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15.06.2017 vertical pouch filling machine WILL MASCHINENBAU S 350
vertical pouch filling machine WILL MASCHINENBAU S 350
automatic pouch (pillow) filling machine with carton Packer Type S 350 Engine No. 9409 Capacity: 2.000 l h at 5 ltr. pouches, also 10ltr. pouches possible Operating voltage: 400V AC frequency 50 Hz Carton Packer: Year of construction: 1994 Type: BK 50 Machine number: A00537100 Operating voltage: 400V AC Frequency: 50 Hz Operating power: 10,0 A
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  DE   103062202
14.06.2017 Spaghetti Packaging Line STIAVELLI, HARRO HÖFLIGER
Spaghetti Packaging Line STIAVELLI, HARRO HÖFLIGER
Packaging Line includes: Bag forming, filling and sealing machine STIAVELLI SO PL-260: Output: 90-110bagsmin, product dimensions: 80-400x15-220x1-130mm, filling weight spaghetti: 125g, 250g, 500g, 1000g, filling weight macaroni: 250-500g, wrapping material: PP, composite foil, voltage: 220380V, frequency: 50Hz, connected load: 6kW, length: 3960mm, width: 2200mm, height: 3220mm, weigth: 1.1t, year of construction: 1992 (2) Cartoning Machine HARRO HÖFLIGER SPB-S (3) Doublescale PSE-O-Matic: Spaghetti, macaroni diameter: 1.2-5mm, incl ...
  DE   102864904
07.06.2017 Flowpack and Sealing Machine ILAPAK Carrera 1000 PC
Flowpack and Sealing Machine ILAPAK Carrera 1000 PC
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  DE   101546182
06.06.2017 Tubular bag machines horizontal RECORD Panda
Tubular bag machines horizontal RECORD Panda
Good condition used horizontal pillow-pack machine for 500 g cupsbowls. 500 g Strawberry cups that have been packaged. Year absent.
8,800 €
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  AT   101376122
30.05.2017 Packing systems vertical ROURE
Packing systems vertical ROURE
Volumetric Cup filler fully overhauled for the filling of solid products (powders, granules, dry or dehydrated vegetables) for "pillow" type bag (width 150 mm), 40 to 60 unitsmin depending on the product, complete with vertical filler
29,000 €
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  PT   99831683
16.05.2017 Tubular bag machines horizontal CAVANNA 11
Tubular bag machines horizontal CAVANNA 11
with photo cell control, mobile, Max roll width: 500 mm, with about 2,000 mm long infeed conveyor, max. format range: approx. 220 X 100 X 500 mm (W X H X L),. Machine measurements: 3,900 x 1,150 X 1,900 mm (L X W X H)
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  DE   96337543
10.05.2017 Side sealed bag machines BOSSAR B 3300 STU – D
Side sealed bag machines BOSSAR B 3300 STU – D
horizontal four edge seal bags - machine, stainless steel, DUPLEX, with bottom gusset and zipper, Capacity: Max 120 sachetsmin weight: approx. 4,000 kg. Size range: min. 80 X 120 mm, max. 165 X 270 mm, So far, the following formats were driven; 120 x 200 X 76 mm and 160 x 200 X 92 mm, without dosage!
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  DE   94761593
29.05.2017 Food packaging machines Ishida  Rovema CCW-SE-210-F
Food packaging machines Ishida & Rovema CCW-SE-210-F
Wheigher and form fill and seal machine with feeding conveyor; formats: from 50 up to 1.000 gr; controled by touch screen. Ishida serial number: 554211 Rovema serial number: 1146 Ishida : 2004 Rovema: 1991
BN 35,000 €
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  PT   89126520
04.04.2017 Horizontal Flowpack Machine CRYOVAC CJ55 MD
Horizontal Flowpack Machine CRYOVAC CJ55 MD
Used Bagger sealed CRYOVAC, type: CJ55 MD - automatic packaging inspection - maximum width film reel: 550 mm - processing of film rolls (for BDF and MD film)-core diameter: 76 mm - PLC control with Control Panel - program selection and recruitment of program parameters - photocell - performance: up to 75 packs min. -Evacuation: about 50 to 70 l min El. Supply: 400 V, 8.0 A, 50 Hz Air pressure: 8,0 bar Compressed air consumption: 13 Nm3h Dimension: 5,100 x 900 x 1,850 mm Weight NET: approx. 1,100 kg The machine is sold without  ...
24,900 €
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  A   86514148
21.03.2017 Tubular bag machines horizontal HUGO BECK Flowpack X-e
Tubular bag machines horizontal HUGO BECK Flowpack X-e
For beginners in the area of flow, the flow X-e is the ideal tool. At a very attractive price, it offers all the features of the large machines such as a rotating cross welding set, a Servoachs control and an adjustable form shoulder for high flexibility. All parts that touch the product to be packed, are made of stainless steel, she can be used in the food industry. And of course also in numerous other industries. Features Length: from 30 mm Width: from 10 to 220 mm Height: up to 80 mm Capacity: up to 7200 cycleshour
38,500 €
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  AT   83328741
03.03.2017 Tubular bag machines horizontal BUDAGEP LTD. Linepack
Tubular bag machines horizontal BUDAGEP LTD. Linepack
Condition: very good Availability: as of now Voltage: 230400 V Electr. Power: 3 kW Protection class: IP 54
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  DE   79373387
01.03.2017 Air cushion system BRüNINGHAUS AP 502
Air cushion system BRüNINGHAUS AP 502
Description: These Airpad machines models produce upholstery and padding without human supervision. The upholstered elements are produced manufactured by means of two railways air poster foil cyclically - per stroke can four air cushion, which vary in their length and height. The welds produced by heat pulses well preserved Range with films Stored programs for different cushion sizes Performance up to 36 m³ with use of 2 rolls 1.000 m LL Machine capacity 7 m³ per hour Program change takes place at your finger ...
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  DE   79029892
07.06.2017 Sleeve wrappers BECK SXJHP RT
Sleeve wrappers BECK SXJHP RT
Beck series Packer return system Top condition
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  DE   76017107
03.02.2017 Tubular bag machines vertical DELTAMAT MASCHINEN KG VSM 250
Tubular bag machines vertical DELTAMAT MASCHINEN KG VSM 250
Maintenance: was regularly Condition: maintained, operational Availability: as of now
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  DE   74658263
03.02.2017 Forming Collar Bag Packaging Machine, FFS Machine PREWA
Forming Collar Bag Packaging Machine, FFS Machine PREWA
Package width: 430mm, package length: 350mm, capacity: approx. 20cyclesmin.
  DE   74658166
05.01.2017 Tubular bag machines vertical ILAPAK Delta P 420
Tubular bag machines vertical ILAPAK Delta P 420
A horizontal flow wrapper of ILAPAC with spare sealing
9,500 €
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  DE   71905278
12.12.2016 vertical powder filler BOATO PACK (ITALY), BTH
vertical powder filler BOATO PACK (ITALY), BTH
Vertical bag-filling machine for powder ProdukteLeistung: Capacity: 50 bags min at 25 gram bags, 100 bags min. at 3 gram bags Inklusive: 1 vertical bag filling machine Make: ZVS (CZ), type BTH 41, Capacity: 30 bags per min. at 500-800g 45 bagsmin. at 100g Year: approx. 1990-95
BN 21,000 €
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  HU   71194149
03.01.2017 Horizontal Flow Wrapping Machine KOPP CO 130 INT
Horizontal Flow Wrapping Machine KOPP CO 130 INT
Capacity: ca. 20 pouchesmin, film material: PP, film thickness: 25-80µm, roll width pouch width: 550mm500mm max., incl. infeed and outlet conveyor. Capacity: 20 pcsmin
  DE   70507056
24.05.2017 VFFS machine BOSCH SVB2501A
VFFS machine BOSCH SVB2501A
Format: beans 250g500g1000g, ground 250g500g1000g FVS3081 dosing hopper Bosch outside valve applicator Smartdate 2 printer Weight: 1100kg Full documentation in German
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  PL   68078809
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  DE   67104938
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  DE   67104936
26.09.2016 Horizontal Flow Pack Machines ILAPAK smart
Horizontal Flow Pack Machines ILAPAK smart
Brand new horizontal flow wrapper ILAPAK, type: Smart for various purposes. -Machinengeschwindigkeit: up to 100 beats minute -Single sealing: up to 200 beats minute -Double sealing JAWS: 150 mm -All data are product dependant Roll weight: 40 kg (88 lbs) Panel: industry PLC El. Connection: 220480V, 3ph, 5060 Hz, 5kVA Air pressure: 6 bar, 1 l min Machine weight: 850 kg Standard execution of the machine: -PLC-controlled form, fill and seal machine (HFFS) with rotating seal plates -Multi-Ah-motor with 3 independe ...
29,900 €
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  DE   66815010
07.09.2016 Flowpack machine TEVOPHARM P6
Flowpack machine TEVOPHARM P6
Flowpack Dimensions (LxWxH): 3,70 x 1,00 x 1,80m Mach.No.: 1438 Serial number: 81311 Weight: 800 kg Description Horizontal flow wrapper TEVOPHARM Pack6 product height: 120 mm film repeat length: 160-400 mm capacity: up to max. 120 packs min weight: approx. 900 kg year of construction: 21976 Pack dimensions Max (LxWxH): 184 x 58 x 3.5 mm slide dimensions width: about 170 mm cutting length: about 220 mm packing requirement Flowwrap: without a tweaked cross seal movable packed longitudinal seal: 20  ...
3,500 €
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  DE   62073978
27.02.2017 Tubular bag machines vertical HASSIA TA1/P
Tubular bag machines vertical HASSIA TA1/P
with matching Auger, 4 shape shoulders, 5 metering screws with pipe,. Conditioning on closed stainless steel mounted pedestal, with many spare parts
offer is possible  
  DE   62073937
Tubular bag machines vertical PREWA 300 P
Absolutely mint condition virtually unused Previous application: PRODUCT: fresh not together hanging bread BAGquantity: 10 PCs bag FILM: Heißsiegelfähige PP flat foil from the roll perforated and unperforated BAG shape: tube bag on the back of middle of longitudinal seam FORMATS: F 300 (bag width) 300 mm flat slide 630 CAPACITY: up to 30 bags per minute Shell fabric: flat sheet from the roll in hot-sealing design Shell fabric role: Max outer diameter 350-400 mm Core diameter: Standard 70-76 mm Base machin ...
BN 39,000 €
offer is possible  
  AT   50506189
19.07.2016 Tubular bag machines horizontal GNA Yellow Plus
Tubular bag machines horizontal GNA Yellow Plus
Horizontal pillow-pack machine with automatic Infeed. Machine is in very good condition. Transverse sealing passage height 120 mm
18,500 €
offer is possible  
  AT   45850747
23.01.2017 Side sealed bag machines SIEBLER 90/3
Side sealed bag machines SIEBLER 90/3
1 lane, with slide dosage Production capacity: 60 to 80 cyclesmin. Film roll diameter: 500 mm Roll core diameter: 76 mm Voltage: 380 v, 50 Hz Power: 3 kW with photo cell control, two film roles,. System with stainless steel storage tank with agitator with documentation (german). Machine weight: approx. 600 kg Availability: immediately
offer is possible  
  DE   35726796
01.04.2017 Flow Pack Sealing Machine PFM BG PACK 2800
Flow Pack Sealing Machine PFM BG PACK 2800
Flow Pack Machine Sealing machine PFM BG PACK, Type: 2800 Selling only together with the HAJEK cheese slicer portioner, - high capacity by rotating multi jaw crossways sealing system - flow pack packages with 3 seals - recloseable pillow bags possible - motified atmosphere packaging (MAP) - each sealing jaw with temperature control - quick fitting and removal jaw system Package dimension minimum maximum: - Length: 70 - 320 mm - Width: 45 - 180 mm - Hight: 1 - 80 mm - cutting pitch: 105 - 355 mm Reel Strip: Max ...
25,000 €
offer is possible  
  SI   32726315
Tubular bag machines horizontal ROSE FOREGROVE RF 250
Capacity 85 beats min.
offer is possible  
  DE   31678952
Tubular bag machines vertical HASSIA/REDATRON RV 1560
Vertical pillow-pack machine with band dosage Stop shaking and tipping device Page folding Format sets 205080 LTR. for sale. Machine ready for use. Installation & operation possible. For further information on request.
offer is possible  
  DE   29257839

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