum(22)  
Sharpening machine(4)  
Shelving cantilever for wood(2)  
Single side edge bander(51)  
Single sided edge banding machine(13)  
single sided edgebander(2)  
Single sided Edgebanding machine(4)  
Single-blade panel-sizing circular saw(3)  
Sliding Door Groove Profile Milling Cutter(2)  
Sliding table saw(34)  
Sliding Table Saw Machine(2)  
sliding table saws circular saw(5)  
Slot Mortising Machine(2)  
Slotted hole drill presses(4)  
Softforming machines(2)  
Sorting Line SICKO with 2 Vacuum destackers JOULIN(2)  
sourface and thikness planer(8)  
sourface planer(8)  
Spindel moulders(3)  
spindle adapter boring unit(3)  
Spindle moudler(2)  
Spindle Moulder(29)  
Spindle moulders(37)  
Spindle moulders with tiltable spindle(3)  
Spindle router(4)  
Splash backs - dry(2)  
splicing machine with glue thread(2)  
Spray Extraction Wall(2)  
Spray Pump(3)  
Spraying machines(18)  
Squaring and edgebanding machine single sided(3)  
Squaring saws(9)  
Stacking machines(3)  
Stage press(3)  
Staining machine(2)  
Steel Feeder Rollers for 3000(4)  
Stellite-Tipping Band Saws Machine(2)  
Stemmer Chain(3)  
Stemmer chain chain trencher(2)  
Suction device(3)  
Suction even(2)  
Suction fans(9)  
Suction pipes bows hand slide feeders(2)  
Suction pipes pipes ventilation pipes Ventilat(2)  
Suction System(6)  
Suction units(2)  
surface planer(20)  
Surface planing and thicknessing machines(40)  
Surface planing machines(14)  
Surface spraying machines(4)  
Swivel spindle milling machine(2)  
Sägeband Schärfautomat Typ BAND SAWMAX(2)  
Table belt sander(3)  
Table circular saw(2)  
Table circular saws(18)  
Table milling cutter(9)  
Table Milling Machine(3)  
Table Saw(3)  
Table Tiller Tiller(2)  
Tenoning machine(9)  
thickness planer(18)  
thickness planing machine(7)  
Thicknessing machine(2)  
Thicknessing machines(18)  
Thread Boring Machine - Vertical(4)  
Thread splicer for veneer(3)  
Through running veneer press(4)  
throughfeed drilling machine(3)  
tilting moulder(2)  
Tilting spindle moulder(12)  
Tilting Spindle Moulder with Cone Milling Device(2)  
Tilting spindle moulders(6)  
To strapping machine(2)  
Tool For Cnc, Hsk Coupling(2)  
Tool for window production(4)  
Tool Room Milling Machine - Universal(4)  
Tool sharpening machine(2)  
Top-spindle moulders(8)  
Towline milling maschines for window production(2)  
Transport belt(2)  
Transport system(6)  
Transport Trolley(2)  
Transportation belts(11)  
Trimming Machine(2)  
Turning copying machine(3)  
Turning station(3)  
Two knife Planer head(2)  
undercut Pneumatic(2)  
Universal combined machine(2)  
Untertischkappsäge CUTMAX 450(2)  
UV dryer unit(2)  
UV drying(25)  
vacuum dryer for wood(2)  
vacuum membrane press(2)  
vacuum-sanding table(2)  
Veneer adhesive machines(8)  
Veneer assembling machines(5)  
Veneer clippers(10)  
Veneer glueing machine(5)  
Veneer gluing machine(3)  
Veneer guillotine(13)  
Veneer joining machines(11)  
Veneer joint glue machine(2)  
Veneer pack guillotine(3)  
Veneer press(28)  
veneer press, hot press(2)  
Veneer Saw(9)  
Veneer scissors (double knife scissors)(2)  
Veneer splicer(3)  
Veneer splicing machine(8)  
Veneer waste saws(11)  
Veneering presses(14)  
Ventilators chips fan(2)  
Verleimstern 3-SEITIG, ROTORMAX 25 x 12(2)  
Vertical panel saw(5)  
Vertical plate saw(2)  
Vertical spindle moulder(2)  
Vertikale Plattensäge 1215 superCut(2)  
Warmluftofen / Werkstattofen(4)  
Waste chipper / hogger(2)  
Wet sharpening machines for circular saws(2)  
wheel Forklift(2)  
Wide belt(3)  
Wide belt grinding machines(34)  
Wide belt sander(30)  
Wide belt sanding machine(59)  
Wide planing machines(4)  
Wide-Belt Sander(6)  
width belt sanding machine(3)  
Window production centre(18)  
Window production line(2)  
Window production systems(4)  
Window spraying plant(2)  
Window tools(2)  
Window Transport Trolley (blue)(2)  
Wood Boards Trimming Line with PAUL Multi-Blade Sa(2)  
wood chipper(2)  
Wood crushing machines(4)  
Wood dryers(5)  
Wood presses(3)  
Wood saws(3)  
wood shredder(3)  
Wood shredding systems(11)  
wood turning lather(2)  
Wood turning lathes(2)  
Wooden circular saws(2)  
Woodturning lathes(5)  
Work piece recharging(2)  
Works universal combined machine(4)  
Workshop furnace/warm air furnace(2)  
Zapf Bat(2)