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  BG   107283387
MULTIVAC A 300 / 42
Vakuumverpackungsmaschine Multivac in ueberholtem Zustand
2,800 €
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  BG   107283380
Folienmaschine DiGi mit Etikettierung in ueberholtem Zustand
5,500 €
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  BG   107283361
Food packaging machines HENKELMAN POLAR Polar 2-85 vacuum ma
Henkelman Polar 2-85 double chamber vacuum machine This Henkelman Polar 2-85 is one of the largest double chamber vacuum machines that Henkelman can deliver. With the largest Busch 300m3h vacuum pump this machine is capable of packing at a very high speed. With the two available chambers this Henkelman 2-85 can be used very efficient so you lose as little time as possible. The machine is very easy to program and set-up 10 saved programs. Because the machine has a flat working service, no edges and ridges the Henkelman can be wash ...
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  NL   107165620
Cap Elevator FARMOMAC F50
Farmomac incline cap elevator. Robust construction with sturdy frame and moveable on wheels. All stainless steel with rubber flighted conveyor belt. Infeed length 2000mm, white plastic conveyor (width 150mm) with white plastic flights at 125mm apart. Integral large stainless steel hopper (700mm x 680mm at throat) with hinged Perspex lid. Variable speed via 5 hp motor. Single phase 415V50Hz supply. Height adjustable with time stopstart via sensor control on 62mm long outfeed shute. Overall machine size: 2000mm x 1000mm x 2200mm high, ...
2,500 GBP
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  UK   107096640
Blow-Fill-Seal Machine ROMMELAG 3012
Rommelag 3012 Blow Fill Seal technology. 10 cavity machine. Suitable for SVP fill sizes from 0.1 ml – 50ml. Capacity 3500 vialsampoules per hour based on 0.5ml - 10 cavity. Supplied with one set of 5ml moulds. Complete and fully working when taken out of production. This machine was fully reconditioned by Rommelag recently. Upgraded Yokogawa HMI – Siemens Op 393 .11 PLC. All new electrical wiring. Hydraulic pack overhauled. All hydraulic and pneumatic valves replaced. All new stainless steel panels. Ideal for WFI (Water For Inje ...
260,000 GBP
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  UK   107096632
Blister Packing Machine KLOCKNER EAS
Klockner model EAS 1001 Unit-Dose blister packaging machine designed for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical applications. Well suited for clinical trials and stability testing. Capable of running vinyl, polypropylene and aluminum. Produces up to 80 blister packs per minute depending on blister size. Cycles per minute: min 15 - max 90. This machine is ideal for research and development, physician samples and small production runs as well as clinical trial packages. All stainless steel construction. Mobile on wheels. Complete with a full  ...
29,500 GBP
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  UK   107096612
Wet Wipe Line LYISH LFN 100
Lyish LFN 100 Complete wet wipe production line. Constant running speed of 63 packs per minute. Lyish napkin folder, type LFN 100, size: 5000mm x 1200mm x 1800m high, weight 2000kg. The line comes with two Lyish napkin folders (one is a spare). Custom made impregnatorbath (napkins are dipped in bath for an even impregnation), roller to remove excess liquid, size: 5000mm x 1000mm x 1500mm high, weight 500kg. Fuji flow wrapper, model FW341 Mll, with Graseby Allen hot foil coder, two Graham's labelling heads, size: 5000mm x 1200mm x 260 ...
40,000 GBP
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  UK   107096606
Food packaging machines KOMET S180
Vacuum packaging machine COMET Technical data: Type: S180 Chamber size approx.: T460 x B550 x H180 mm 2 sealing bars Welding length: 460 mm Double weld seam 3 shelves Pump: 40 m3h Power consumption: 380220V 1.6 kW 16 A Material: Stainless steel Mobile on 4 wheels Dimensions closed: T65 x B69 x H105 cm new oil + oil filter Device with gas flush device Device is ready to plug, ready! The vacuum machine works fine, State see original images!
2,500 €
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  DE   106431175
Film pouch packaging units SCHIB CO-110 Flowpack
Capacity is variable deppending of the packaged product size: approx. 1000-5000 pcshour This machine produces 3 side welded foil pouches with manual or with photocell driven size setup. Width of he pouches can be adjusted as needed manually. It is suitable to package for example coupons, cuterly sets, small boxes, etc. It is in good condition and working without error. The machine is approximately 20 years old.
10,000 €
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  HU   106430323
L-sealer / corner sealer MEURER CMW/AL 40-B
Sales on customer's behalf: Used L-sealer corner sealer Meurer CMW AL40B Built in 2006, was deactivated after about 3 years due to change in production. The machine is in perfect and fully functional condition without any defects and can be demonstrated on short notice. Product width 20-380 mm Product height 5-150 mm Product length 50 mm - any length Seal width: 400 mm Single or multi-pack up to 70 cyclesmin (depending on product)
BN 12,000 €
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  DE   105270694
Beverage packaging equipment DIVERSE Diverse
packaging machinery used for PET bottles of soft drinks. Base former, robots, palletiser, shrink wrapper, power conveyors and control panels. Still in situ in excellent condition.
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  UK   104714730
Food packaging machines HENKOVAC TPS TRAYSEALER TPS Compact
Henkovac TPS compact XL MAP SKIN-PACK Traysealers The Henkovac TPS Compact XL traysealer is specially designed for packing food products with modified atmosphere and SKIN-pack. Low investment, high rates of multiplicity, easy programming and flexibility explain the popularity of this machine. This TPS-Compact XL can pack trays of different materials suitable for most available tray sizes and shapes. Mould sets can easily be changed without tools because of the unique easy mould change system. The full automatic sensor control tak ...
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  NL   104642840
Food packaging machines HENKOVAC VACUUM MACHINE M4 vacuum ma
Henkovac M4 single chamber packer Strong complete stainless steel machine. This is the first in the range of vacuum-packers with a flat work surface. Therefore this machine is very easy to clean, the sealbars can be taken of and the complete machine can be washed down without having the trouble of possible standing water in the vacuum chamber. Specifications: Sealbar length: 620mm 520mm Extra strong double seal standard Max. product height: 200mm Chamber Dimensions (L x W): 620mm x 505mm (net. workspace) Machine Dimensions ( ...
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  NL   104642839
Food packaging machines MULTIVAC TRAYSEALER T200 tray sealin
Multivac T200 traysealer Semi automatic traysealer from multivac. 2014 model semi automatic traysealer. Easy to use, clean and maintain. Because of it’s compact design this multivac can be put in very small operating places kitchens. The multivac is capable of processing up to a maximum of 6 cycles per minute. Depending on the set-up results may vary. The digital MC electronic control can be operated simply and intuitively. A membrane keyboard, which is easy to clean, is used together with a LCD display. All the process stages ...
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  NL   104642835
Food packaging machines MULTIVAC SKIN-PACKER R175cd
Multivac R175 CD Skin-pack thermoformer Full automatic skin-pack packaging machine This Multivac R175 CD skin-pack thermoformer has been in production since November 2014. Very well maintained while this machine had a Multivac service contract. This full automatic thermoformer comes with a 3 tray mould with a tray size of 270mm x 133mm, packing up to 10 cycles (30 trays) per minute. Delivered with a spare dome (packing process) and 12 pallets black base film. The R175 sits in the compact thermoforming range from Multivac, maki ...
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Food packaging machines MULTIVAC T700 Complete traypacking l
Multivac T700 packaging line This complete Multivac T700 packaging line only has 600 standby production hours. Therefore this is as good as new. The Multivac T700 is a high output machine that can do up to 20 packing cycles per minute (depending on set-up) Delivered with the following equipment: - Infeed belt (approx. 4 meter) - Multivac T700 traysealer (V9 tray size) - Labelling machine (Multivac MR335 Top and bottom label, with printer for top labels) - Metal detector (Safeline) Lazy Susan turning table Specification ...
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  NL   103970389
Packing plants MERZ SB – 51 / 1 – VA
Vertical stick pack machine equipped with matching HIBAR - rotary slide piston pump, type: 4 F 2 R,. Dispensing volume: 0 â 20 ml measure 1-lane, power: max 60 sticks min. system consists of stainless steel and aluminium parts. Bag width: 12-50 mm bag length, adjustable: 20-200 mm Max film width: 110 mm Maximum roll diameter: 400 mm Cutting device, photo cell control system
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  DE   103814985
Packing plants MERZ SB – 51 / 1 – VA
Vertical stick pack machine, 1-lane, power: max 60 sticks min. system consists of stainless steel and aluminium parts. Bag width: 12-50 mm bag length, adjustable: 20-200 mm Max film width: 110 mm Maximum roll diameter: 400 mm Plant with cutting device, FotozellensteuerungMaschine equipped with matching vertical MERZ - Auger, type: SD 330
offer is possible  
  DE   103814981
Automatic All Around Packer Krones Variopac PFS 45 KRONES /
Automatic All Around Packer Krones Variopac PFS 45 This Krones Variopac PFS 45 is currently in use, is perfectly maintained and has less than 6500 running hours. It is currently being used for stretch film multipacks only. It comes complete with the infeed table and heating tunnel. The equipment is currently being used for 250ml, 300ml, 350ml and 500 ml. Its maximum speed is 45 tactminute. The equipment is available at the end of Q2 of 2016. Make: Krones Kettner Type: Variopac PFS 45 Serial: 220380025 Manufacturing year  ...
  FI   103252658
Automatic Sleeving Machine Krones Sleevematic M 2 KRONES AG
Automatic Sleeving Machine Krones Sleevematic M2, 30.000 bph, year 2008 This Krones Sleevematic is an inline machine for shrink sleeves, built in 2008. It has been running only approximately 600 hours and is excellent condition. Last major maintenance has been done prior to the machines stop and regular cleanings, inspections and lubrications are still performed. It works on one way and returnable glass bottles. It is currently installed and connected – power up test can be performed. It is available immediately and due to the ve ...
  FI   103252421
Crate Palletizing and Depalletizing Station SASIB BEVERAGES
Crate Palletizing and Depalletizing Station Simonazzi year 1998 This palletizing and depalletizing station was built by SASIB in 1998. The system was used for unloading empty bottle crates from pallets and loading full bottle crates on pallets. This system was working for a beer filling line with total capacity of 80.000 bph. The system includes one dublex depalletizer, one dublex palletizer, a faulty pallet (protruding nails, incorrect size etc) detection and rejection system, two pallet magazines and pallet conveyors. Crates are  ...
  FI   103252404
Crate Packer Kettner Blitzpac JUNIOR KETTNER GMBH Blitzpac J
Crate Packer Kettner Blitzpac JUNIOR A crate packer made by Kettner in 1999. This machine loads and unloads bottle crates. Used to work with 0.5 liter bottles and 24 bottle crates. The equipment is currently dismantled and in a warehouse. Manufacturer: Kettner GmbH Type: Blitzpac JUNIOR E 3 T Year: 1999 Capacity: 300 loads hour Electricity: 3 x 380 V – 50 Hz Control voltage: 24 V DC
  FI   103252402
Fillig packaging machines ISHIDA AND ILAPAK CCW-RS-214W AND
offer is possible  
  FI   102829851
Automatic Thermal Tray Sealing Machine REEPACK S.L.R. ReeFle
Fully Automatic Thermal Tray Sealing Machine ReeFlex RF150 ReeFlex RF 150 automatic tray sealing machine is particularly designed for packaging of various food products in film sealed trays either in vacuum or filled with inert gas. High performance and flexibility are due to the optional equipment available and due to the fast mould change. Stainless steel frame offers high protection against rust and optimum hygienic conditions. Machine is controlled by Siemens Simatic S7-300 PLC which can store up to 15 different programs. Opera ...
  FI   101852577
Double Clipper TIPPER TIE SV 4612
Voltage: 400V, frequency: 50-60Hz, compressed air supply: 5-6bar, control: SPS Siemens S 5.
  DE   101711787
Benhil 8380 filling and wrapping . pack is 250gr sold ``as is`` and refurbished . Machine             Benhil Multipack 8380 Capacity             up to 80 packetsmin (4.800 ph) Pack size            50-250 gram Dimensions        To be agreed Product               Butter, margarine, etc. Wrap material     Aluminium foil or parchment paper in reels. Weight                2.000 kg (gross) Dimensions         Approx. 200 x 150 x 200 cm (l x w x h) Electricity    ...
offer is possible  
  UK   101547708
Sleeve Wrapper SAROPACKER BP800AS
Output: 12wrappingsmin, product height: 380mm max., welding length: 760mm, dimensions foil roll: 750x350mm, working area height: 940-1105mm, foil thickness: 40-100µm, compressed air supply: 5bar, electric power: 17.18kW, length: 3135mm, width: 1360mm, height: 2340mm, weight: 700kg.
  DE   101518701
Butter packing machines TREPKO XPG 40
Machine for packing butter in Cubes: XPG-40 Complete and ready to work
offer is possible  
  PL   101389608
Food packaging machines CRYOVAC ST12 LHE
Product number: 949 Type: ST12 LHE Serial number: A51500204 Year of construction: 1999 Power: 380415V, 50Hz, 36.5kW Dimensions: 2200 x 850 x 1950 mm Dimension chamber: 550 x 1010 mm
  NL   101389300

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