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16.09.2016  FUJI Lanovia C-550 Highend- flatbed
FUJI Lanovia C-550 Highend- flatbed
manufacturer: Fuji Model: Lanovia C-550 high-end flatbed scanners year: 1998 (?) measurement depth approx. 70 width approx. 120 height approx. 80 equipment: all usual equipment of Lanovia C-550 high-end flatbed scanners condition defects: good condition including software package, dongle missed available: now pictures on request price on request Germany
bid possible 
 DE 64435298
only about 27,000 panels produced Punch: BC 780 mm including Fuji tax calculator incl. Lastra pluri metal TH 95 incl. advance rotary table incl. advance plate stacker Capacity: 8-10 platesh - depending on the sensitivity of the printing plate
bid possible 
 DE 32650414
19.09.2016  EPSON Stylus Pro 9900
EPSON Stylus Pro 9900
2,880 x 1,440 dpi, 0.8 min for printing in DIN A1 format, more then 40 sqmh, plotter
 DE 19290645
19.09.2016  HEIDELBERG CPC 31 CP.186.1009
Plate scannerplate reader for Heidelberg Speedmaster SM 102SM 74, SM 52, plate image reader, for measuring the printing part of the surface of offset plates and stores the measured values on the job memory card or in the CPC data memory, for online transfer of the values to the press's control unit (for calculation of ink fountain zone openings and ink stripe widths in CPC 1 control unit) , for all types of printing plates up to SM 102 plates format CA. 1995
 DE 19290639
10.05.2016  M model 2125
M model 2125
width 125 cm age unknown plate maker working width up to 125 cm Delivery time: immediately from stock Please ask for price. We ship and install worldwide!
bid possible 
 DE 19053507
13.03.2016  MONTAKOP M 95 Plate copie
MONTAKOP M 95 Plate copie
3637 SN, 95 x 110 cm
bid possible 
 DE 18845759
SN 950159, size 80 x 64 cm
bid possible 
 DE 18845757
24.03.2016  HEIDELBERG Quickplater
HEIDELBERG Quickplater
max. size 40 x 51 cm age unknown copy frame Delivery time: immediately from stock Please ask for price. We ship and install worldwide!
 DE 13666955
18.08.2016  HB QUICKPLATER 40
max. Exposure size: 404x510 mm Exposure power: 500 watts Speed: 2 films min
bid possible 
 CH 13469336
24.02.2016  HEIDELBERG HD CPC 31
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