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19.10.2016 Roll cutters MüLLER ABW
Roll cutters MüLLER ABW
Working width: 1,400 mm Roll diameter 1000 mm Sleeves 4"+ 6" Finished roll diameter of Max 800 mm Finished roll sleeve 76 mm + 152 mm Cutting width 25 mm Speed max 200 mm M Materials: Fabrics, films from felt, paper, non-woven, 15 mm up to 550 gm2 Paper cut, crush blade cut much spare parts
bid possible 
 DE 67919018
Slitter rewinders GOEBEL cash register roll slitter
Goebel cash register roll slitter rewinder in operation full offer on request Please let us know if you are looking for other machines or if you have your machinery for sale
bid possible 
Slitter rewinders GERMAN 1300 mm duplex slitter
Special offer: 1300 mm German duplex slitter rewinder year 2001 unwinder 1000 mm rewinder: double, guick locking elements in rewinding web guide unloading device slitting: both circular knives and razors Very special price for quick sale
bid possible 
SLITTER REWINDER 1600 mm, rewind. diam 1500 mm!
1600 mm paper slitter rewinder year 2000 reel diam. on rewinding 1500 mm Interesting price, full offer on request
bid possible 
14.06.2016 RolL cutting machines GOEBEL RAPID dI / 1250
RolL cutting machines GOEBEL RAPID dI / 1250
Source Roll width max. 1250 mm Working width 800 mm Max. source roll Ø 420 mm Source roll jacket Ø 75 mm Max. finished roll Ø 250 mm (depending on material and cutting width) Finshed rolls jacket Ø 75 mm Cutting system Scissors cutting (Circular knife) Shaft diemater 40 Lower knives 40 Upper knives Outer diameter 60 Lower knives 75 Upper knives Inclination of upper knives shaft 5,0 mm Min. width 37,5 mm Max. cutting speed 170 mmin (depending on material and cutting w ...
bid possible 
 DE 37468822
Slitter rewinders KAMPF 1100 MM
Mfc.: ERWIN KAMPF Year of production: 1978 Hydraulic unwinding system Unwinder dia., max.: 1100 mm Roll width max.: 1100 mm Electromagnetic brakes 2 winding shafts, Max. winder diameter roll: 600 mm
bid possible 
 DE 32988963
18.04.2016 Turret rewinder AB-GINT Vectra TRS4-410
Turret rewinder AB-GINT Vectra TRS4-410
23,000 €
bid possible 
 LT 31841094
19.10.2016 Slitter rewinders PVM pvm a400
Slitter rewinders PVM pvm a400
Brand: PVM Secare rewinder PVM A-400 working width 900mm
13,000 €
bid possible 
 BA 29202006
14.06.2016  LA MECCANICA TRL
LA MECCANICA cash register rolls with hammering unit Technical Details Models TRL Width:1050 mm Age: 1982 There are few sizes of rewind shafts but guys do not know which size. Tacking" manually by inserting a metal sheet, Cross cutting with string Cross gluing of the ends of the finished rolls by hand with brush Shaft with the finished rolls is taken out of the machine by hand than they put on a belt transporting the rolls to a"roll breaker" and then to a hammering unit (to flatten the top and bottom sides of the rolls)  ...
26,500 €
bid possible 
 HR 29178514
17.07.2016  EDELMANN RS 1100
Rolling diameter: 1200 mm Reel diameter: 1000 mm 2 x width: 1100 mm Geschwndigkeit: 400 m min Material: Paper, laminates
15,000 €
bid possible 
 DE 27476640
17.07.2016  GOEBEL RAPID RD
Rolling diameter: 1200 mm Reel diameter: 1000 mm Working width: 1250 mm Speed: 300 m min Material: Paper 18 gsm - gsm 400
12,000 €
bid possible 
 DE 27476636
27.04.2016 Slitter rewinders ROTOFLEX VLI 250
Slitter rewinders ROTOFLEX VLI 250
With Die Cutting Unit Waste stripping Core 40 and 76 mm 2 way of rewind
 LU 27034198
02.02.2016  EUROPEAN duplex slitter rewinder
EUROPEAN duplex slitter rewinder
1300 mm used European duplex slitter rewinder with differential shafts in operation year 2003 interesting price
bid possible 
18.01.2016 Slitter rewinders AHLSTROM 1990
Slitter rewinders AHLSTROM 1990
Category 501.4me, Rewinders, Unwinders and Sheet Cutters Name AHLSTROM REWINDERUNWINDER 2600 MM Capacity Speed 1800 mmin Year 1990 Beloit cutting unit, 1990 Country Finland Type 30 For nonwovens, paper, laminates that, films, foils, etc. Speed 1800mmin Unwind width 800-2850mm Unwind roll diameter 400-1300 mm, for Jumbo reels max. DIA is 2300mm. Max. edge trim width 150 mm 3 reel tuning stations Support distance from bearing to bearing is 3100mm. Finished roll diameter max 1500 mm 10 knives units  ...
bid possible 
 TR 24765660
01.12.2015 Slitter rewinders GOEBEL EW 5N
Slitter rewinders GOEBEL EW 5N
Manufacturer : Goebel slitter rewinder Working Width :1800 mm Type: EW 5N- Capacity: 17 tday Speed: 940 mmin Number of Winding stations 3 Unwind Width Min. 930 mm Max. 1760 mm Unwind diameter: Max. 1500 mm Rewind width: Min. 150 mm max. 1660 mm Rewind diameter: 1200 mm Core diameter: 7076150 mm
bid possible 
 CZ 23033780
LEMU CASH REGISTER ROLL automatic cash register slitte
automatic cash register slitter rewinder Lemu automatic cash register slitter rewinder ( fully automatic slitter rewinder- NOT semiautomatic) in operation good condition full offer on request Machine offered subject to unsold Please let us now if you are looking for other machines ofr if you have your used machines for sale
bid possible 
Slitter rewinders CONSOL DUPLEX SLITTER rewinding: cores 1 a
Consol duplex used slitter rewinder: rewinding: cores 1” and 3” width 1300 mm dobule rewinder core cutting device included low price for quick sale Machine offered subject to unsold
bid possible 
Slitter rewinders SCHIAVI duplex slitter rewinder
duplex Schiavi slitter in operation double rewinder circular knives price 18200 euro exw Machine offered subject to unsold
18,200 €
bid possible 
05.11.2015 Slitter rewinders SAGE ( ITALY) 1000mm duplex slitter rewinder
Slitter rewinders SAGE ( ITALY) 1000mm duplex slitter rewind
1000 mm Sage duplex slitter rewinder double rewinder year 2003 but machine is in very good condition Special price for quick sale 25000 euro exw
25,000 € 
05.11.2015 Roll cutters SAGE 1000mm
Roll cutters SAGE 1000mm
Sage slitter used 1000 mm still in operation Year 2003 but is machine in zehr good condition Double winding Special offer: price exw 25000 euros
25,000 €
bid possible 
15.12.2015 Slitter rewinders KAMPF 1600  duplex slitter rewinder
Slitter rewinders KAMPF 1600 duplex slitter rewinder
1600 mm Kampf used duplex slitter rewinder very good condition, very clean can be shown in operation ( below you will find a link to a film on youtube) for sale because a brand new machine was bought possibility of training by the owner for The Customer's operator width 1600 mm, double rewinder Unwinder diameter 1300 mm (maybe also 1500 mm possible) Reel lifting device Web guide with photocell Double rewinder Rewinder reel diam 600 mm Quick locking system in rewinding Reel unloading device Equipped in both circular ...
Slitter rewinders KAMPF Kampf paper slitter rewinder
Kampf paper slitter rewinder unwinder diam 1000 mm rewinder diam. 1000 mm Price 9200 euro exw gebrauchte Kampf Rollenschneider fu Papier aufwickler durchmesser 1000 mm abwickler durmesser 1000 mm Preis 9200 euro exw Machine offered subject to unsold Please let us know if you are looking for other machines or if you have your used machinery for sale
9,200 € 
17.07.2016  EDELMANN AB 560 L
Machine: EDELMANN type: 560 L onwards.: 1982 cutting system: Sissorcut working speed: 600 m min power: 400 frequency: 50 rewind system: rollers working width: 2500 diameter: 1300 core size: 76, 152 processing system: shaftless working width: 2500 diameter: 1700 core size: 50-300 brake: pneumatic material: paper 40 gsm - gsm 400
28,000 € 
 DE 16637327
16.12.2015 slitter rewinder SOMA Z3510A
slitter rewinder SOMA Z3510A
jumboroll width 1300 mm jumboroll dia 1000 mm rewind dia, duplex, 800 mm machine speed max. 350 mmin with web guide system shaftless unwinder shear knife slitting system 2 friction shafts platform between unwinder and rewinder Siemens control system machine in good condition
41,500 € 
 LT 16490117
GOEBEL 1300mm cutter
Goebel used cutters of 1300 mm Price exw 12000 euro
12,000 € 
slitting- and rewinding machine SENNTECH MPW-300P
fully automatic Working width 1550 mm
 DE 12657718
slitter rewinder UTECO Usimeca 1200
Working width 1200 mm
 DE 12657714
GOEBEL Polyslit 035
Working width working width 1550 mm
 DE 12544479
slitter rewinder GOEBEL Rapid D1
Abrbeitsbreite working width 1250 mm
 DE 11020540
RolL cutting machines EDELMANN 1050
Working width working width 1050 mm Rewinding and slitting, Silicon papers rewinder re fo and length cutting
 DE 10788216

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